The 25 Best Fitness Websites of 2021

Updated: 4 days ago

The 25 best Fitness Websites at your fingertips! We’ve explored the web to bring you the latest, greatest and best fitness websites out there. Looking for the latest trends in fitness web design? You’ll have plenty of fitness website inspiration in this lineup. Enjoy!

They are well researched health and wellness fitness websites.

Here is the list:

1. Bodbot

2.Be Active

3.Blooming Fitness

4.Octopus Academy

5. Men's Fitness

5. Men's Fitness

6.Dara Hart

7. Mile Post


9.​Matt Roberts

10.Berlin Athletic

11. Livestrong

12.​David Fitness


14.The Body Blueprint

15.The Body Coach

16.Xenios Fitness

17.​Anna Victoria

18.​Joe Frakich

19.​David Kingsbury

20.​Forge Fitness

21.Bach Performance

23.Girls Gone Strong

24.Be The Motion

25. Beach Shack

1. Bodbot

This is one of the best wellness websites. It is recommended for all fitness enthusiasts. The main focus of Bodbot is fitness resources and nutrition resources.

Bodbot has to do with intelligent workout planning...the goal is help you train smarter which in turn help you maximize your results.

Bodbot emphasis is on training, nutrition aspects of fitness...these will help you maximize your results.

2.Be Active