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15 Best Jewelry Websites of 2024

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

We live in a digital era where people can easily shop for anything online. According to a 2021 online survey, 27.4 percent of the world population shops online, and Jewelry shopping is considered one of the most popular items that people purchase online. Jewelry items, whether neckpieces, earrings, studs, etc. are statement-making items, so you need a website that effectively reflects such status.

As a jewelry manufacturer or vendor, having a jewelry website helps you boost your online visibility and business’s ROI. However, you must understand that creating the best jewelry website design requires using the right tools and following certain principles.

Best Jewelry Websites

To achieve that we have lifted the burden off you by taking our time to gather the 15 best jewelry e-commerce websites of 2024 from which you can derive inspiration.

1. JAG Jewelry

best jewellery websites 2020

This jewelry website welcomes its site visitors with high-resolution moving images that feature dark-skinned models showcasing the beautiful jewelry pieces on their bodies. The use of black and white color scheme heightens the user's experience and makes the site's text bold and visible to read. Also, the menu section is well organized. Site visitors can easily navigate through the website without feeling overwhelmed. Lastly, JAG Jewelry provides all its social media handles at the side of the hero banner for continuous engagement.

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2. Lace

best jewelry websites 2020

This jewelry website ranks second on our list because of its minimalist design. It uses a cool color scheme with lot of white spacing to make the website feel warm and chic. That makes the Lace website interface appear clean, well organized, and easy to navigate. The color choice also complimented each of the jewelry pieces.

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3. Senia Modular

best jewelry website design

Here is another minimalist jewelry website you can model your jewelry website after if you're going for something simple. It clearly states on its website that ‘less is more and it proved that by employing cool schemes, quality product images, and a short video to tell its brand's story. The menu section is well-structured and displayed boldly to aid in easy navigation.

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4. Limnia

best jewelry websites design

The layout of this jewelry website is magnificent. Limnia has an elegant and clean website interface complemented with nice images, videos, and content that capture its brand's core values. Lastly, the cool scheme gives the jewelry website an elegant edge.

Checkout here

5. Aether

jewelry website ideas

This jewelry website uses black as the color scheme for the website layout and white color for text visibility. Amazingly the colors complimented the whole website design, giving it an elegant website appeal. Also, the website uses a pyramid structure to organize the content in order of importance with a sticky header that makes navigation easy.

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6. Guzeman Fine Jewelry

designer jewelry websites

Pieces of jewelry are precious pieces that represent class, and this Ukrainian jewelry website uses a timeless website design to complement its timeless pieces. The website background is some sort of a crack design to create an antique illusion. In addition, to heighten the User-Experience. Guzman uses sliding images and text to fascinate site visitors. A lot is going on here, yet it isn’t distracting.

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7. Papazian

best jewelry websites

Papazian exhumes an ancient vibe with its cool color scheme, sliding content, font choice, and black and white images

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8. Leen Heyne

best jewelry ecommerce websites

Minimalist website designs, if done well, are never disappointing, and for jewelry layout designs, simplicity payoff. Leen Heyne is a jewelry website that does this elegantly by using a cool color scheme, nice typography, high-resolution images, and animation to tell its story.

Checkout here

9. Serge Thoraval

how to make a jewelry website

There is something about this jewelry website design that makes you feel this earthly vibe. This is because of the use of images to capture the process of the hard work and passion put into creating the jewelry pieces. In addition, the overall website design is nothing short of being top-notch

Checkout here.

10. Dihn Van Paris

inspiration jewelry design

This designer jewelry website design is sleek, organized, and clean. It employs the use of high-resolution images, white spacing, and font choice to create an effortless classy website appeal that makes it easy for jewelry shoppers to shop for their preferred jewelry item.

Checkout here

11. Rubel & Mena

jewelry store layouts

This website design is plain simple. What draws you in is the simplicity of the site. It uses a lot of whiting space, a well-structured menu, and a captivating logo at the sticky header.

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12. Mentis Jewelry

jewelry ecommerce websites

Mentis Jewelry is a luxurious jewelry website that screams elegance from top to bottom. It employs the use of a cool color scheme, sticky header, attractive logo, high-resolution images, beautiful typography, and more to create a high-end luxury jewelry website, so if you need some jewelry inspiration design you can get some from this website.

Checkout here

13. Floema Jewelry

jewelry website builder

This jewelry website has an unusual website design. It utilizes moving and flipping images effectively to display its jewelry pieces. It also tells its brand story in a way that its target audience can relate to.

Checkout here

14. Aroz Jewelry

jewelry pages

Jewelry websites are known for their exotic designs and the Aroz Jewelry website doesn’t disappoint. The website has a drop-down menu section for easy navigation, high-resolution images, white space, bold fonts, and more. All these combined make the website sale-driven.

Checkout here

15. INO

jewelry inspiration

This jewelry website just has to be part of our list. It uses a lot of white space to highlight the qualities of the images and the star of the website is the use of video as the website banner. The website is clean and well-organized

Checkout here

How to make a jewelry website

To create the best jewelry e-commerce website for your jewelry business you need the right tools and obey certain principles as earlier mentioned. These tools include finding the right jewelry website builders. Today we have quite a number of these website builders flooding the internet with already made templates such as Shopify, Shift4shop, Wix, etc. Once you find the one that is compatible with your brand you can draw inspiration from the above-listed jewelry websites.

However, if creating a website is not a skill you possess or you have an interest in creating it yourself you can hire the services of a website designer. If you don’t know where to find one, we can help you find a professional website developer from our list of knowledgeable website developers.

A summary of what a good jewelry website must entail;

  • It must be clean

  • It must be well-structured

  • It must be easy to navigate

  • It must be SEO optimized

  • It must be fast

  • Mobile responsive etc.

By now you should know what a quality jewelry website looks like and how to create one yourself or with the help of a professional. If you find this useful, kindly share with other who might find this useful and you can also share you tips for making a jewelry website in the comment section.


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