The 15 Best Café Website Examples for Inspiration

Best Café Website Examples

A strong cup of coffee a day will keep your head free, oxidized, and stress-free and obviously will keep the doctor away. I guess this is what we have to pass to the next generation with their own flavor.

Coffee is not just a beverage it is an alchemist which can help you capture the essence of life in a single mug this can only be found in a café.

A Café is not just a place which serves coffee and tea, in addition to light refreshments such as baked goods or snacks.

A Café is a place where the aroma of Coffee and chatters fill the air, in their own intriguing sense. The best conversations accompanied with jazz music. The noise seems to dissolve as you sip the magical taste of coffee and create your own world. Every table in a café is a different universe, some of bitters sweet taste and all we do is to put it all together in a poetic verse.

It said that a cup of coffee holds miraculous powers to refill you with life when daily chaos leaves you lifeless. We have carefully drafted a list of 15 best café website designs that will inspire you if you want to startup or boost your day.

1. Cilantro Café

These design shows a man in a yoga position meditating with a cup of coffee on his legs letting his mind wonder. The navigation menu were uniquely designed and position in a circle like position. The little touch of graffiti and work of art put in place when designing this website makes it found its way in our 15 best café website design. Different icons and art used for the navigation bar is topnotch. The headline for the site crown it all up. “Appetite for life”. The entire concept of the Cilantro Café is Procaffeinating which means (n) the tendency not to start anything until you’ve had a cup of coffee.

2. Caravan

Caravan website has a strong black and white elegant design. They use a one-page site that shares all needed information about the café. The header gives the site visitors a summary of the services rendered and the call to action button invites you to make a reservation. Their opening time and contact is uniquely positioned and you can access their menu with just a click from the navigation.

The Caravan makes its way as one of the best coffee website on our 15 best café websites by it professional layout well organized design and navigation for a one-page website.

3. Café Olimpico

Most best café websites choose to keep their website homepage short but Café Olimpico tells a story on what their café offers using awesome photos to pass a message

From their table settings, the interior and external view of the café is shown with beautiful photos which allow visitors to explore the café before making a reservation. The setting of the website together with pictures made the Olimpico standout. The navigation menu is well organized and the site is linked with a blog for visitors to be able to ask questions and be up to date on what is new in the café. The café is fast and the designs won’t make you bored...this shows that both the online and in-house experience will give you the same feeling.

4. Tre Amici @ The Ybor Bunker

You might probably be thinking all the best café websites on our list looks the same but Tre Amici website comes with its own design that looks like a Google play store app. Their design is top of the chart. The site is filled with beautiful photos and can be scrolled like your phone gallery.

The website is linked to an app that even makes it awesome for people to upload their orders and rate. Rates and reviews range from the food, the services, value and atmosphere. The homepage looks pretty cool and simple. The blackboard concept makes it different from the other sites on our list and the headline “Welcome to ybor city’s living room.” Will make the site visitors want to know more about the city and the restaurant itself. The navigation is well arranged. The Bunker events on the homepage distinguishes Tre Amici's website and gave it a spot on our 15 best café websites.

5. Col’cacchio Pizzeria

The first thing you will notice when you open their website is the captivating photos and the Headline on the homepage with the inscription “There’s a pizza with your name on it.” This would make any site visitor want a slice of pizza. The call to action and their various location contact is well organized this makes it easier for site visitors to know the Pizzeria closest to them. The use of photos is common on most websites but Pizzeria uses pizza in theirs and that differentiate their website from other site. Linking their social media handles to the navigation menu is not something you find on every café website.

6. Caravan

Café website of Caravan Restaurant uses a just a page restaurant website, which serves as a perfect solution for individuals to share all the important information without overwhelming visitors on the site. The header shows exactly what the restaurant looks like and invites you to make a reservation. the menu and other pages can be navigated from the top and it works well for a one-page website.

7. Moxhe

This website has an hypnotizing video background which also has stunning images which makes up the homepage of this Australian restaurant. They added a link to the booking form at the top and repeated it once again at the bottom of the website. They also do a great job of linking to their social media right in the header.

8. Maaemo Restaurant

Maaemo’s restaurant website is another example of minimalist design for a website. This website does not start off with a food picture, rather it does a great job of living up to their mission statement over time. Their menu is tucked away behind a hamburger icon that allows online booking form.

9. Restaurant Mesón

Restaurant Mesón’s website it’s the first call-to-action you see as soon as you visit the homepage. Their menu is visible on the website as soon as you are on the homepage. This site stands out because of its touch of personality achieved by displaying the restaurant’s staff photos and short bios on the website.

10. Maialino

Maialino website has astounding and creative qualities because of its creative use of photos and custom graphics to display their menu right in the header of the page. The rest of the homepage has all the other necessary elements such as clear contact and location information all embedded at once.

11. RubyTuesday

RubyTuesday’s website is a great example of a boxed design website that manages to show a lot of information without looking cluttered on the page layout. So, a sign-up form is featured on the homepage of the website.

12. Ray’s Restaurant

Ray’s Restaurant website has a horizontal layout and that makes this website stand out. Their location is visible and the menu is closest to you. Other pages of the website are accessible through the sidebar menu that doesn’t detract you from the design.

13. Mellow Mushroom

This website is another example of a functional and attention-grabbing website. However, it has a funky hover effect on the logo with hand-drawn graphics, this gives the website a unique look. The menu is easily accessible.

14. Marie Catrib’s

This website, Marie Catrib’s grabs attention due to the bold hand-lettering that dominates this website’s design. However, the homepage doesn’t overwhelm visitors with too many choices to make. You can visit their shop or learn more about the background of the restaurant on their homepage. There is contact information displaying on the footer.

15. Blue Moon

This website contains a bar and restaurant in one use background photography to display, that is the atmosphere you get to see when you visit the site. This side display not only the menu but also allow you to see upcoming events in their bar and you get to download their mobile app which comes with lots of extra perks.


What are the best Café Websites?

The best café websites are as follows

  • Caravan

  • TreAmici @ the ybor bunker

  • Elm coffee Roasters

  • Café Britt

  • McCafé

How do you create a Café Website?

The visual part of your website is usually the first thing that visitors appreciate. So below are few tips or things to consider before creating your website.

  • Determine your website’s style

  • Implement your brand identity

  • Choose a café website design

  • Add amazing photos

  • Organize your gallery

  • Consider online booking and ordering

  • Develop a detailed menu

  • Optimise for mobile

  • Present your services, special features and team

  • Add an ‘About us’ Page

  • Add a contact page