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15 Best College Websites of 2024

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Over the years, college websites lack content to make it's website interesting. Although things are changing, the story is taking a new turn beyond two and three column layouts, by the addition it has experience in contents and design.

Some of these college websites capture almost every activity from all the departments impose by the school to enable student get information within the website.

University and College Website are designed to be responsive, to enable students gain access using any device of their choice. This website is designed to meet up with the current visual, video and sometimes with animation to enable the younger demographic, relate with the website with much anticipation to surf the net.

Below are list of 15 best University and College Websites to explore.

best college websites

Rhode Island School of Design college website is one of the best university websites. It is smartly designed to communicate to students in a simple and smart way. The college website inculcates high resolution images, dropdown or grid-style menu to communicate uniqueness and class for easy navigation. This college website has clear text, titling that present subpage a particular way or format that discuss topical issues in a simple and clear format.

The fundamental activities of students are easily captured with immersed description from George Washington School of Design website. This gives various prospective to students to interact from their experiences, it equally helps visitors have a glimpse to proper activities, location, updates and building location and both names of various campuses. This eliminate any misguided understanding.

Brown University college website contains images that have high resolution as well as the video. Which reveals New England Campuses in various seasons that reveal various scenes of the classroom settings. The university imbibes certain methods to filter background images and videos so as to allow yo get to relevant sections swiftly.

college website example

Brown University college website has every connection easy and simple where the load will not overwhelm mobile devices.

Cornell University homepage has included sliders to offer a view of their recent graduates and classroom technology.

college websites examples

Cornell college websites for students gives an imagery of life on campus with a gallery dedicated to that regard. The news tab helps in keeping visitors abreast with the happenings in the achievement of the students as it unfolds. Doing away with the prominent images as well as the taglines elsewhere on the homepage to maintain a simple interface.

Johns Hopkins University college website mixes its student achievements with clarity, where by, its goals are declarative in totality. This top college website uploads recent news and musical performance and other innovations. The homepage emphasis each video loop, giving visitors the opportunity to have a good view of the school and catch a glimpse of her relationship with the city of Baltimore. The header bar menu is the most graphical intensive part added to the site, this website is easy to navigate as well.

The university ensures student group includes clubs and their initiatives is given a voice on the web homepage. University of Pennsylvania college websites for students carries emphasis that attending the school helps bring students to life, the gallery imagery shows success pictures from every discipline with related outcomes in other disciplines like their nursing programme. This emphasis is so to personalise several experiences attending the university guarantees one. It also shows imagery of talented artists from various disciplines and fields.

The site uses an excellent navigation bar at the top of the page for easy accessibility and viewing and comprehensive details on what the school is all about. Regent College allows other structures like vertical slim structure to allow a good interactivity with mobile, desktop devices. They don't burden visitors with so many information as you can tell one apart from the other.

Goshen College’s is one of the best university websites that offer educational designs that broadly provide religious and holistic messages of Christ to his followers. Thereby giving the opportunity for those seeking to advance higher learning opportunities is proffered to them across the country. The homepage of their site is elegant in the colour of purple and gold palette, the homepage also carries two of their most popular programmes (public health and education major). Scrolling clearly distinguishes Goshen College from others through their faith based driven message on campus.

9. Ohio State University Ohio State University’s college website for students has action-oriented photography that reveals students at work, which gives a better glimpse of their facility. The site gives visitors a subsection... a most recent search term by students that have logged in to the site. Which includes tuition payment, career services and the popular degrees programme. It is interactive for surfing from all their campuses.

The University of Texas’s Austin location helps improve and inspire visitors with a catchy frame. The website carries a slogan “Get Ready to Change the World,” on the homepage their videos with loop classroom with actual professors. At the bottom includers student retention rates, their ranking among other university to reveal how active the university is among others.

11. University of Maryland

The university website has a sleekly design with interactive and easy to navigate, the website was chosen (nominated) for sport of the best website for the year. Other designs that is catchy is fonts, the uniqueness in the fonts differentiate the site from its competitors.

12. Bucknell University

Bucknell’s website, consider special factors which led for its nomination as the best design website in 2014. When you visiting the site for the first time, the site homepage will grace you with a beautiful colouration with high definition visuals, with lots of simple navigation accessibility. Visitors have the liberty to customise their page.

Bicknell University is one of the best college websites for students out there.

13. University of Nebraska-Lincoln

UNL’s website is a better example of simplicity in design in comparison. It embraces negative spaces which its users can consider or embrace it as a relief to the users, many sites tried to inculcate it but UNL gave room to breath in its design which enable users find things easily. The use of video in the background gives it a stunning look instead of the usual static picture.

14. Virginia Commonwealth University

VGC’s website does a wonderful job in colouration with simple logical steps that will easily direct visitors to the next step. There are call for action underneath like “call for classes”, “apply now” and plan a visit” this call accompanies certain icon you can make such arrangements. the homepage is also a conversion engine not just a brochure as posit by others.

VGC’s is one of the best college websites for all to explore.

15. Bates College

Looking at the homepage of Bates College websites, you clearly see few navigation icons unlike other websites. Dropdown menu is included at the top with fewer links at the header and sidebar of the website. The designer of Bates site simplifies the site by including fewer contents which is clearly labelled for identification.

What a Make Great Website for Students

Website that presents information to student in a clear and concise way to students without ambiguity. Most especially when they find what they are looking for this includes dates, calendar for upcoming events, important alerts as to seculars.

How can I improve my college website?

There are basically few things to consider when improving your college website, when you have an unresponsive website or a website with confusing navigation system. The following is required to improve its design and mode of responsive.

  1. Make it responsive

  2. Use a CMS to easily update content

  3. Encourage sharing and following

  4. Intergrade document sharing

  5. Keep it simple

  6. Put your school’s calendar on the front page

Make it responsive

A responsive website automatically adjusts to fit any device. Responsive become more important to mobile device due to a large number of students use mobile devices to surf the net.

Use a content management system to easily update content.

Content management system have changed the website industry fully. It has a content management that has an interactive dashboard which allows you to update your website even when you don’t have coding knowledge.

Encourage sharing and following.

Have a social media presence to enable you drive traffic to your school’s site and take advantage of the traffic to improve the ratings of your search engine rankings. For your site to have a good followership you have to make it easy for students to follow that will improve the traffic.

Integrate document sharing

Dropbox or Google drive makes it easier to share files across platform of school website. This sharing allows students and teachers to share assignment or materials, study guidelines and other important documents. Which will increase student engagement in the site.

Keep it simple

Web design keeps evolving irrespective of time, simplicity allows visitors interact well with your site. They likely want to see clear and good images and easy to navigate on the homepage.

Put your school calendar on the front.

Putting your school calendar in the front helps keeps students up to date as to what go expect next. Putting it in the front makes it easier for students, teachers and parents to keep tract of the happenings and every intended activity.

How to create college website?

The first thing to consider is buying a domain and web hosting plan. They can both be purchase through a webhost such as Justhost. With an establish domain name secured the next is to install WordPress. Once installed, you’ll have a generic looking blog. You should know be able to think what your potential student will be expecting when thy log in that’s what you need to focus on.


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