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11 Under Construction Website, Pages & Templates

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Just before you launch your website, you want your potential customers/clients to know that your website is under construction and you need to build the excitement that will make them familiar with your website after you launch. And just as your entire website design needs to be beautiful, your coming soon page or under construction website page must be just as stunning to excite visitors about your launch.

We will share the hottest, cleanest under construction websites we have found on the web for the year 2022. We will also guide you on how to create your own coming soon page.

Here are a few coming soon images, coming soon banner, and coming soon logo you can use for yourself.

Coming Soon Images you can use for your website

This template will attract your visitors and do a lot more than just tell them that you are launching soon. This is a well-structured page that shows the services you offer, your contact information especially if you have a physical address for your business. With a call to action to ‘receive offers’, that’s enough to woo any new visitor surfing your coming soon page.

Animation brings life to any website and that’s what these designers have done with this minimalistic under construction site. The style is very unique, the menu is a vertical one pinned to the right side of the screen. The cutest part of this coming soon website is that its still a one page website. The menu are simple slideshows.

If you have been following our website examples, you’d understand by now the impact of using a slideshow, video or animation on your landing page. Your website should entice visitors straight away, and this should apply even when your website is under construction. The choice of images, style of menu amongst other thing makes this website template very unique.

This creative template for under construction site is perfect for event planning companies, a few design oriented service based firms, interior designers, architects and the likes. The slant style will already encapsulate a unique feel for your website visitors.

These designers really did a great job with this under construction website template. Its unique and still gives you room to understand a lot even before the launch of the main website. This demo gives enough room for you to a coming soon message, contact information and a way to even capture emails.

This website under construction template is from the same designers as the one above. It’s only a variation for people that want a simpler and more familiar design. If you use any of the two templates or even just the homepage, you can build curiosity among your users. For this one, there is a countdown time and a note that indicates that the website is under construction.

If we did not include a wix template here, it could be that we are partial. Wix has successfully created at least 10 cool and easy to use under construction/coming soon pages that you can use easily to start your own website. This is one very nice one to use

And this is another cool one from Wix. This is an easy straight forward under construction page that has an optin to receive emails from interested clients. Simple change this offer to your offer and your coming soon site will have as much or more effect.

Colorlib has always been well known for their wonderful library of templates, so I am not surprised to be adding their template to this list. I suppose I should have added more than one but these days there are some other cool templates that could make the list as well. This is a perfect under construction page with a countdown timer that keeps your visitors alert on the launch minute.

This is a very good example of an under construction website. There isn’t too much going on with this template as much as the others we have shared. It’s perfect for when you want to keep things simple.

Dang! This definitely deserves to be our finale! First what a stunning intro with a video that easily skippable. After you skip or video ends, you are led to the actual under construction page. And even at that the site doesn’t feel static. There’s still a little bit of animations going on here and there.

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