15 Best Minimal Websites of 2022

Starting an online business doesn’t require you to build a complex website. A Minimal website with basic information and few pages can work just as well. Consider this: what would be the purpose of your website if no one could find it? You want people to find your website and make purchases from there, right? So why not keep things minimal and straightforward? Even Google keeps its search page as simple as possible.

15 Best Minimal Websites Examples

1. Gold

minimalist website

The entire website itself is made up of text, big text that fill up the screen and serves the purpose that other elements should serve and achieve all the purposes of a website. This ties directly into the minimalist philosophy making it one of the best minimalist websites of 2022.

The site starts with a striking and unconventional horizontal scroll that later pivots into a vertical scroll. Another striking thing about the website is the color scheme. It uses a choice of color that reflects it as calm and luxurious in its own way.

Check it out here.

2. Kiran C K

minimalist web design

Rather than being filled up with achievements and a lot of text like other portfolios are, Kiran C K's portfolio's home page has just one paragraph and very calming music playing once you log on to the website. The website is also very short and links to just two other pages: about and works. This is not just a great minimalist website but also a great minimalist experience.

The typeface and the colors used as well as the interesting scroll effects are so simple and achieve the website's purposes making sure it qualifies for our list of minimalist website examples.

Check it out here.

3. Kimm Architectuur

minimalist website design

Kimm is an architect and designer who designs minimalist spaces and buildings. It just makes sense that she has a minimalist website that is as simple and calm as the buildings she designs.

The cleanliness of the text and the colors used again contribute to how simple and calming to look at this website is. Unlike other websites featured earlier, this website makes use of buttons but even these are very neat and simple.

Check it out here.


minimalist websites examples

This website uses a combination of small text and a lot of whitespaces to create the simplicity that characterizes it. The color scale plays an important role here too.

The website manages to have some really great features that most websites have without clouding up the space. One important mention is the carousel widget showing services that are offered.

Check it out here.

5. We Are Digital Freelancers

simple website design

Like most minimalist websites, the website is characterized by a lot of white space and simple but interactive scroll effects. The typeface and colors used are also quite familiar in minimalist website design.

In terms of content, the website has a unique approach - putting its main partners upfront which gives the website a lot of personality. The pictures used are also in the same color grade as the rest of the website.

Check it out here.

6. Laurie Raphael

minimal web design

The Laurie Raphael is an exclusive restaurant in Quebec. It features several scintillating pictures of their dishes and menu which is good as it is very attractive.

The website has such a simple website design that it looks like a menu card at a restaurant except, of course, this has several important functions. Some of them include information on opening hours and let users reserve seats at the restaurant.

Check it out here.

7. Keith Yamada

minimalist website examples

This is the portfolio website of designer and developer, Keith Yamada. The website has just one frame. The website uses simple and small typefaces and a lot of whitespaces.

The website also has a dark and light mode that's easy to switch into. It also has a tab that's easy to move through the designer's projects, info, and contact.

Check it out here.

8. Favorit Studio

best minimalist websites

Sporting a white and black theme, this is another relevant mention on our list of the best minimal websites of 2022. The website opens with a quick loading page that just uses numbers instead of an icon to load. Another place where icons were discarded is in the socials, where large text is used in favor of smaller icons. The typeface used on the website is quite simple and the sizes used leave a lot of space for white space.

Check it out here.

9. Steven Mengin

minimal website examples

Steven Mengin is a Creative Director who has worked with some of the biggest companies in the world. So, it is not surprising that his portfolio takes on a minimalist website design.

The first striking thing is the monochrome color scheme and the abundance of whitespace. The page also has a very interesting scroll line that helps to create a slide-show-like scroll effect on the website.

Check it out here.

10. Dongkyu

minimal website examples

This designer's portfolio website starts with a simple design that can be mistaken for a business card. The above-fold view indicates the very reason why this website is on our list of the best minimalist websites.

The rest of the website just shows snippets of the designer's past work with minimal text and small typefaces but large visuals.

Check it out here.

11. Vaayu Tech

minimalist web design

So far, this is the most colorful website on this list as it wanders away from the usual monochrome or brown color scheme we've always seen. It, however, still sports a very interesting but minimalist design.

One very interesting is how the website uses bubbles instead of the usual lists. This is quite innovative as it keeps the website light but still interactive.

Check it out here.

12. Arcana

minimalist web design

Arcana is a natural skincare products company. The website is an e-commerce site where people can order their products. One of the best things about this minimalist website is the hover effect. When you hover over a product, the background changes to very beautiful pictures of nature. It is not surprising that this website is an Awwwards nominee.

Check it out here.

13. Boreale Agency

simple website design

The first striking thing on this website is the vertical grids which make the website seem like an artboard in design software. When you combine this with the monochrome color, circular cursor, and abundant website, you have one of the best minimalist website examples.

As a digital agency, the website despite its simpleness still showcases its owners' works very beautifully. In fact, minimalism helps to make everything clearer making sure the prospective client is not overwhelmed at any point.

Check it out here.

14. Grege Interiors

simple website design

Grege is an accomplished interior design company led by Kenza Amirouche. The website design has just one frame above the fold. It then has a scroll effect that works just like a photo album.

The simple website design, nonetheless, the website does a great job of showcasing the interior designer's work.

Check it out here.

15. Elite Design Studio

minimalist website

This is another very impressive interior designer website. Like the last website, this website has just one frame above the fold and then a lot of pictures- past work and the team - floating by. If you click on one of them, it takes you to a page detailing that particular work.

This is one of the hallmarks of minimalist website design, it shows just a little at first and then you can take a deep dive rather than overwhelming visitors from the beginning. This website is very pleasing to look at and to say it's a great experience is an understatement.

Check it out here.


The best minimal websites are not websites with the most graphics or multimedia elements. They evoke luxurious feelings in the right audience, as shown above.

I understand that the info above might be hard to digest at once, so let's recap. As discussed above if you want to build a minimal website;

  • Don't do too much. Less is more

  • Use high-quality images & videos that captures your brand’s core values

  • Be consistent with your website design

  • Tex alignment is key

  • Choose cool colors that don’t overwhelm your users

  • Ensure your site speed is optimized

  • Ensure your site is optimized for all devices

  • Ensure it has a user-friendly interface

  • Use timeless designs

All these and more are guaranteed to help you create or identify a minimal website. Hence, having a basic online store might boost your online visibility but having a minimal website will provide you with quality customers and skyrocket your company's ROI.

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