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11 Best Fashion Website Design of 2024

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Fashion is one of the hottest e-commerce niches in the world. Its worth is estimated to be about $3 trillion. The fashion niche is a very competitive one, so your website design must come correct to drive traffic and engage people enough to buy your apparel. Big fashion brands understand that, which is why they design high-end fashion websites, and constantly improve their fashion page to stay in vogue.

Hence, to design or redesign the best clothing design website, we have gathered some of the best clothing design websites for you to get inspired.

Best Fashion Website Design of 2024

Below we will list the best apparel website for your web design fashion inspiration and highlight what makes them exceptional.

1. Egonlab

fashion websites

For fashion websites, user experience is crucial. Your homepage must be captivating for customers or potential customers to stay and explore. Egonlab does that but in an unconventional style. Egonlab is an NFT fashion brand that employs a 3D website design for its homepage to immerse its site visitors into its fashion store. The homepage is enough to keep you exploring the site for more. We can conclude that the overall website design is unusually genius and mesmerizing.

Check it out here

2. De Loreta

best fashion websites 2021

De Loreta's fashion website design is simple, clean, and well-organized with a user-friendly interface. Anyone can navigate through the website without any challenges.

In addition, the brand's bright colors are not heavily used and blend well with the overall website appearance. Lastly, the front and back views of apparel when you hover your cursor over it are brilliant.

Check it out here

3. Litkovskaya

trendy fashion website

This fashion website is all about its products, and it does that way by showcasing high-quality images of its apparel on models. The infinite scroll makes it easy to explore, and when you hover your cursor on the image, it shows you the style from a different angle. Also, the static footer when scrolling makes for easy navigation.

Check it out here

4. House of Gucci

fashion pages

You most likely know the famous Gucci brand. Although this fashion website isn't the official Gucci brand website, the movie website still qualifies as a fashion website since it is on fashion. The black and white layout captures its olden days' theme, and the use of the symbolic golden key that stands out on the website adds to the elegance of the website.

Check it out here

5. Mawo

best clothing design website

There is absolutely nothing fancy about the Mawo fashion website. It is as simple as its shirt styles. There is little to no design here, just the touch of blue and black color scheme to highlight the text and header. Yet, its clean and minimalist interface gives Mawo fashion website an effortless hippy vibe. The video addition helps to tell the brand's core value, giving it additional credibility.

Check it out here

6. Face To Face Style

best clothes designing websites

A face-to-face style website is a trendy fashion website with high-quality images and a clean interface. It uses a lot of white space to define apparel photos.

Also, the color schemes and colorful apparel made the website visually appealing.

Check it out here

7. Erkan Demiroglu

style websites

Fashion websites are known for their high-quality image. The Erkan fashion website utilizes black and white color schemes to create an elegant appearance to match its fashion brand. Overall the website is visually appealing and easy to navigate.

Check it out here

8. Sassi Holford

web design fashion

Sassi Holford is a luxurious women's fashion website that ranks from bridal dresses to casual wear. It employs a minimalist design with high-quality images and a lot of whitespaces. The website hero banner gives site visitors a luxurious and exclusive vibe.

Check it out here

9. Kinga Mathe

best fashion website

This fashion website is unique and different. It doesn't go with the conventional black and white color scheme but uses a nude color scheme. Also, it uses more text and images to tell its brand story without losing our attention and still achieve a non-cluttered appearance.

Check it out here

10. Stine Goya

best fashion websites 2019

Here is another visually appealing and converting fashion website with a clean and well-organized website layout. Stine Goya uses a lot of white spaces and manages to pull off an intense orange color scheme on a section of its website.

Also, the images used are high-quality and well-aligned, and the video element elevates the website interface.

Check it out here

11. Gal Sadirova

best apparel websites

The homepage video scene and rock-like music give you an exclusive feeling. The cool color scheme of the website background matches the brand's theme, and the splitting images when you browse through heightens users' experience.

Check it out here

Best Fashion Website builders

Below are some website builders you can use to create a trendy fashion website

  • Shopify

  • Shift4shop

  • Bigcartel

  • Wix

  • Ecwid

  • Weebly

  • Squarespace and more!

Summary and Conclusion

From the above fashion websites, to design a converting fashion website, your website must have;

  • An eye-catching and captivating homepage

  • A navigable interface

  • A fresh, clean, and well-structured layout

  • A well-balanced color scheme, eg. black, white, gray, and nude colors

  • High-quality images and videos

  • Easy payment process

  • Motion picture to show different angles of your apparel.

Those and more are what you need to create a high-end fashion website that will drive traffic, generate more leads and deliver conversion. If you need help designing or redesigning your fashion website, you can hire one of our experienced website designers. We hope you found this article helpful. Also, if you have any tips for creating a quality fashion website, kindly share them with us.


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