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18 Best Corporate Websites of 2023

Updated: 5 days ago

One of the biggest impacts of the internet is on business and the corporate world. Today, the internet has helped to build a whole new side of the corporate world. Businesses now use their corporate websites to tell the company's story, document the projects and of course, win customers and generate sales. It is general knowledge that any business looking to stand a chance in the market must have a well-designed and functional website.

Here are some of the best business websites of 2023:

Corporate Website Examples

1. Banky

Banky is a fintech service company that provides a range of financial services with the ultimate pitch of reducing the hassle of banking.

This particular pitch is further showcased by the design of the website. Unlike what you'd expect from a traditional bank, the company's website is playful and colorful and there are a lot of moving parts. It uses a lot of animations and scroll effects.