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WixFresh is a full service website design company based out of Chicago. We specialize in the design and development of Wix Websites. Our websites are designed with the customers primary objectives in mind.

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Hello, I'm Marianne –
your new WIX Website Designer

Forget about endless hours spent trying to figure out how to start with your wix website, or what to do to make it appear on Google. Let me do it for you!

Dedicated to helping people connect through beautiful websites that are consistently top-ranked by Google, I've had a passion for computers, businesses, marketing, strategy, and the arts.

Before I founded WixFresh, I freelanced on fiverr for 5 years creating custom websites for many SMBs, entrepreneurs and . But my career took an unexpected turn when I quit and decided to create my own future. I knew I needed to create my own brand. 

While I focus on the design and development, Don, my beloved partner and husband manages the marketing, sales and customer onboarding.

Together, we decided to focus our personal and professional life on doing things we truly loved with people we enjoyed working and spending time with.

We consider our clients to be our friends and have formed lasting relationships with many of them.

When we are not at the helm of the company, We spends time together travelling the world to gain new experiences

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