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You don't have to spend months to achieve the perfect design 

Creating a website can be very exciting YET incredibly daunting. You can end up spending hours on the internet trying to figure out how the heck to add a contact form to your website.  

And even if you can and are eager to do it yourself. It can take weeks, sometimes months to come up with a well crafted website...

Premium Wix Website Templates

designed to grow your coaching business


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WixFresh Marianne

Hello there...

These templates are built with love, by me, Marianne! I’m a website designer and marketing strategist, and I know how to build bold and brilliantly fun coaching websites. 
In fact, I’ve custom designed 20+ websites for coaches and worked with 150+ as a freelancer. After a healthy experience of 5 years, I’ve learned what works on a website and what doesn’t. I’ve taken these strategies to create templates that establish trust, show your personality, and ultimately make the sale! reviews

“I can tell that Marianne put her very soul into designing these beautiful templates. It was the easiest to put together template I've ever had!”

-Lesie B.

“If you want to look like you spent $5k+ on a custom website, with a fraction of the investment, buy one of these templates.” reviews

-Lesie B. reviews

“I was on the fence about buying a template because I really had absolutely NO IDEA on how to build a website and because I had never heard of Wix. However, Marianne has EXCEEDED all of my expectations. It has been so easy!”

-Lesie B.


Pick a template, customize it, hit publish.... It’s that easy.

See what websites built with my templates look like...

Check out some of my templates IN ACTION! Get some inspiration for your own website and see what's possible! 

I am speechless Marianne!

I am speechless! Marianne! You are an angel. A QUICK, TALENTED angel. From start to finish, you have been a true professional. You understood EXACTLY what I wanted and delivered within three days. I cannot thank you enough! I will certainly refer friends and family to you. It has been a pleasure to work with you! Thanks again for everything!

Karla Reddite

TV Anchor | Host,


Your website with and without this template...

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with a WixFresh Template

Business and Revenue Growth 

Website with lots of personality

A new website QUICKLY!

A website that doesn’t break the bank 

Amazing 1:1 support 

Easy customization

Confidence that your website represents your brand perfectly

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without a template

Boring website

Missed potential clients

Difficult to customize

Website lacks marketing strategy

Website that repels basically everyone 

Easy customization

a website that doesn't reflect your brand purposes

Your template questions - answered.

How much can I really customize this?

You can customize everything you see … fonts, colors, images, words, text placement, video/image placement, you name it! You can also leave all the fonts and color settings if you like the vibe. You just have to replace the filler images with your own.

What else do I need to use the template?

The first step is to CHOOSE a template. After that, the training library tells you what to do next. All templates are designed for WIX websites. To use your template, all you need is a wix account.

You can purchase a Wix subscription here. You can purchase a domain here if you don't have one already.

Can I use this template with Squarespace, WordPress, etc.?

Nope, this template works only with Wix.

If your current website is on another platform, such as Squarespace, you’ll start fresh in WIX and will be able to move over any images and words you choose as you customize your template.

What if the template I like doesn't match the industry I'm in?

That doesn’t actually matter. The content and photos in each template is simply a placeholder. All of the templates features the website pages and design options that every industry could need like an about page, blog, services page, contact page, etc. The filler content is just for fun! So, for example, if you’re a social media manager who fell in love with the Psychotherapy template, go right ahead!

Does my current website have to be shut down while I'm building my website?

Nope — that's a major perk of WIX! You'll leave your current website up at your domain name until you're ready to launch (whether it's on Wix. Squarespace, WordPress, or anywhere else).

You'll customize your template as a free site on WIX, and you'll start paying WIX when you're ready to launch your site. I'll will help you with the nitty gritty work of connecting your domain name to your new website. Your current website will only go down when your new website goes live!

Why do you recommend WIX?

WIX is the only true drag and drop website builder. It’s easy to use, even for the least techy people. It’s beautifully customizable, and the support is out of this world.

Can you set up the template for me?

The templates are crazy easy to customize on your own. Yes, even if you’re terribly non-techy.
However, I do understand that sometimes people want a little extra help. Contact me and I'll help you customize your new template!

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