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Best Clean Website Designs of 2023 | 15 Inspiring Examples

Updated: 5 days ago

Websites are the first thing anyone sees when researching a business. A well-designed, clean website is essential for any business owner. It’s one of the very first thing potential customers see about your company, so you want to make a good first impression. A great website is an excellent marketing tool because it allows businesses to show off their services and brand in a concise and accessible way. You can create a site that reflects your company’s image, explains what you do, where your offices are located, details about your services and shows examples of your work(s).

Clean Website Designs Examples

1. Jantana Hennard

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The first feature on our list of the best clean website designs of 2022 is the portfolio website of Jantana Hennard, a designer that specializes in 3D and interactive experiences. Many excellent features make this website one of the most well-designed websites of the year. One of them is how clean the website design is. There are a lot of whitespaces that make the rest of the elements so well laid out. The hover effect on the projects section helps to save a lot of space while still achieving the same purposes.