20 Top Medical & Healthcare Websites Examples

Good and quality health care services have been a topic everybody is discussing all over the world...From various outbreaks like SARS, Coronavirus to heart disease which has claimed a lot of lives over time.

Various elements that make an exceptional health care web design is its ability to load fast. Customise online bills, portals for patients, prescription renewals, online scheduling and mobile friendly.

The following are well researched list of 20 top Medical and Healthcare Websites examples:

  • Mayo Clinic

  • Cleveland Clinic

  • Johns Hopkins Medicine

  • ZocDoc

  • MedExpress Medical Centre

  • TrustCare Family Healthcare

  • Rush University Health

  • Infinite Medical Express

  • Lockport Express Medical

  • MaryLand Physicians Care

  • LifeBridge Health

  • Mercy Virtual Care Centre

  • iCliniq Virtual Hospital

  • NextCare Urgent Care

  • Righttime Medical Care

  • Stanford Health Care

  • Altus Emergency Centres

  • Ascension Emergency Care

  • Health South Florida

  • Baylor Scott and White Health

Mayo Clinic medical website has a renowned health care centre with locations throughout the United State of America. From the home page the design is astounding with vibrant pictures, clean layout and information that keeps visitors up-to date. Visitors can access several information regarding various departments, products, services, patient care and educational resources.

Cleveland Clinic hospital website offers mobile streaming with a great desktop design. Information on the site is differentiated from patients and that of doctors. It helps visitors get the needed information they need aptly.

Johns Hopkins healthcare website shows expertise in the field of medicine. Visitors can request for an appointment, find a physician or inquire for health information on the site. There are testimonials and videos of patients as well as medical procedures on the site.

ZocDoc hospital website is a physician hub operating in the United States. Patients enter their personal information and their condition in the site. The medical website design has referral websites and lists of doctors that fit their requirement. It equally allows for ratings of doctors on the webpage.

This healthcare website offers information about their services, procedures and treatment. On this site it is easy to navigate as well as locate MedExpress closest to you.

It is one of the best medical websites out there recommended for all segments of the population.

This healthcare website offers articles that are up to date with special care information. It shows more information than pictures, TrustCare website is clean with a good layout and easy to navigate.

The medical website is one of the best you can explore.

Rush University Health medical centre website is clean with a good design… has a quick menu to find a doctor. Accessing healthcare, or making an appointment and accessing health records is through an online portal.

Infinite Medical Express website has relevant information to the visitor. It offers wellness videos, tips that are on the site’s page. Patients can equally make payments on the website.

The medical website design template is very captivating.

Lockport Express Medical is highly known for its urgent services. The hospital website’s home page has provided contact information and immediate access to medical services. There is a video that explains what to expect when you visit.

This medical website design has mobile friendly templates with easy navigation, it has wide spaces to reduce clutter on the site. Visitors can renew and check status, benefits or even make a claim.

It has a network of over 2,900 physicians throughout MaryLand. You can find doctors or make an appointment with a specialist, it provides specialists and various links to external sites. There is provision for patients to make payment as well.

This website for health care is one of the best 2021.

This medical website provides 24/7 access for its care services. There are videos and a list of services as well. Patience can consult specialists using the website about their mental wellness, stroke or other conditions that are medically incline.

iCliniq website for health care is a virtual site that allows visitors to chat with doctors online. You have the glimpse of how many doctors are available ready to interact.

This healthcare website streamline various hospital websites, provide access to physicians and wellness programmes. NextCare has a homepage with information about insurance, medical forms. Patients can save time by checking online.

This is another amazing medical website for the year 2021.

It offers a comprehensive programme for patients; the website’s portal allows patients view their X-ray and payment of bills. This aspect has been encrypted to protect privacy.

This hospital website is adjudged to be the best.

This medical website design provides information about patient services and care options. It has videos that give visitor information, location and clinics. Patients and video can easily access medical records, or either join support groups.

The hospital website is user friendly with design that makes it easier for patients to take care of bills and get medical resources that can help them. From the website menu it is made easy for patients to access various sections of the webpage.

Navigation is straight forward, the menu allows locations, bills, payment options, care and services and primary care services. Each state has a portal. Visitors can access information in the website for health care medical website design instantaneously from the search menu.

Baptist Health South Florida’s website for health care contains information for 50 outpatient hubs. It loads quickly and has a clean design with information in the network. It shows how long a visitor will wait and a provision for pre-register on the site.

This best medical website makes it easier for patients to conveniently receive same day care. And it also provides an easy way to pay bills and gain medical records. With the menu, patients can easily or quickly access areas of interest.

Likely Questions

What makes a good healthcare website

The following makes a good healthcare website:

  1. Clean design and simple, easy navigation

  2. Robust website search

  3. Digital accessibility

  4. High quality imagery

  5. Engaging website videos

  6. Medical info delivery

  7. Engaging health content

  8. Patient reviews and testimonials

What website do doctors use?

Most doctors make use of medical websites such as mayo clinic, mercy virtual care centre etc.

How do I make a hospital website?

The following are procedures to make a hospital website:

  1. Recognisable high reputed brand

  2. High competitiveness

  3. Customer loyalty

  4. 24hours patient communication

  5. Hospital marketing