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Weebly Pricing 2024

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Welcome to our Weebly pricing guide where our goal is to help you learn more about the popular website builder’s price tiers.

Weebly is a user-friendly website builder that is well known for its simple and uncomplicated processes. However, most people can’t seem to figure out which of the Weebly pricing plans is the best.

Read on to discover which Weebly business plan will offer the most value for your money and if there are any hidden charges in the Weebly pricing structures.

Weebly Pricing Plans

Before we take a closer look at Weebly Ecommerce Pricing you must bear in mind that they are structured after a yearly billing schedule. However, if you’re not prepared to commit to the long-term cost-saving annual schedule, you can always opt for the slightly larger monthly Weebly costs.

Weebly comes with 5 different premium plans; Connect, Starter, Pro, Business, and Business Plus ranging from 4 to 35 USD per month. The Pro, Business, and Business Plus plans are ideal for online businesses. These have the costliest Weebly prices at approximately 35 USD per month.

The 8USD monthly Connect plan is the cheapest but the price reduces even further to 4 USD monthly if you opt for the annual payment schedule. While the advanced Performance plan is ideal for online stores and costs 29 USD monthly. There’s also a free basic plan which is suitable for most basic websites.

You get to access more features after activating more expensive plans. Fortunately, however, all 5 Weebly plans are equipped with eCommerce features and capabilities – even including the free plan.

If you wish to get rid of the annoying Weebly ads on the free plan, you must upgrade to any of the paid plans. Once done, you’ll also receive a domain name for 12 months free of charge along with a few extra handy eCommerce features for your website.

Website Plans

Next, we’ll examine the Weebly domain cost and website plans.


Weebly’s Connect plan is available for a 4 USD monthly fee paid yearly (or an 8 USD monthly fee paid after 30 days). For this price, you get similar features with the Weebly free plan. However, the major difference is that you can get a custom domain name connection and 500MB storage. As such, you should consider activating this plan for creating a short-term or temporary events website instead of using the free plan especially if you already have an existing domain name that you wish to transfer.

The Connect plan also offers basic marketing tools along with free SSL certificates. However, the Connect plan displays Weebly ads on your website hence it still isn’t the most professional Weebly plan you can activate.


Weebly Starter is one of the professional Weebly plans. It’s available for an 8 USD monthly fee paid every twelve months (or a 14 USD fee paid monthly). With this plan, you get to use all the professional features including basic eCommerce functions, an ad-free website, plus a free custom domain available for one year.

The Starter plan also gets you unlimited website storage and bandwidth. These features are helpful for sites that experience heavy traffic. However, phone, email, and online community support services are lacking.


This is where Weebly’s business-oriented plans start coming into play. The Professional Weebly plan is available for a 12 USD monthly fee paid per annum (or an 18 USD fee billed monthly). With the Pro plan, you have the ideal choice for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small-business owners looking to create and manage an online presence.

The Weebly Professional plan gets you all the Starter plan features along with a few extras such as unlimited storage, video support, shipping calculator, 100 USD Google Adwords credit, password protection, phone support, and other useful eCommerce features.

In addition, Weebly’s pro plan features various additional tools which are useful for building and managing large websites with heavy content such as Advanced Search, Video Backgrounds, and an In-built HD Video Player


The Weebly business plan is available for a 25 USD monthly fee paid annually (or 35 USD per month). For this, you get to use advanced eCommerce features including Inventory manager support, unlimited product support, and professional digital marketing tools such as gift cards, coupons, integrated shipping, online payments, and popup notifications.

The Business plan also provides access to priority customer support and online community membership.

Weebly’s Business plan is ideal for people looking to operate a fully functional eCommerce store.

Business Plus

You get to use the Weebly business plan for just 38 USD monthly if paid annually (or 46 USD per month). There’s a good reason why Business plus is the costliest Weebly premium plan. That’s because it comes with additional eCommerce features suited for large online stores such as Gift Cards, Real-Time Shipping costs, and Abandoned Shopping cart recovery. Weebly’s Business Plus plan offerings are best suited to high-volume online merchants.

ECommerce Plans

With Weebly’s eCommerce plans, you get to remove unwanted free ads from your website. Furthermore, you can activate the professional eCommerce plan which comes with free Weebly domain cost, unlimited storage, password protection, plus all the business features from Weebly’s cheaper plans.


The Pro plan limits your monthly Weebly cost to 16 USD while providing you with a shipping calculator, item reviews, PayPal payments, unlimited storage, along with all the eCommerce features from Weebly’s cheaper plans.


For 29 USD per month, you can activate Weebly’s Business plan. This is one of the costliest and most advanced Weebly pricing plans. However, you’ll get to enjoy most of the extra eCommerce features once you unlock this plan.

Business Plus

At 38 USD per month, Business Plus is the most expensive Weebly premium plan. It features additional eCommerce features for creating and growing your online brand/business. Weebly’s Business Plus plan is a must for high-volume online stores.


That’s it for our Weebly pricing 2024 review where we attempted to answer frequently asked questions like Is Weebly free? Or which plan is best for you?

Although Weebly has a free plan, the annual pricing plans are much more effective for most online businesses. They also come with additional perks including free Google credits, free storage, and free domain.

Overall, you can enjoy significantly reduced Weebly costs by paying for an annual plan.

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