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Founded in 2018. We are a website design company based in Chicago. We specialize in designing and developing WIX websites. Our websites are unique and always tailored to suit the need of the brand or business. 

Female wix website designer
male Wix website Designer
Marianne Bush

Designer, Co-Founder, CEO

Wix website Designer

Marianne is the CEO and co-founder of WixFresh. Born and raised in London, before she went to study in Chicago.  She is a superstar web designer and has received many design awards over the years. She is currently on a world tour and in her 79th country so far!  

Tech Dann

Wix Code, Velo Expert & Developer

Image by Nubelson Fernandes

Dan is our Wix Velo and coding expert. He helps with the complicated stuff. Wix websites gets even better with velo code as you can do a lot of cool stuff you normally won't get out of the box with the Wix Editor. Dan is currently pursuing a 2nd degree in the renowned Erasmus University, Rotterdam.

We are
Digital Nomads

Whether we are on top of a 250ft mountain in Iceland or in a beach hut in Phuket.

Doesn't Matter!

Your Website will look Great!

Wix website Designer
Tech Don

Design & Marketing Manager

Don is the brain box and co-founder of WixFresh. Big fan of the Chicago Cubs. Besides being an amazing designer, Don is a digital marketing genius. He successfully runs the SEO for WixFresh as well as for client websites. Don is also an avid traveler. Hasn't lived in one city for more than 6 months in the last six years. 

Image by Anthony Riera
Kenny R.

Sales & Operations Manager

Without Kenny, we will simply be talents with no management. Kenny works behind the scenes to ensure we can provide a complete solution to every unique client need. When Kenny isn't managing the team, you'd find him in Desert countries like Namibia, Egypt, Dubai and the rest


We Live and Breathe WIX

Wix website Designer
Image by Samuel Raita
Image by Leilani Angel
Image by Elizeu Dias

Our mission is to make the great websites out of Wix, so that every startup and small business can look beautiful online.

Yes, making a site with WIX is easy and simple, however it takes more than just a DIY website to leave a quality impression in your customer's heart.


With our experience working with several businesses we know what works, what a business website needs and how the website can become really profitable for the business.

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We Create Unique Websites

Templates? No way.
Out-sourcing to cheap designers abroad. Never.

At WixFresh, every web design project is handled personally by us.  


What Customers are Saying

Join over 500+ Solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and Small businesses

renea be

Renea B.

Renea Bartlett

Wix Fresh has been essential to developing my site and launching my first book! Dan's professionalism is unmatched; communication, skill, ease of interaction, and timelines are all on point. We've worked together 3-4 times now, My site looks pro and I don't have to .....


Pelumi N.

Comfy Trav

I am very happy that I got to work with Don to design my website! I would not have had the confidence or the tech skill to take on this project but he made it so easy and the results are stunning. I certainly recommend WixFresh to anyone that needs help with a website.

wix website review.jpeg

Dominique J.

The Roaring Twenties LLC

Marianne was a superstar! She whipped up my company’s website so fast and was incredibly responsive throughout the process. I highly recommend WixFresh for future work on your website.  

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