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12 Best Blog Examples

Have you heard or said the phrase “ I read in a blog post that…” You most likely must have said that or something similar to it. That is because they provide us with information. According to research after friends and family, the next trustworthy source of information we believe is the blog.

A blog is a website or page on a website where a blogger shares opinions or information in a conversational style about different topics across different niches. A company can leverage blog posts to generate more leads and improve brand's engagement with clients or customers. While as a blogger, you can monetize your blog using Google AdSense.

To run a successful blog, you need to know how to utilize other essential elements like colors, videos, links, and images within your blog post to aid readability and better conveyance of information. Imagine a plain blog post with just text or a disorganized blog layout that blog article will not be appealing to you no matter how superb the text is that also applies to your readers

12 Blog Post examples

Now you know what makes blog pages appealing to readers. Hence, the question is: What does a blog looks like, and how do you utilize those features in your blog page to drive traffic, engagement, and subscription? To answer that, we have compiled some of the best blog examples on the internet for you to draw inspiration from, and we will also discuss why these blogs are appealing. The blog below cuts across different industries and niches

1. WSJ Innovator Award