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10 Best Gaming Website Examples of 2024

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Are you a gamer or a game developer looking for some of the best game websites on the internet, we have them on this list.

Nowadays, people play games mostly on smartphones, laptops, and consoles. Very few games, like the viral Wordle, are played on the web. Interestingly, the web provides a good experience for gaming and if you’re a gamer, you might want to try out the ones on our list.

Here is our list of the coolest gaming websites on the internet:

The Best 10 Gaming Website Examples of 2024

1. ZeFire Games

gaming webpage

Everything about this gaming website design screams gaming and that is quite understandable. The first things that stand out are the animated characters featured on the website. Each of them is well created and placed to fit into the overall website design. The layout of the website as well as the usage of color is nothing but awesome.

In terms of features, the website includes a brief numbers overview of its accomplishments over the years, in-depth information about the game developer as well as information on openings in the company.

Check it out here

2. The Race

game website design

Unlike the previous website listed, this website is an actual game on a website, an actual gaming website. The game is a racing sport where you try to navigate the road to reach your destination. The game is quite cool and the aesthetics and gaming environment were super cool as well. another great thing was that there was a quick tutorial at the beginning to help new players understand what to do.

The website also features the game’s terms and conditions as well as information on privacy and cookies. It is great that the information is available for anyone who wants to check them out.

Check it out here

3. WayFinder

gaming website design

This is another web game app. The loading page is also the typical game loading page, showing developers and other relevant info. The game is available in both French and English which means more people around the world can try it out.

The website starts with a backstory on the mission you’re to go on as a player. The instructions tab is also very clear. It is an adventure game where players have to find the elements of nature to create poems about nature. This game is designed by NFB.CA and viewers can check out their other games through a link on their own website.

Check it out here

4. Freddy's Handheld

game web design

This website opens with a very simple page with the game’s name and a button to start the game. The aesthetics of the game has a font that reminds of GameBoy and that is what is on the game.

The players have to match candies to each other. It’s a very simple game but can get interesting cause you’re racing against time while trying to beat your own personal best.

The game website itself is just as simple, just the game and large social media icons that link to the social media pages of the game developers.

Check it out here

5. Block Rage

gaming home page

This website opens up with some anime aesthetic, an awwwards Site of The Day plaque, and an instruction to click anywhere to start.

This is a super cool game where you have to arrange blocks to fill lines. The cool part is that as you are about to start the game, a QR code comes up, you scan the code with your smartphone and then you start to control the pieces with your phone, essentially turning your smartphone into a gamepad. This not only makes the game easy to play but also makes it super interesting too. This feature is one of the major reasons why we put this gaming website on our list of best gaming websites.

Check it out here

6. Blank Game

best gaming websites

Next on our list of cool game websites is Blank Game. This is a very simple and short website. Unlike the other websites on this list, you can’t play the game on this website. The gaming website gives background on what the game is about as well as a demo video on the website and leads viewers to download the game on the Android App Store.

This is a good play by the game developers to get more users. The website has so much mystery in it that one will be pushed to want to find out what the game is about.

Check it out here

7. Across The Multiverse

gaming company websites

This is another pretty mysterious game website. It is an in-browser, freely explorable, 3D game across infinite universes procedurally generated. Players are expected to go from universe to universe to discover the origin of everything.

The game graphics are quite brilliant and there’s also a good use of sound. The game shows instructions on the tab so new users can be continuously reminded of them.

Check it out here

8. Swiss Army Man

game design websites

This is a gaming website designed to promote the Swiss Army Man movie. The graphics are quite brilliant for a game that’s not an actual game. You’re supposed to help save a man who is drowning in the ocean. From time to time, you complete an action and you can watch a clip of the movie where inspiration from that action was drawn.

On the gaming webpage, there are links to buy the movie, watch the trailer, and check out the soundtrack. Although this gaming website was designed just to promote a movie, it is still well designed.

Check it out here

9. Baby Race

cool game websites

Designed by Denner, this gaming home page features a GameBoy complete with the interface and the controls. The website is very simple, at least for a gaming site but the gaming environment is well designed.

The game also employs the full GameBoy aesthetic and sound to fit. The game is written in German so it’s hard to understand for non-German-speaking players.

Check it out here.

10. Tabletopy

gaming web

Unlike other websites featured on this list, this website is owned by Potion Audio Studios, a game developing company that focuses on creating sounds for different games. The game company website features several sounds from arrow sounds to footsteps, basically sounds every developer needs to make their game happen.

Despite not being a game webpage, the website still uses gaming aesthetics to drive its points home or even maybe to draw in gamers and game developers who are already used to the aesthetic.

Check it out here.

Best Gaming Website Templates of 2024

Website templates, like any other template, are tools that make it easier to create a website. If you’re someone who wants to create a gaming website but doesn’t have the skill or tool to do so, you might want to try out a template. Do not worry, we have listed the best game website templates below to help you.

Best Website Builders for Gaming Websites

Like templates, website builders make it super easy to create websites. They have drag-and-drop features that make designing websites DIY. If you want to build your game website, you might want to try out a website builder suited for gamers. Some of them are:

  • Wix

  • Squarespace

  • WordPress

  • Weebly

Best Gaming Website Design Services

While website builders and templates are great tools, they are not perfect and might not give you what you need exactly. This is why you need gaming website design services that can handle all your needs to help you create the best game website possible.

At Wixfresh, we provide web design services for game websites and any kind of website. We are experts in our field and our expertise makes us the best option to design your blue website. Click here to contact us.


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