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16 Best UX Portfolio of 2024

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

As a UX designer, having a strong portfolio is essential for attracting potential clients and securing jobs. A good UX portfolio website should showcase your best work in a visually appealing and engaging way, highlighting your design process and approach to tackling different projects.

That brings us to the question; how do you create a UX designer website that drives traffic and delivers conversion?

All you need to do is follow some ground rules, which we will discuss below, but before then: What is a UX portfolio?

A UX portfolio is a website that showcases your best UX design work in a visually appealing and engaging way. It should capture your brand and highlight your design process and approach to tackling different projects.

A good UX portfolio should be designed to attract, engage, and persuade potential clients to hire you, and should be an effective tool for promoting your skills and expertise in the field of UX design. It should be easy to navigate and should include high-quality images and graphics, case studies, and details about your design process to give visitors a deeper understanding of your work.

If you're looking to create a new UX portfolio or improve an existing one, it can be helpful to draw inspiration from other successful examples. By looking at top UX design portfolio examples, you can get ideas for how to present your work, highlight your brand and design process, and create an effective and engaging online presence. Whether you're just starting out in your career or you're an experienced UX designer looking to update your portfolio, these examples can provide valuable inspiration and guidance as you create a website that showcases your skills and attracts potential clients.

1. Robin Bobina

ux design portfolio

Elena is a Russian freelance UI UX designer who creates neat, convenient and relevant website designs. Her UX portfolio is a mixture of fun and professional. The color contrast of the website interface is exceptional. The portfolio welcomes us with a short, catchy intro of what she does, and the winking sticker on her profile when you hover your cursor on it tell us how relatable and fun she is.

In addition, Elena uses video to showcase her best works. Then, Scrolling down, she briefly tells us the two things she specializes in (UX UI design and sites on tilde). She takes us through are work process, explains what she will do for clients, and use one of her favorite UX UI design projects as a case study on how she tackles UX design challenges. Overall website is creative and genius.

Check out here

2. Kunal Benlamkar

ux portfolios

A UX portfolio website can visually capture a designer's story effectively and creatively. Kunal's portfolio does that well by visually capturing and narrating his work process. The infinite scroll and slide show of his works heightens users' experience. Also, the resume and social media handles on the site further reinforces his credibility. Kunal's overall UX designer portfolio is clean, eye-catchy, and easy to navigate.

Check out here

3. Sharlee

ux portfolio examples

Are you looking for a simple, and creative UX design portfolio example to imitate?

You can draw inspiration from Sharlee's portfolio; the portfolio website is fun, creative, and easy to navigate. Charles Bruyerre (Sharlee) gives a brief intro about himself and what he does (graphic design, UI UX designer, and web development). He also provides detailed information about his works in his portfolio. That way, potential clients know his design methodology.

Check out here

4. Anni Wang Online Interview

ux portfolio

Anni Wang brilliantly captures her personality in her UX designer website with her animated and rainbowed-colored website interface.

Everything about her UX portfolio is colorful and fun. We must admit that the color-changing feature is addicting. You can’t help but keep clicking. Also, the interview questions are also a great way to determine whether Anni is a right fit for your project or not.

Check out here

5. Diegovz

best ux portfolios

Diegovz is an example of a well-structured and organized UX portfolio with a sleek interface. Diego walks us through his work process, previous projects, his design journey, and his educational background with the aid of the infinite scrolling functionality. We can say that the overall UX portfolio design is a minimalist one.

Check out here

6. Arrowww

ux design portfolio examples

Here is another minimalist UI UX portfolio website, it doesn't do too much in terms of design. The UX designer's previous works are the highlight of the website.

Check out here

7. Christopher Cherupil

portfolio ui/ux designer

The best UX designer portfolio is storytelling, and Christoper's portfolio website captures that creatively. Christoper is an interactive UI UX designer, and his portfolio website creatively captures that. Christoper heightens users' experience with the aid of an infinite scroll, motion text, and elements. As a potential client, it is impossible not to be persuaded by Chistoper's UX design portfolio, a glance at it and you're completely mesmerized.

Check out here

8. Jack Jaeschke

best ux design portfolios

The best UX portfolios do what they preach. Jack is a motion designer, content crusher, pixel pusher, etc. Its UX portfolio site captures that brilliantly. From the UX portfolio design, we can see that Jack knows the onus of his skills.

Check out here

9. Twin Ferns

portfolio examples

Twin Ferns is a digital agency that builds and designs websites. They believe in less is more with their UX portfolio design. What makes their design unique is their minimalist approach and well-detailed information about what they do and how they do it.

Check out here

10. Brady Patterson

ui ux designer portfolio

Brady's UX portfolio welcomes us with an animated logo. The background dark color scheme, high-quality images of previous works, and motion text & elements give the site an exotic appeal. Lastly, each of the samples in the portfolio has a detailed breakdown.

Check out here

11. Angel Estrada

ux ui portfolio examples

Angel Estrada's UX portfolio design has an unusually exceptional design. The level of creativity in this UX design is crazy. The high-resolution images are too real to be ordinary images. As a potential client seeing the level of creativity on this portfolio, you are immediately motivated to hire Angel for your project

Check out here

12. Kazuki Noda Portfolio

ux/ui portfolio examples

Kazuki UX portfolio indeed takes you on a journey with the background music and slideshows. The design is also unique and not conventional, which makes the overall portfolio website outstanding

Check out here

13. Trista Yard

ux designer portfolio examples

Minimalist design always shines through at the end of the day in designing websites, and UX portfolio design is not an exception. Trista uses mute color schemes and a lot of white spaces for her portfolio layout. Social proof (working for big brands Apple, Facebook, HBO, etc.) Earning her a big plus in the eyes of potential clients.

Check out here

14. Dayln

ux ui design examples

Dayln specializes in designing product websites for a modern digital display, and the whole portfolio layout captures that beautifully. The portfolio website is clean and well-organized. It isn't overwhelming and easy to navigate. The overall website is a mixture of modern and conventional designs.

Check out here

15. Jrm-bdr

ux design projects

Here is another minimalist creative UX/UI portfolio example. The infinite scrolling and animated text are what make that UX portfolio website phenomenal.

Check out here

16. Ana UI UX Designer

ux design examples

UI UX portfolios are supposed to be visually appealing to effectively capture the designer’s brand, and convey what the designer does and the software tools she uses for her designs. All elements on the portfolio are neatly spread out to give an organized and overall visually appealing portfolio site.

Check out here

Summary and conclusion

Designing a UX UI portfolio website will help you get jobs easily and impress your potential clients enough to hire you. To help you with inspiration designs for your UX portfolio, we went through the 16 best UI/UX portfolio examples. The ground elements that make the above UX portfolio examples exceptional are;

  • Minimalist designs: Most of the designs are simple, yet they manage to be in-depth in overall look.

  • Creativity: Each of the UX UI portfolio examples, exhumes creativity in their unique style.

  • UX case studies: The purpose of having a portfolio website is beyond just showcasing your best works, you also have to walk your potential clients through your work process. Like how you got from one point to another.

  • Designer's personality: Anni Wang's UI/UX portfolio website is a perfect example of a portfolio website reflecting the designer's personality.

  • Clear CTA: The purpose of your portfolio is to get them to take action, so it has to be clear and specific...nothing fancy.

Finally, design your UX/UI portfolio in a way that captures your design, and impresses your potential clients enough to want to hire you. If you still need help building and designing your UX portfolio website, our team of web developers is available to help you. Did you find this article helpful? Kindly share with other interested parties, and you can also share your UX portfolio design tip with us.


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