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10 Best Car Dealer Websites of 2024

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

One of the most interesting thing about the advent of the internet is that people use it to find anything they need, cars included. While they might not necessarily make a car purchase off a website, they can use your website to find information about the cars they want to use Google to find the nearest dealerships.

Either way, as a car dealer, you can't afford to miss out of the traffic and business that the Internet offers. This is why you need a car dealer website to make sure you can not only provide information about your auto dealership but also capture clients online.

To help you with this, we have gathered the best car dealer website examples of 2024. Here are 10 of the best car dealer websites:

Best Car Dealer Website Examples of 2024

1. Alba Cars

Alba Cars is a used car dealer based in Dubai. The auto dealer's website contained accurate information on how their car buying and selling platform works, addresses of their showroom, it also allows users to buy or sell their cars on the platforms and FAQs to assist users.

The website also makes good use of icons and animations in explaining how its services work. This is a great approach as it makes the explanations clear to users as opposed to a long paragraph.

Check it out here.

2. Lotus of Vancouver

This website employs a lot of car race game aesthetics which makes the website really cool and attractive to car lovers. The page starts with a carousel that has not only really great pictures but a really nice effect.

The section of the website describing the quality of the cars also seems like something straight out of a racing game.

The website is really nice as it users to go through the car dealer's website while also building a good brand for the dealer.

Check it out here.

3. Oxmoor Ford Lincoln

The auto dealer users website also offers user the opportunity to buy cars directly on the website. It also gives detailed specifications for each of the cars the firm deals with to enable users to make better choices right on the website.

The website also uses fonts consistent with the Ford brand. Another great feature is the section that gives users the direction to the dealership from their current location.

Check it out here.


This car dealer website is excellent in terms of functionality. It includes some great features including a tab where clients can text them for direct support, videos, testimonials, the company's awards and recognitions, and as well as the dealership's opening hours.

The page includes a section that includes the op

Check it out here.

5. Luther Auto

The website has a simple offer: Car Buying Made Simple. Anyone can order a car off their website after going through the car details.

There are two tools on the landing page that make navigating the website super easy. One, there's a search filter that helps intending customers who visit the website quickly find the cars they want. There's also a side bar on the left with emeblems of popular car brands. Website visitors can easily click on any of them to find vehicles made by their favorite brands.

Check it out here.

6. Park Place

The website features a search inventory option that allows users to find any car they want on the website. It includes a lot of filters to make sure users find exactly what they were looking for.

The website has another great feature: a tab where clients can find out about incoming stock. This is very important for people who might not find what they want right now.

Check it out here.

7. Manhattan Motorcars

This website employs video as the starter of the website. This is a great choice as they deal in luxury cars that people would want to keep watching. The video is bound to get a lot of people more interested in the website.

The website also features a 24/7 chat option that allows users to ask any question they might have.

Check it out here.

8. NYC Motorcars

As the name implies, NYC Motorcars is a far dealer brand based in New York City. They are the main dealers of some of the biggest car brands.

The aim of this auto dealer website is clearly not to sell on the website but to direct users to visit the dealership. The website includes addresses and logos of its various dealerships in New York City.

Check it out here.

9. Brooklyn Auto Mall

Brooklyn Auto Mall's website is not as elegant aesthetically but it definitely has great functionality. One interesting feature is that it includes a section showing all the details about their best-selling cars including prices.

The website has a great tool that helps clients slide and choose their budget, so as to find cars that fit into that range, making it possible for them to stay on budget.

Check it out here.

10. Tesla

Tesla is no doubt one of the world's biggest auto brands right now. Its website is designed in a way that befits they like.

The website has less noise than most of the sites we've seen so far. The section of the website includes a singular picture of each model with CTA buttons that users can use to order the car directly or make a custom request.

The website aesthetics rely on white space, neat aesthetics, colors, and great features.

Check it out here.

Best Car Dealer Website Templates

Building a website can be an arduous task, especially if you are building from scratch. The amount of time and expertise required to put up a functional website is not one that someone who isn't a professional developer can give.

However, you don't have to build your website from scratch. By using templates, you can save time and you don't need as much expertise to set up your website. So, we have also gathered the best car dealer website templates so you can easily get to building your website.

Best Website Builders for Car Dealer Websites

Another great tool for creating a website without stress is website builders. Website builders like Wix and WordPress provide drag-and-drop features that allow people who are not as skilled to develop their websites.

Website builders however vary in terms of their functionality, ease of use, pricing so it is important to choose the best one for building your website.

Best Car Dealer Website Design Services

As much as templates and website builders make website creation easy, the best option is to hire professionals and excellent car dealer website design firms to help create your website.

WixFresh exists for these very reasons. We help business owners like you. We work with businesses, including car dealers to create functional and beautiful websites for their businesses.

Click here to learn more about how we can work together.


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