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13 Best Art Portfolio Examples of 2024

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Best Art Portfolio Website Examples

With digital communication now an integral part as a means of communication presently in the world, both the old and new alike are fully embracing it and the potentials it brings to the communication space. This is not just limited to calls through the internet or chats through social networks but also to how firms communicate their values, services and keep in touch with their clients. This has seen big businesses spend millions yearly on social media advertising and communication channels with clients. This is not limited to just a sector or market niche but pervades every sector. On this article, we seek to bring the best of art portfolios with great designs on the internet.

1. Dracko

art portfolio examples
art portfolio examples

A beautiful well designed website for a marketing and design agency. On the homepage is a bold headline about the firm and what it does. The website is designed to lead visitors through knowing the firm, their values and services they offer. Also strategically placed on the website are images of events they have organised for big firms, with reviews following after and a larger picture of clients that have worked with them.

Its a beautifully designed website with image, colors, and fonts.

Check it out here

2. Salsa Landra

art portfolio website example

Well chosen design framework with a white background that gives contents a images a good contrast to be seen easily. It has minimal design framework and acts as a digital gallery for the painter's artwork

Check it out here

3. Kehinde Wiley

art portfolio website examples
art portfolio website example

This is a personal website and is designed to give information about the owner and the work he does. The website is designed in the format of an interview on a news article.

Check it out here

4. Olafure Liasson

art portfolio website examples

A simple designed website for an art design and exhibition firm. The website displays the different art exhibition and designs it has created and the inspirations behind them. The website seeks to draw visitors into the minds of the artists with images and contents on their inspiration

Check it out here

5. ST Portrait

digital art portfolio examples

This is arguably the best website in this list. This website strategically combines a homepage with a that showcases the portrait works of the artist and below it, glowing reviews from past clients on the artists professionalism and work quality. It is a simple designed website with headers by the right hand side to guide visitors on navigating the website

Check it out here

6. Paul Jennis

art portfolios

A simple classic website. No too much designs or colors but passes the intended message clearly.

A personal website of an artist that contains his art gallery, information about his painting lessons and how to contact to him.

Check it out here

7. James Fiorentino

art portfolios website ideas

This is a beautifully designed portfolio website. At landing on the homepage, visitors easily know the niche this artist is focused on. from being a blog, this website is also designed as a gallery for the works of the artist. It is strategically designed to lead visitors into all the works of the artist.

Check it out here

8. Kate Vass Galerie

art portfolio website

This website is designed as a blog to showcase the works and editorials about the artist. Beautifully designed using segments, colors and striking images, it serves as an information portal about the artist and her works.

Check it out here

9. Robert Wilson

artist portfolios example

This is a website of an opera performer. It is a simple designed website that has headers on the foot of the website to guide visitors on navigating the website. The homepage is created in the format of a slider with images of the artist performances on different stages, continuously sliding after each other.

Check it out here

10. Denisa Prochazka

artist portfolios website

This is a strategically designed simple looking website that takes visitors on a clear journey about the firm. Starting with an image of a an art work, it takes visitors to what the firm is about, testimonials and ends with a CTA button for visitors to sign up for their news letters. Choice of background color and images align to show maturity in the capability of the artists.

Check it out here

11. Darren Cranmer

art portfolios website

This website is designed as an online gallery of this artist's work. Created with headers to guide visitors to the art drawings, exhibition works and news concerning the different artworks, it also serves as a point to be able to contact the artist. It has a simple design and a good background color.

Check it out here

12. Jon Burgerman

artist portfolios website design

This website is designed to show at first glance wat type of artwork and class of people this artist attends to. It is also an art gallery for the work of the artist. No too much design but has site headers to guide visitors through the site.

Check it out here

13. Shantell Martin

digital art portfolios example

The website design is a work of art befitting an artist. The homepage is designed with an artistic image as a background.

The website is designed with site headers at the foot of the website. These guides visitors to other pages of the website in search of information needed

Check it out here

Art Portfolio Templates

Are you looking to create a website and lost for lack of design to use. we have curated a few website templates for an Art portfolio. These includes the following

Art Portfolio Website Design Services.

Like in the website examples seen above, designing an art portfolio website can be tasking because a lot of things have to be put into consideration. Apart from being a medium to showcase your works, your website must seek to pass clear cut branded messages to your visitors.

Click here to contact us to get beautifully designed websites, like some of the best Coaching websites examples we have shown above at the best rates.

Best Website builders for Art Portfolio

Are you looking to build or get a website for your Art Portfolio. Having a website right now for your different endeavours is no more a luxury but an important necessity. Apart from showcasing or selling your products and services, it is a medium one can use to groom relationships with clients?

Here is the list of the best website builders for your coaching services.

  • Wix

  • Squarespace

  • Weebly

  • Wordpress

  • Webflow

  • Bluehost

  • Site-123

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