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13 of The Best Band websites of 2023

Updated: 5 days ago

For many years now, we’ve experienced countless instances where bands and musicians become famous on the world wide web before they develop into bona fide celebrities. This is a clear indication of the vast potential a band website has for attracting visitors and keeping fans engaged. And while streaming sites and social media platforms are essential to establishing a creative online presence, we discovered that even the superstar musicians who became famous without first creating a band website, eventually require one to sustain their success. Besides providing fans with a place to stream and listen to the latest videos or tracks, the ideal band website design usually integrates relevant info such as a bio, upcoming events, the latest artist news, live tour dates, blogs, fan forums, and sometimes a digital store to purchase merchandise. With control over your digital space, you get to manage the aesthetic and coordinate the level of interactivity with the digital world and the rest of the music industry. Are you a band website designer looking for some template examples? Or perhaps you already have a creative idea in mind, and are looking to add a few subtle design options; you can take a look at our curated list of best band websites to broaden your perspective on different styles and approaches.

Best Band Websites Examples

Baby Soda Jazz Band Website

best band websites
best band website

Ever since 2007, a group of musicians in Brooklyn New York has met in Washington Square Park to play traditional jazz. Over the years, this live acoustic group has transformed into a band of talented local musicians, with many members realizing their musical aspirations right there. Avid fans can visit the official Baby Soda Jazz Band website Archive page to find profiles and pictures of past member musicians. You can also make your booking on the Weddings page if you're a street jazz enthusiast interested in having this ensemble of talented musicians play at your nuptial event or party.