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17 Best Landscaping Websites | For Inspiration

Landscaping has been one of man's best attempts to preserve his environment. From cutting down overgrown bushes and trees to artificially creating beautiful spaces, and planting trees. landscaping has also seen man unleash his creative nature in how nature looks.

Out of these needs and activities have grown commercial ventures to provide these services in the home or business areas. Some niching down to specifics while others are general contractors. The following websites are the online address for some of these landscape businesses

Best Landscaping Website Examples

1. Janet Moyer Landscaping

landscaping websites examples
landscaping websites

The design on this website walks the talk about landscaping even on a low budget. The design is also creatively made to walk a prospective client on a journey. At the homepage of this landscaping website, you first of all see the badge of the company, with their motto boldly written out and also how long they have been in business. This builds a sense of assurance at their expertise.

Down the website pages, you are shown different designs which they company has made for other clients, with the caption, "we've been busy". Also alongside this on the website are features that show the the specific services they offer in landscaping and images to show how they are involved in landscape designs around the environment.

At the end of this customer journey is a call to subscribe to their newsletter.

Beautifully designed with a mixture of images and written contents, with adequate space between each features, and bold fonts, this landscape website is easy to the eyes and navigation.

Check it out here

2. SF Landscape

landscaping websites
landscaping websites

On the front page of the website is the business proposition of the business which is superimposed on an image carousel showing beautiful landscape spaces, including the... Of the business.

It's a one page home page with an enter button for any visitor to click and be led to the main page of the website which has the description of the services that the business offers.

This is a simple website design in which a visitor gains more info about the business when he/she gets to the second page of the website, with the first page acting like a customer qualifier and also a

Easy to navigate, there are site headers for website visitors to get information on demand.

Check it out here

3. Mark Tessier

landscaping websites
landscaping websites

This is one of the best landscape website designs available. With a front page image carousel that showcases exquisite, classy landscape spaces and environments, one can easily tell that this landscape business offers premium services.

The website is designed with the format of a photo collage which is a collection of images of different works they have done for other clients.

In between the home page and the other pages is the website headers to help visitors navigate the website without hassle.

Check it out here

4. Sculpt Garden

landscape websites design
landscape design websites

This is another high class landscape business website. With the beautiful and unique design features it displays, it speaks to its target audience. The homepage is made of an image carousel showing beautiful landscape spaces. Works it has done for different clients. After this, the visitor is led to about the company and the projects it does. Also, after the homepage is a photo collage, a collection of the works it has done and next after this, is an information about the business team and their capabilities. This seeks to convince the visitors about who is handling their works. Next is the services they offer and also testimonials from past clients. This customer journey ends a client with a CTA clearly shown at the bottom of the website.

Check it out here

5. Liaison Landscapes

best landscaping website
landscaping websites

This landscape website has a smart design that incorporates beautiful images, written contents and carefully chosen colors. This is another design with class. The colors reflect the company's values of green and smart environments.

The website design is captivating and easy to navigate. At the About page and the site headers are visible CTA buttons which are set in contrasting colors inorder to standout from the rest of the website designs.

Check it out here

6. Frank and Grossman

best landscaping websites
landscaping websites

Another landscape website that emphasizes class with its beautiful designs. On the home page is a clear message about the company's business services and niching. Made up of front page image carousels and designs, this landscape website speaks clearly to the heart of its target audience with its designs

Check it out here

7. Space Gardens

landscape design websites
landscaping websites

With its beautiful, traditional website design, this landscape website showcases the services the business offers, with information about their different locations and also a portfolio of the different works they have done.

This website may not look exquisite as the others but it delivers the message to prospective clients about what the business is and what they can offer

Check it out here

8. Artisan Landscape

landscape design websites examples
landscaping websites

This landscaping website design incorporates the business proposition of the business into its choice of theme, images and other contents. There is this ambience about relaxation, a home setting that the website design translates to, in the minds of its visitors.

With its choice of color ad simple design, the website is easy to navigate and information to be seen easily.

Check it out here

9. Oak Ridge Landworks

landscaping design websites
landscaping websites

This landscape website has a simple design that features segments about the business proposition, about the owner, testimonials and a clear CTA button for the customer to request a quote.

The images o the website and the background color combine to give the website a good look. the images have a connection to the work they do which is connected to land and landscaping it,

Check it out here

10. Flores Artscape

landscaping websites
landscaping websites

With the best design so far in the lot, this landscape website carries a lively setting, with information smartly set in features. The homepage has a brand heading tells about the business services and their years of expertise in it , There is a visible clear to action button on the homepage for visitors to click.

the second page shows the different benefits of contracting them for your service .The website is customer centric, having answers to every objection a prospective client may have in their mind. There is a visible customer care representative ready to attend to one's questions,

The sire design and color combination in making the website simple and easy to the eye.

Check it out here

11. Turn-About Drives

landscaping website
landscaping website

A cool and easy to the eye design. This landscaping business website attempts to show in full what they company is about. From the abut the company to the different projects they have handled and the different locations they can be found, the website design makes good use of space to set all these information in an orderly manner for website visitors to be able to view.

The website design builds on and harps the the award winning of the company to sell themselves to prospective clients

Check it out here

12. Landscaping London

build a landscaping website
landscaping website

With a design that looks like a blog, this landscape business website infuses information needed by prospective clients in a simple format. The design is simple, choice of color for simple is easy to the eyes and the images chosen clearly reflect the niche the company offers in the landscaping business. With the boldly visible numbers and CTA buttons, the website is designed that customers don't get lost but reach out to the company for their needs.

Check it out here

13. HP Landscapes

landscaping website designers
landscaping website

Another landscape website design that incorporates in its design. With its carefully curated sections which feature different aspects of the company from its services to different case studies available, an about the company section and a call to action section, this website design creates a premium company outlook in the minds of its visitors,

easy to navigate and site headers available to ease navigation, this is among the best landscape websites available.

Check it out here

14. Social Sweeping

best landscaping website design

A landing on their website quickly shows a visitor what this business is all about. This includes a detailed section about the services the business offers, followed by a page of testimonials from past clients. This is meant to be a part of the customers journey to convince them of the company.

This is a detailed landscaping website that also contains blog articles for visitors to gain necessary knowledge, Thee is a site headers to help visitors navigate the website easily.

Check it out here

15. Kate-Anne Designs

best landscaping websites
landscaping website

A one page nicely designed homepage with site headers to help visitors navigate any area of the website they seek information. This homepage is designed with beautifully curated landscape spaces. It has no words or additionally information.

Check it out here

16. Portrait Garden

best landscaping website
landscaping website

A homepage with an image of a well trimmed home lawn, with a business number visible in the middle of it, it is clear to any online visitor that this business deals with landscaping business which includes lawn cares and tree cutting. Also on the website are detailed services information about the services the company offers and also customer testimonials.

This design is all primed to convince any visitor that this is the right business.

Check it out here

17. Rainforest LA

landscaping website design
landscaping website

This is a simple design website with a good background color. With few sections that details the area of services they offer, a testimonial following up, a Call to get a quote at the end, the front page contains a written content that seeks to sell the company to any online visitor. The design format makes navigation easy and color choice sparks a friendly connection

Check it out here

Landscaping Website Templates

We have researched and found some of the best landscaping website templates that will help you in creating your landscaping business website. There are many templates out here but few can match the qualities you want in your websites. There are many general templates that may not fit in to what your niche is about and some are also not mobile friendly and strategic in design to pass out your brand message to visitors but you do not have to worry about this because we have taken the pain to research out design templates created specifically for your Landscape business.

Landscaping Website Design

If you are a Landscape design business owner, people want to learn about your business and the services you offer at just a glance at your website. So, your website must be friendly, strategic and engaging. The colors should represent your brand identity, the font and images should speak to your visitors. It must also be mobile friendly in order to quickly load on different devices and easy to navigate, so that a visitor does not get lost searching for information.

If you want to have a website for your landscape design business, click here to contact us to get well designed websites like some of the best examples we have shown.

Best Website Builders for Landscape Design Businesses

Time to time, new web technology companies spring up, each offering different capabilities and premium services. But choosing a website builder should be based on what type of website you want and the capabilities it should perform. Your website should help take visitors right from when they come across your website, through a customer journey till they complete a strategic function you want them to. Which can be either book an appointment or buy a product from your online store.

Here is the list of the best website builders for your Landscaping business

Landscaping Website Common Questions

Do you need a landscaping website?

Absolutely, as of our current times, you should have a website for your landscape design business to increase your organization's credibility, attract more clients online and digitize many aspects of your business. ... Having a good website is an opportunity to make a great first impression and give people comfort that you're a real business.

What should be on landscaping website?

Your law firm website should have at least:

  • Your Business name and logo

  • Your contact information

  • Powerful images to capture

How do I create a landscaping website?

  • Choose a perfect template or website design you like

  • Purchase a domain name & Hosting plan

  • Create the pages you will need for your landscaping website

  • Hire a professional website designer/design it yourself.

  • Promote your site and optimize it for SEO

Is WIX good for landscaping websites?

Wix is excellent for law firm websites because you can control, edit and manage the website easily. With wix you can also collaborate with so many talents on your website.

What is a landscaping website?

A landscaping website is one that represents a landscaping business online. It is the online equivalent of your office and the foundation of an online marketing plan, providing a presence for your business.

Why should you have a landscaping website?

Your landscaping website should have a website beacuse

  1. It makes your business look professional and trustworthy

What is the best landscaping website?

The best law firm websites of 2022 are

  • Romano law

  • Cravath, Swaine and Moore LLP

  • Social Sweeping

  • HP Landscapes

What makes a good landscaping website?

A good law firm website should first be able to attract a potential client, it should have a

  • a blog to attract

  • a way to contact easily (contact forms, CTAs, phone no., etc)

  • about us page (to introduce your brand/business)

How much does a landscaping website cost?

A law firm website should typically range upwards of $1,000, depending on the level of design and development used. We do not recommend self built/amateur website for law firm businesses as this can affect the way people see the company.

What should I post on a landscaping website?

What should a landscaping website blog about?

How do I get a landscaping website?

  • Decide on your domain name

  • Choose a Website Builder

  • Purchase your hosting plan

  • Get a professional Website designer

How do I create a landscaping website on WIX?

To create a law firm website with WIX is one of the easiest, fastest yet professional ways to go about it.

  • Create a free WIX account

  • Purchase a domain name (e.g:

  • Buy a Wix Plan to make your domain website

  • Design your website or Hire a professional wix designer (better for running businesses)

  • Link to social media

  • Optimize for Mobile, SEO, Speed etc

What does a professional landscaping website need?

How can I improve my landscaping website?

  • Use better looking Images

  • Optimize your website for mobile

  • Place CTA's in visible locations

How do create content for your landscaping website?

How do you name your landscaping website?

You can choose to use the name of your law firm business to name your website. If you search for a domain and your business name is already taken or not available. You can opt for .co extensions, you can add co to your business name, you can spell out your full business name. (e.g with LLC, etc)


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