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10 Best Health and Wellness website template

Updated: Jan 25

Nobody wants to be sick and unable to make the most of their life. Health and wellness services are available to assist people in overcoming illnesses and unhappiness to live healthier and happier lives. Because everything nowadays takes place online, it is only natural to find health and wellness centers on the web.

Hence, the latter is similar to any company that wishes to expand its operations. Now that companies are being digitized, these centers have chosen to follow the trend to maintain their footing. If you intend to open a health and wellness center, we recommend that you educate yourself thoroughly before taking the plunge.

Below, we've compiled a list of top-tier wix website themes for health and wellness. See something you like? Then you can tweak, revise, and edit this template until you're satisfied!

Note that the best health and wellness sites are not created overnight. But with the below unique templates, you can kickstart your website. That way, you can create your health and wellness site faster than ever.

Creating a website for health and wellness should not be taken lightly. It takes a specific strategy, but most importantly, inspiration. To make things easier, we've chosen the best free health and wellness PowerPoint templates on Wix you can use to design an attractive and converting website for your health & wellness site.

They include, for example, health coaching website templates, yoga blog templates, chiropractor website templates, wellness email templates, and so on. You can get ideas for designing a quality health and wellness website and keep up with the latest trends in health and wellness websites by doing so.

Best health and wellness Website

1. Inhale

wellness template

Inhale is an online meditation class template that welcomes us with a video hero scene that exudes calm energy. If you belong to the wellness industry, you can use that video element to captivate your audience. There is a virtual class page where you can establish your health and wellness credibility by visually showing your prospects what you have to offer. Then there's also the membership, meet the team, blog, social media, and the contact sections. All of which are required for a wellness website to convert. To provide a more user-friendly experience, the template employs a scrolling format and an easy-to-navigate menu bar (UX). There is a good chance of getting a high conversion rate with this template.

Check it out here

2. Yoga by the sea

wellness website templates

This is a yoga studio website template with a minimalistic and clean interface. A lot of whitespaces are employed to achieve that. This template has all the necessary sections a health & wellness site needs to function well. There is a motion picture element that serves as the hero banner, which is also used as the background image on other pages on the template. Overall the yoga blog template is simple and user-friendly.

Check it out here

3. Breathe My mindfulness blog

health and wellness templates

Here is a wellness blog template with a navigable homepage and a bold static menu bar. The wellness template is user-friendly, and it utilizes a lot of whitespaces to achieve a simple and fresh appearance.

Check it out here

4. Oliver Myers

health coaching website templates

Oliver Myers’ chiropractor website template has a sleek and wise color scheme which you can edit to your brand color(s). The template is well-organized and navigable. It provides a book button so your prospects can easily book a section with you, a testimonial section to establish trust, and a map feature.

Check it out here

5. Lisa Cole

wix medical templates

This is a massage therapist website template with a clean and fresh overview. It is a 4 pages website template with each of the sections well-structured. Overall the template website is eye-catchy, easy to navigate, and user-friendly. The chat icon makes it easy for further engagement.

Check it out here

6. Manuel Pena

health coach website templates

Here is another alternative therapist website you can utilize. It has a background image element and each section on the template homepage with different colors. What makes this site stand out is the strategic use of the Call To Action (CTA) on the homepage. That way, you can easily design a converting chiropractic website.

Check it out here

7. Heather Pearson

wellness email templates

This is a Dietitian website template. It has a clean and fresh interface with images you can easily replace with yours. The sliding text on the testimonial section here heightens UX. Overall this wix dietitian website template is clean, organized, and fresh. Also, the bold CTA button on the service section makes conversion easy.

Check it out here

8. Network MD

wix fitness website template

Here is one of the best wix medical templates. It has a clean and organized website layout. Every element of this medical template seems to be well-planned out. Overall this wix doctor template is visually appealing and clean.

Check it out here

9. The studio

wix fitness template

This wix fitness website template stands out because of how well it utilizes the infinite scroll element and images perfectly. Also, the whitespaces help to frame the images and help to achieve an organized wix fitness template. Overall the site is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Check it out here

10. Yoga Instructor

yoga blog template

This website template can serve as a health coach template for those interested in teaching people how to cater to their health and overall well-being such as food nutritionists, fitness coaches, etc. It also utilizes a lot of images to make the template appealing, infinite scrolling for good UX, and a contacts section to deliver conversion.

Check it out here

Summary &Conclusion

To conclude, there are many benefits that you will be able to enjoy by creating your health and wellness website. The key is to have good inspiration and find a website template that will support your project. Once you find a good website template for your health & wellness business you can easily create a website for yourself in the niche even without having any prior design experience.

All you need to do is select a top-notch website template that meets your needs, tweak it to meet your needs, and voila! You have created one for yourself. To select a quality health & wellness website template we listed above 10 website templates you can utilize.

The qualities of a good health and wellness template include;

  1. Mobile and desktop friendly

  2. Booking/membership section

  3. Video or image element or both

  4. Navigable and organized interface.

  5. Fresh and clean interface

  6. Social media handles

  7. Social proof/Testimonial section

All these and more are what a good health and wellness website template must have and you can identify those elements in the aforementioned website template. We hope this article will help you find great Wix themes relating to your health and wellness business.


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