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The 25 Best Fitness Websites of 2021

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

The 25 best Fitness Websites at your fingertips! We’ve explored the web to bring you the latest, greatest and best fitness websites out there. Looking for the latest trends in fitness web design? You’ll have plenty of fitness website inspiration in this lineup. Enjoy!

They are well researched health and wellness fitness websites.

Here is the list:

1. Bodbot

2.Be Active

3.Blooming Fitness

4.Octopus Academy

5. Men's Fitness

5. Men's Fitness

6.Dara Hart

7. Mile Post


9.​Matt Roberts

10.Berlin Athletic

11. Livestrong

12.​David Fitness


14.The Body Blueprint

15.The Body Coach

16.Xenios Fitness

17.​Anna Victoria

18.​Joe Frakich

19.​David Kingsbury

20.​Forge Fitness

21.Bach Performance

23.Girls Gone Strong

24.Be The Motion

25. Beach Shack

1. Bodbot

This is one of the best wellness websites. It is recommended for all fitness enthusiasts. The main focus of Bodbot is fitness resources and nutrition resources.

Bodbot has to do with intelligent workout planning...the goal is help you train smarter which in turn help you maximize your results.

Bodbot emphasis is on training, nutrition aspects of fitness...these will help you maximize your results.

2.Be Active

Be Active is an individual & group training website that encourages active lifestyle, very interactive, the wellness website hover effects help signal that certain elements clickable giving you a sweet experience.

Looking at the booking section, the hover effect is used for revealing more useful information on each training session offered, temporarily replacing image with text.

3.Blooming Fitness

Blooming Fitness is an all-inclusive fitness website (exercise & wellbeing website)

although it focuses on mothers.

Adjudged to be one of the best health and wellness website, Blooming fitness business website makes a clear mark by highlighting the qualities that set it apart.

On the platform, you will see photos of women working out with babies in their arms or by their sides.

Blooming fitness website is easy to use and it's exercise centers are so exceptional.

Besides mother's, the wellness website also appeals to other segments of the population. It gives opportunity to visitors to book classes online with diverse friendly pricing plans, discounts and updates.

Blooming fitness website has a social media links, contact information and logos of accepted payment methods etc.

4.Octopus Academy

Octopus Academy is one of the best health and fitness website. it is tagged (martial arts & fitness website).

The good news is that it is multilingual, has a clear CTA at the right side of the screen. The CTA stays fixed even as you scroll down the site. The implication is that it helps visitors to join the academy with just a click while browsing.

Octopus Academy has rich and beautiful features, content for customers, it has an online booking platform, a blog and a good podcast hub.

Octopus Academy social media apps is integrated with the Wix App, giving both the customers’ and the business owners’ a wow experience.

5. Men's Fitness

Judging from the name, it is targeted at the men who want to keep fit.

Although the wellness website also takes into consideration general fitness of other segments of the population.

Looking at the platform, you will see pictures of popular Men’s Fitness magazine's, it basically offers training tips on weight loss, general health tips, supplement recommendations which works perfectly well.

6.Dara Hart

Dara Hart also known as a personal training website is own by Dara Hart, a New York City-based celebrity trainer.

Hart beautiful website makes use of images, text and videos all together to produce a unique brand identity with every professional touch.

The wellness website has a feature that invites clients to perform different actions relating to the activities of Dara Hart such as purchasing video classes, subscribing to her mailing list etc.

7. Mile Post

Mile Post is one of the best health and wellness websites, mostly recommended for runners.

It features Pace Calculator, Running Quotes and a Blog.

Other attributes of Mile Post wellness website are links to a number of personal running blogs, beautiful interface and healthy tips.

If you are interested in running and learning new things, Mile Post is where to go.


Blissed fitness website is the best when it comes to health and yoga exercise.

Blissed is branded with features like live chat option, online booking system,newsletter subscription and video classes.

The fitness website has a Members Area that is accessible to existing clients with YouTube channel, shots from their Instagram feed embedded into the page.

9.​Matt Roberts

Matt Roberts fitness website is ranked one of the best personal trainer websites in the United Kingdom.

It has a well-crafted clear and appealing high performing fitness website.

Robert is always known for dishing out high quality content with pictures, capturing varieties of his trainers and prospects.

The website footer meets the new GDPR regulation guidelines by informing website visitors about how their data will be handled by the website owner and also gives trainers the opportunity to check career paths.

10.Berlin Athletic

Berlin Athletic fitness training website has a one page dedicated at welcoming visitors with a full-width photo, embedded in a centrally located logo design.

Berlin Athletic right logo has a very clear CTA (call-to-action) button which directs visitors to a free trial session.

Berlin Athletic button has an attention-grabbing template designed in yellow different from the rest website’s color combination, which is majorly black and white.

The website has an online store where

visitors can buy a variety of tickets for 10 sessions directly on the webpage, removing bottlenecks of contacting a team member through phone calls.

11. Livestrong

Livestrong is one of the best fitness websites recommended for all fitness enthusiasts.

Their vision is to help you live a longer, stronger and more fulfilling life in all aspects of fitness.

Livestrong wellness website targets every segment of the population as it provides healthy tips for all demographics.