10 Best Coaching Website Templates of 2022

The Internet is the largest collection of information in all of human history. It's just a subset of the World Wide Web, which itself began as a small subset of our human history. So, search engines are the best way to discover this vast sea of knowledge we call "the internet". And that's why so many people rely on them when they need answers. Therefore, as a life coach or consultant having a coaching website is paramount for the growth of your business.

However, not all coaching website templates are made the same. The key is to find the one that works best for your individual needs. This can be a challenge if you don't know where to start. Think of it this way: would you buy a car without researching and asking others about it? This is an important and expensive purchase; therefore, you wouldn't just rush headlong into it and end up regretting it later on.

Likewise, when it comes to creating a website for your coaching business, you need to think about a lot of things. You want something that looks good, is easy to navigate and use, and helps you stand out from the crowd. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best coaching website templates on the internet.

Best coaching website

1. Rachel Wilkins

coaching website template

This Wix coaching website template is clean and organized. The soft color scheme of the template interface gives it a warm and inviting appeal. The use of personal images on the website gives it a personal touch with an infinite scroll feature that adds to the User Experience (UX). Also, the static menu bar makes the template easy to navigate. Lastly, it has a responsive contact form and CTA for easy conversion.

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2. Sandra Fisher

coaching websites template

Sandra Fisher uses bold color schemes to establish confidence which complements its relationship expert theme, so if you are a relationship expert you can opt for this coaching template. It has a responsive design and image holder for testimonials. When you hover your cursor on the image it shows information about the image. It has a social media, youtube integration you, and a responsive contact form you can utilize for better conversion.

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3. Leah Webb

consulting website template

Leah Webb's business consultant website template is simple, clean, and well-structured. It utilizes a lot of whitespaces, and cool color schemes to achieve a simple and elegant website vibe. Because of its clean and use of whitespaces, this website template is user-friendly.

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4. Layla Barnies

consultation website templates

This wix life coach template welcomes viewers with a motion picture for its hero banner and a blend of soft and bold color schemes. The scrolling and slideshow feature of the template adds to the UX. Also, it has a static menu bar for easy navigation and a responsive contact form for further engagement with prospects.

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5. Jordan Turner

business consulting website templates

This fully responsive Life Coach WordPress design template is fully customizable and will help you create a trustworthy and attractive website for your personal life coach or psychologist business. The intuitive interface and nice looks will make your website stand out. This design features a fast interface that can be deeply customized, allowing you to completely transform its look and feel. Multiple page layouts with several post formats will bring your experience of having a personal website to a whole new level. This Life Coach WordPress template is perfectly suited to represent on the web your experience of helping people improve their lives!

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6. Robert James

business consultant website template

This coaching website template has a good website interface for life coaches, business coaches, and personal coaches. It has a responsive slider, service section, and booking section. It uses a white and black color scheme that gives it a warm appeal. Also, the personal image used as the site banner gives the coaching website template a personal touch. Lastly, the stylist's cursor makes the template user-friendly and easy to navigate.

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7. UpMotive

business consultant websites

UpMotive consultant template comes with an adaptive and responsive design. It contains a collection of elements that a modern website needs to drive traffic and deliver conversion. Thanks to the elementor page builder you can customize and personalize the template to suit your needs. Also, don’t need to worry about your website look bad. Overall, the template interface is clean, sleek, and easy to navigate.

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8. Speaker & Life Coach WordPress Theme (Coaching WP)

website for consulting business

This coaching website template is stunning. The design elements and the dark & red color schemes give the site template a high-end website appeal. It is an easy-to-use template for life coaches or personal coaches. All you need to do is edit it to your need and you have yourself a functioning coach website.

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9. Masterykit

wix life coach template

These business consulting website templates are built with elementor pro. The dark color scheme gives it a professional and modern design. It has 12 pre-built templates which make customization easy. Lastly, it has all the necessary elements required for a successful website template.

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10. Optim Coaching

wix coaching website

Optim Coaching is a Webflow template designed for coaching and consulting firms with a simple, clean, and organized layout. The use of a single page with the appropriate CTAs strikes the right balance to secure your new leads. Connect the buttons to a planner or calendar and you're ready to go! This template is based on the Bootstrap 4 framework and has been optimized for mobile devices, so your site will look amazing on any device. Over

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A coaching website is an excellent instrument to help you achieve more. Through a good website, you can attract the custom of interested individuals, who will be able to provide the backing necessary for your business venture. The website acts as a means of promotion and marketing for your coaching services, as a result of which you stand to profit from your investment in coaching courses and classes. As such, if you want to build a good name for yourself, then consider purchasing coaching templates, available at reasonable costs online. These templates are mobile and desktop friendly.

A good one will give you more exposure and deliver conversion. It should have elements like easy-to-navigate menus, logo, and text which are easily visible on all devices. Do not clutter the page with too many images or words. The coaching website should be easy to navigate through and the content should be concise. Be sure to have a privacy policy page along with information on who you are and contact details so people can get in contact with you if they have any questions. If you still need help designing your coaching website, you can hire us to do that. We hope you found this article helpful.