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12 Great Examples of Bluehost Websites

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Bluehost Website Examples

Bluehost is one of the largest web hosting service providers. It helps power more than a million websites on its hosting packages. Are you building your website and looking for the best place to host your website, we have curated 12 great examples of bluehost websites that can give you an idea into the kind and nature of websites that are hosted on bluehost by their owners.

1. Timofey

This is a beautifully designed bluehost website with a dark background, and the contents strategically arranged to take a web visitor from the point of problem awareness, to problem solution and to the point of considering the firm as the best partner to solve this particular challenge, using reviews. Using good image background, graphics and fonts, the website is designed as a funnel with one main objective: convincing web visitors and turning them to clients

Check it out here

2. Fiils

This is a website of a cosmetic company with a major theme: ecofriendly. The website is designed with this theme visible throughout the website. The website also serves as an online shop and a blog. It is designed with colors, images, graphics and custom fonts to push out its message.

Check it out here

3. The Mezaa

This is the website of a web design agency. With the name tag of being a creative design agency, this website is designed with unconventional images, graphics and theme format to reflect their thinking outside the box. The website is designed to make a web visitor know immediately what the business firm stands for, what they do, with a clear visible caption about the business the visible thing to be seen on the homepage of the website and contents about their work placed at different points on the website.

Check it out here

4. Elec Brakes This colorful website is the online space of an electric brake manufacturer. Though it has a blue colored background, the website has a simple with a few contents about the product, what it does and reviews about it. The website also has a rich foot header that directs web visitors on how to contact the company.

Check it out here

5. Fhoke

This is a website for a branding and design firm. On the homepage of the website is a visible value adding objective of the company. Apart from designs to showcase what they do, displayed on the website are also some of past design works of the company and names of companies that have worked with them.

Check it out here

6. WP-Kraken

This is the website for a web development team that deals on WordPress building, enhancement and maintenance services. This website is designed with strategic contents that reveal the different services the owners offer to incoming clients.

Check it out here

7. G-Soft

This is the website for a software development company. This website is designed with a pleasant to the eyes background color and images that make it easy for web visitors to go through the long length of the website. To be able to buttress its points well, the website has a good combination of images, good spacing and design framework.

Check it out here

8. Urban Fig Photography

This is a strikingly beautiful website that hooks a web visitor on landing on the homepage. This is a website for a wedding photography firm. On the homepage is a combination of a beautiful image of lovers cuddled up together for a kiss in a rain shower, with a caption directly on with made of a dynamic font displaying the company’s business for such set of people.

Check it out here

9. Likha Aesthetic

Getting on the homepage of this website, a web visitor sees an image of a beautiful model with a bold caption around it selling the idea of this aesthetic clinic. The website is built on a dark background with custom designed graphics used to create focus on contents posted on the web page. This website is designed in a way that it appears blank on the dark background until you click down to it before the contents start appearing. This brings a distinct design beauty that stays on the minds of web visitors even after the leave the page.

Check it out here

10. Wimbledon Personal Trainer

This is a website for a gym and fitness company. The web design is strategic in thinking. It is designed to provide clarity to people who may want to join a fitness center but have questions. On the website there is a segment that clearly details what they offer as services, in which visitors can click on to get detailed and focused information. The website is through-put in the sense that before people choose where to gym or achieve their fitness goals, there is a lot to look out for, this website is designed with images and strategic contents that include men and women on workouts, what they offer, testimonials from past clients, and frequently asked questions with answers to help visitors make up their minds easily about them.

Check it out here

11. Colossal

This is a website for a genetics company. It is a company with an ambitious and laudable plan. The website is also strategically designed to take web visitors on what is referred to as a customer journey. From the homepage, a visitor understand what the company does and follows it up with contents that reveal a problem, the cost of it, verifiable data from recognizable and official sources to back it up and what the company brings as a solution. The website has a good combination of color, images, custom graphics and fonts to pass out its message to web visitors. It also contains varied information about extinction and the company’s efforts on de-extinction which is what the theme of the website and company is all about.

Check it out here

12. Jacek Jeznach

This is a personal website for a web developer. This website serves a work portfolio, a blog,. It has a simple design but it’s a masterpiece, thanks to the work of creativity of the owner

Check it out here


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