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20 Best Construction Websites of 2024 | Inspiring Examples

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Construction website examples

Because of today’s modern world, clients and businesses expect to be able to find all the information they need online --and most times on your website. If your business can’t keep up, then new clients might be moving over to your competitors who have a professional website. A good construction website design should look clean, easy to navigate and must be able to convert visitors to clients. After all, that's the goal of the business in most cases.

In this post, We will list the 21 best construction website examples of 2024

  1. Vitrus Contracts UK

vitrus construction website screenshot

What we liked the most: the perfect combination of astounding images and strong color branding

This is what happens when a company successfully reveals their brand identity by creating a unique web design. The homepage background slideshow has a very beautiful blend of colors and beautifully designed spaces.

The overall homepage layout is also nice carefully showing their about excerpt, past projects, clients they’ve worked with, and even social media direct feed embedded on the homepage.


iseekplant construction website screenshot

iSeekplant is a construction supply service based in austrailia, they have a very powerful and robust website where clients can find specified services within their website. With their construction website design they are able to create a marketplace where contractors, clients and suppliers can interact.

The site does not fail to keep a powerful image branding. One thing you must notice as well is the copywriting, the style of writing on this website is very unique as it is contemporary and youth-friendly.

3. ADCO Construction

adco website screenshot

Oh my video! Video on your website sets you clearly apart from the competition. This construction website uses the power of video and animation to make their website come off so interactive.

4. Diede Construction Inc

diede construction website screenshot

We love the collage style of Diede’s homepage. They immediately make you get the sense of feeling that you are on a construction website. The lines within the site stay slanted and the overall scheme of the website design and layout remains unique across the site. Its impressive!

The menu position also floats initially and then floats to the top once you scroll, this desktop experience really gets some appreciation from your website visitor, trust me.

5. Golden View Renovation

golden view renovation website screenshot

Yet again video! Video video video! At this point you should know that this is an essential part of your website. Videos make your website breathe: take that from a web designer. But that’s not the best part of this website.

It’s the layout! The layout of this website is spectacular, its so awesome, they made slide navigations for the home page. Simple minimalistic style whilst still showing their amazing portfolio.

6. Skyline Construction

skyline construction website screenshot

Skyline made boxed website layouts look so good! This website must get a high conversion rate. Notice how they make use of the yellow color to direct your eyes where they want it, which is -their CTAs! They multiple CTAs all over the place and because of the boxed layout, it doesn’t feel so glaring.

The site also feels very easy to navigate. Go box layout!!

7. NMCN Construction

nmcn website screenshot

While NMCN may seem like an easy site, we added this example to show what your website should look like even if your construction business is so big and with so many branches. This websites consolidates their global strength all on this website.

8. LZ Construction

LZ Construction website screenshot

If you are a small business, looking for a simple construction website example to get inspiration from, then look no further. LZ gives you professionalism with a few words, pages, images. Yeah its still possible to be professional and talk less.

This website hits the point straight up, and this can be really helpful for customers who just want to call and get on with business.

9. Cali Builders

cali builders website screenshot

We love Cali Builders construction website design because a customer can literally go through the sales funnel from awareness to decision, within the first part of the homepage. The homepage design is such a steal!

Notice how they neatly showed a quote form, their portfolio, a background image, all their social media icons, their contact info, about us excerpt and clear navigation buttons and menu. This homepage alone, is more powerful than some bad construction websites we will never mention hehe

10. Cielo Construction Company

ciele construction website screenshot

Cielo Construction. This construction company website website clearly highlights their achievements, reviews and awards. With videos on YouTube, supporting a cause and award mentions, they are able to show clearly their interpersonal connection to clients.

11. Little Worker

little worker website screenshot

In this line of business, design is a must. It sets the tone for what the customers can expect from your website. A badly constructed website could also depict a poorly focused company. This construction business showcased its prowess with a very beautiful and clean website design. The fonts blends well with the minimalist look and pastel colors. Of course, this company focuses on classy renovations and they do a great job showing that on their website.

12. Elford

elford website screenshot

Please, if you are a construction company, business or entrepreneur. You need to ‘construct’ your website just like you’d construct your client’s project ! Design is universal and your construction website design can say a lot about your taste. Notice how they flag their brand color all over the site to soak you into their brand identity as you surf the digital beauty.

13. Jarente Freres

jarante freres website screenshot

This is another Paris based construction company. They renovate and decorate. Yeah , cos they did just that with their website. The feel this gives me is a really simple designed website that was then decorated properly. The ease of use, the floating menu, and a proper portfolio really makes things easier for a website visitor.

14. Porr Group

porr group website screenshot

PORR Group is another example of two websites we have mentioned above. What do these 3 have in common. This construction company is a global one with many locations worldwide and yet, they used video! These are the big guys and they believe that videos do wonders. They are able to showcase their largescale construction projects with the homepage video.

Companies like these may not need their website to be a conversion tool but just as a portfolio and as a way for potential clients to get more information about them generally. In this case, extreme use of CTAs will not be necessary, however this is where you design really needs to stand out.

15. Irpino Construction

irpino construction website screenshot

When you are a Chicago based construction company serving the Illinois area and its environs, your customers need to know that they can reach you easily. Your website doesn’t just serve as a portfolio but also as a point of contact. Irpino Construction does a good job with their website as per this. The website is well optimized for mobile, easy to navigate and highlights their services throughout the homepage so clients can already see their specific needs waiting to be solved before even leaving that page.

16. CCC Chicago

ccc chicago website screenshot

Another chi-town construction website is CCC Chicago. We like the choice of this website’s background image. Straight up shows you work going on. Take it or leave it, this gets people to get a subtle feeling that this business is somewhat very active and if it was a video, it definitely be even more exciting.

Footer power here, notice how most of the navigation links are neatly placed within columns in the footer. With the floating menu, they also keep the relevant pages and the contact button within the reach of the website visitor

17. Level Construction

level construction website screenshot

If you don’t have a video you can use for, then a slideshow is the least you can do to add some animation feel to your website. Animations can easily get your site among the best construction websites of the year. These guys use two slideshows on the homepage alone. Of course their choice of images are impeccable. Some design elements to note are the hamburger menu button, blocky layout, contrasting color blends, and bold, readable text across the entire site.

18. Madison Construction

madison construction website screenshot

This is one to look at if you are looking for a really simple model or example of all the great construction websites. The design is super minimal and easy to get around on a mouse.

19. Construction One

construction one website screenshot

Talk about mice, this is one website that will definitely make your mouse move around. This site seems to have taken cues from all the websites we have listed above and constructed the perfect construction website design. Read back on every point we have made for each website on this list and you will get a good summary on what this website is about.

20. John Turner Construction Group

john turner website screenshot

To cap our listicle, we present to you John Turner Construction Group. This company has a website that scents ‘professional’. The design of this website is a vivid example of a successful combination of colors + images + fonts + linking.

The slideshow here is packed with clean images of huge projects from their portfolio. The buildings are impressive; the flow of the website makes it even better.

To sum it up, you don't need to invent the wheel. Take cues from this list and create a stunning web design for your construction company.


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