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21 Best Personal Website Examples of 2024

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

In our digital age, having a personal professional website is no longer a luxury but a necessity. With the advent of the internet, the world has been turned into a global village, where people can be seen, conversations can be connected in seconds, so it is pertinent that every digital conscious individual should have a personal branded website. If you are looking to build a website or looking for ideas to create one, we have carefully curated 21 best personal websites that will be of immense help to you.

Personal Website Examples

1. Holos Performance

Designed with a bold caption of the brand message and an image of an athlete in training, a Web visitor landing on the website knows exactly what this firm is all about. This is the professional website of a fitness app. The website is designed with graphics, strategic contents and videos to help visitors have a feel of what the fitness app is all about.

Check it out here

2. Guilbo

This is one of the best personal professional websites for a painter. The website has a simple design that has a touch of the profession. Created with site headers to lead visitors to other pages of the website, the homepage is designed with the image of the painter

Check it out here

3. Est-Boston Copywriter

This is the personal website of a copy writer that is true to its act. This website is strategically designed to take visitors through a customized customer journey from problem awareness to eventually taking action by contacting her for her services. It is worthy of note that at strategic locations on her website are visible Call To Action buttons that visitors can click and contact her for her professional services.

Using a simple web design, she curated every thought and question a prospective client will have and included them on her long form content.

Check it out here

4. iam-Kevin Rhodes

This website for an experience designer is a one page website that just gives an overview detail of the designer and includes all the social media channels where he can be contacted. The website serves as an address and contact information database.

Check it out here

5. Benlukas Boysen

This is the website of an audio visual artist. Using a custom template, this is another one page website that is designed to use site headers to help visitors navigate the website. Divided into two outlays, the visible contents of the website is an image of the artist on one side and the site headers serving as links on the other. For visitors looking for additional information, they have to click on the links given.

Check it out here

6. Emma Lewisham

This is the professional website of a skin care therapist that also doubles as a webshop. The website is designed to give detailed information about the products and services she offers. Designed with beautiful images and strategic contents, the website is colorfully designed to give visitors a radiant glow which is equally the bold caption illustrated on its homepage

Check it out here

7. Junkata

For a Web developer who uses react, this simple personal website is a testament of his ability. This is a simple designed one page website with a dark outlay, and site headers to guide visitors to other pages of the website

Check it out here

8. Briony Croft

This is a personal website of an image and wardrobe consultant. On the homepage of the website is a bold caption detailing the brand message of the company and an image of the owner nicely dressed, confidently standing in a spotlight. This image speaks volume of what the firm is all about in helping its clients. The choice of color combinations and use of fonts is highly commendable as it aligns with the image the owner seeks to create in the mind of web visitors.

Check it out here

9. Diegovz

This is the personal website of a product designer. The website serves as an online catalogue of his works. It is designed to display the various quality of works he has done, with a case study.

Check it out here

10. Daria Volkova

This is the website of a project manager and anti crisis consultant. This is a detailed personal blog of the host. It contains information about the works of the host and how she can be of immense benefits to any organization that contracts her.

Check it out here

11. The Marcus

This is the website of a professional photographer and director. The website is designed as a slideshow with snapshots of past clients and models in a gallery form across its homepage. The website is creatively designed with a custom template where the site headers that aid navigation are placed on the four corners of the page. The color combination, use of known faces as models, the website is a classic work of art. The site also serves as a display board for the photographer's work

Check it out here

12. Ryan Hannebaum

Ryan's personal portfolio website is just so captivating, welcoming and intriguing. One thing to note about his website is the copywriting quality throughout the website. Its a very simple four page website yet very inviting and welcoming and unique.

Check it out here

13. Ufoninja

This the personal website of a digital designer, designed using react on a one page website. The beautifully designed one page website typifies the professional artistry of the owner. Designed using the react native application, the website features are shown creatively for web visitors to scroll through.

Check it out here

14. Eriks vCard

Designed using a customized template, this one page website is the personal website of a programmer, and brand developer. The website is designed as a vCard that has a few details of the individual and his various social media channels, so anyone who desires deeper communication can contact him

Check it out here

15. Zoey Adrianna

This personal website for a clairvoyant and spiritual guide, also acts as a blog and a Web shop where visitors can buy her products or read about her articles. On the homepage is a bold caption that welcomes Web visitors and has two clear CTA buttons for visitors to directly contact her. Other pages are designed to give more information about the service she offers and things to buy including reviews from past clients.

Check it out here

16. Amy Hardison White

This is one of the best personal websites on this list. Though it has a personal brand name, it has a professional service outlook. It is a website to display the professional services of getting quality leads, the brand personnel offers as a service. The website is designed using customized illustrations, good color combination, great captions, strategic contents, and images of the individual to bring a personal branding to the business. The contents are strategized to lead a Web visitor to a premeditated end.

Check it out here

17. Fabian Irsara

A simple one page personal website for a Web developer. The website has only a caption that details information about the Web developer.

Check it out here

18. Thijs Pausma

This is another one page website for a graphic designer and photographer. The homepage uses a slideshow carousel design to display the artist's works.

Check it out here

19. Shpro

Alex is a professional photographer based in Kyiv. He goes really creative with his website, using block fonts, and a minimalist design approach. Alex is able to showcase his photography portfolio, his services and a quick way to reach him. A simple navigation menu on the sidebar helps him to achieve this effortlessly.

As you scroll through, you'll see how he uses animated statistics to show you his rich experience and expertise. A good call to action Alex has on his personal website is his phone number pinned to the top right corner of his screen. This is simple a good example of a personal website.

Check it out here

20. Nikki Kay

This is the professional website of a photographer. It has a simple design and few contents which are mostly images of the past works of the photographer arranged vertically. The website serves an an online display database of the photographer's works

Check it out here

21. Maris Klyar

This is the professional website of a tattoo designer. The website is designed as a photo gallery according to yearly dates for website visitors to go through each image and choose a design they are fascinated with. With an outlay of a dark background, with an image of the artist acting as a background picture, the website is simple and easy to navigate

Check it out here


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