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16 Best UX Portfolio of 2022

As a new or experienced UX designer, having a UX portfolio will help you secure jobs faster and more often, but not just any portfolio. A good UX portfolio must be impressive enough to attract, engage and trigger target prospects to hire you.

That brings us to the question; how do you create a UX designer website that drives traffic and delivers conversion?

All you need to do is follow some ground rules, which we will discuss below, but before then: What is a UX portfolio?

It is a portfolio website where you display your best UX designs (works) in a way that captures your brand, work process, and your approach to tackling different UX design projects, presented in a visually appealing and engaging manner.

Hence, whether you're creating a UX portfolio from scratch or you want to improve your existing portfolio, we have gathered top UX design portfolio examples you can draw inspiration from.

1. Robin Bobina

ux design portfolio

Elena is a Russian freelance UI UX designer who creates neat, convenient and relevant website designs. Her UX portfolio is a mixture of fun and professional. The color contrast of the website interface is exceptional. The portfolio welcomes us with a short, catchy intro of what she does, and the winking sticker on her profile when you hover your cursor on it tell us how relatable and fun she is.

In addition, Elena uses video to showcase her best works. Then, Scrolling down, she briefly tells us the two things she specializes in (UX UI design and sites on tilde). She takes us through are work process, explains what she will do for clients, and use one of her favorite UX UI design projects as a case study on how she tackles UX design challenges. Overall website is creative and genius.

Check out here

2. Kunal Benlamkar

ux portfolios

A UX portfolio website can visually capture a designer's story effectively and creatively. Kunal's portfolio does that well by visually capturing and narrating his work process. The infinite scroll and slide show of his works heightens users' experience. Also, the resume and social media handles on the site further reinforces his credibility. Kunal's overall UX designer portfolio is clean, eye-catchy, and easy to navigate.

Check out here

3. Sharlee

ux portfolio examples

Are you looking for a simple, and creative UX design portfolio example to imitate?

You can draw inspiration from Sharlee's portfolio; the portfolio website is fun, creative, and easy to navigate. Charles Bruyerre (Sharlee) gives a brief intro about himself and what he does (graphic design, UI UX designer, and web development). He also provides detailed information about his works in his portfolio. That way, potential clients know his design methodology.

Check out here

4. Anni Wang Online Interview

ux portfolio

Anni Wang brilliantly captures her personality in her UX designer website with her animated and rainbowed-colored website interface.

Everything about her UX portfolio is colorful and fun. We must admit that the color-changing feature is addicting. You can’t help but keep clicking. Also, the interview questions are also a great way to determine whether Anni is a right fit for your project or not.

Check out here

5. Diegovz

best ux portfolios

Diegovz is an example of a well-structured and organized UX portfolio with a sleek interface. Diego walks us through his work process, previous projects, his design journey, and his educational background with the aid of the infinite scrolling functionality. We can say that the overall UX portfolio design is a minimalist one.

Check out here

6. Arrowww

ux design portfolio examples

Here is another minimalist UI UX portfolio website, it doesn't do too much in terms of design. The UX designer's previous works are the highlight of the website.

Check out here

7. Christopher Cherupil

portfolio ui/ux designer

The best UX designer portfolio is storytelling, and Christoper's portfolio website captures that creatively. Christoper is an interactive UI UX designer, and his portfolio website creatively captures that. Christoper heightens users' experience with the aid of an infinite scroll, motion text, and elements. As a potential client, it is impossible not to be persuaded by Chistoper's UX design portfolio, a glance at it and you're completely mesmerized.

Check out here

8. Jack Jaeschke

best ux design portfolios

The best UX portfolios do what they preach. Jack is a motion designer, content crusher, pixel pusher, etc. Its UX portfolio site captures that brilliantly. From the UX portfolio design, we can see that Jack knows the onus of his skills.

Check out here

9. Twin Ferns

portfolio examples

Twin Ferns is a digital agency that builds and des