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Best Horizontal Scrolling Websites of 2024 | 16 Inspiring Examples

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Have you ever come to Horizontal scrolling websites they are websites that look like they’re scrolling vertically, but in reality, they are not? It’s called “horizontal scrolling” and it has become a popular trend on websites recently. This article covers everything you need to know about creating a horizontal-scrolling website.

Horizontal scrolling Websites Examples

1. Sal Parausco

horizontal scrolling website

The Sal Parausco website uses elements that plug into the designer’s brand identity. The website is plain black and uses very interesting fonts to convey a message of vagueness or seclusion which are very close to luxury. Perhaps the most interesting thing however is the photos, each of them is well placed and designed in a way that blends into the aesthetics of the website.

Check it out here

2. Patrick Heng

horizontal scroll

Asides from being a horizontal scrolling website, this website is also infinite. The use of colors and shapes on this website is incredible. That’s quite understandable given that it is the website of Paris-based creative developer, Patrick Heng.

The website makes use of colors and elements like shapes and text to create a very beautiful experience for any user. There are also a lot of interactive animations which makes the portfolio website a joy to go through.

Check it out here

3. Benjamin Righetti

scroll horizontal

This website is not just a horizontal scrolling website, it also has some diagonal and vertical scroll. The website has one of the most playful and interactive scrolls that I have seen. Each element and text is jumping as you scroll. While that may be distracting, it also makes scrolling through the website super fun.

Check it out here

4. Awdagency

horizontal scrolling

This is yet another beautiful side-scrolling website. From the look of it, the website is mainly a vertical website and then it uses horizontal scrolling to showcase its project. This is great because instead of the website feeling like going through a long slip, it now feels like the viewer is flipping through a book. What’s more, the website changes color to match each project.

As a design agency, this is exactly the kind of first impression just want to make on potential clients because all the text, colors, and other elements blend to form one of the best horizontal websites on the internet.

Check it out here

5. Jesperlandberg

side scroll

Next on the list of our horizontal scrolling is the website of the Site of The Day Award-winning creative developer, Jesper. Jesper also employs the side scroll technique to showcase his projects. The first effect you notice on the website is the hover feature on the homepage. Another cool feature is when you open a project and then you pull up on the next feature to open the next project.

Check it out here

6. Appellemoipapa

side scrolling website

The website also employs the side scroll but in a very unique way. It does it in a very unique way and like most of the websites we’ve looked at so far, it is to showcase their work. The website feels more like an artboard than a website and when you click on each of them, you see more pictures from each of the projects in a cool way. The website also has a very cool dark/light feature which can be turned on by clicking a dot similar to the cursor.

Check it out here

7. Longshotfeatures

horizontal website

This is a rather interesting website with some weird but still nice illustrations. Even more interestingly, clicking on each illustration takes you to a story about the illustration. The stories are more intriguing as they use more colorful pictures on a vertical web page.

Check it out here

8. Lassepedersen

horizontal scroll test

With the horizontal scroll effect used on this website, it gives off the feeling of old fashion magazines, except of course, it is the website of a hairstylist just showing off his work. This is great because it speaks to how natural the website is. The website is not salesy, it just shows off the services and provides contact details for interested users.

Check it out here

9. Decodedadvertising

horizontal scroll example side scroll test

The scroll on this website is not your usual mouse scroll. Instead, it uses a button scroll which means you click on something to keep scrolling. The website also uses videos quite frequently in a way that describes each project and leaves no need for a lot of text. Another that struck me is the copywriting which passes the messages quite well even though there’s a need for just little text on the website.

Check it out here

10. Qodeinteractive

horizontal scroll example side scroll test

This is a rather short website. The website starts with an upside vertical statement asking, “Who Says

WordPress Can't be Art?” which is not surprisingly the developer’s tagline. We are then taken through the developer’s works and then to a text menu page where you choose where you want to go. For professionals who are looking to create a portfolio website, this side scroll website provides the inspiration you can use.

Check it out here

11. lukesummerhayes

side scroll test

This is the portfolio website of Luke Summerhayes, a brand identity designer. As you can expect from a person like that, this website design is top-notch. There’s a good use of colors and very beautiful buttons that make the CTAs on the website very obvious. Like the other websites, the horizontal scroll here is used to show the designer’s projects. Another thing worthy of note is the typography that makes the website look even better.

Check it out here

12. Maibru

horizontal scrolling website

The first word to describe this website is neatness. Everything is well laid out so there are a lot of whitespaces and minimal text. There are also options to choose between dark or light mode and to choose between English and Dutch. The hover effect on the home page also helps to add to the aesthetics of the website as it shines a spotlight on it. Check it out here

13. thelaartbox

horizontal scroll

This very short website relies on a very beautiful typeface for its text, nice animations for its scroll effects, and a very good layout for its overall look to make it to this list of the best horizontal websites. The hover effect on the first frame is quite worthy of note as it expands when you hover and this helps to save space and give the viewer a great experience.

Check it out here

14. Henriheymans

scroll horizontal

Being the website of Spain-based front-end Henri Heymans, expectations are naturally already high and this website doesn’t disappoint. The website is mainly monochrome with the use of other colors in well-calculated sprinkles. The horizontal flow of the website is super cool and the website uses a horizontal bar to separate each section from the other. One cool thing is the scroll feature on the projects section, it resembles the roll of a ball and is a joy to watch.

Check it out here

15. studiochevojon

horizontal scrolling

The horizontal scroll on this website fits perfectly with the purpose of the website - a gallery. The horizontal scroll provides a perfect experience for viewers as they glance through each of the images. It gives the feel of a slide show which is the experience any photographer wants to give their users. Another great thing is the colors used blend perfectly with the images on the website.

16. bienvillecapital

horizontal scrolling

This website shows how horizontal scroll websites can help businesses and people tell their stories to the world in a way they can connect with. The website of Bienville, an investment firm takes that opportunity to us their side scroll website to tell the story of their company. The website uses, aside the horizontal scroll, scroll animation effects, and popping texts to tell you more about their company and why they do what they do.

Check it out here

Final Note

The best Horizontal scrolling Websites are not websites with the most graphics or multimedia elements. They evoke luxurious feelings in the right audience, as shown above.

I understand that the info above might be hard to digest at once, so let's recap. As discussed above if you want to build a high-end Horizontal scrolling Website;

  • Don't do too much. Less is more

  • Use high-quality images & videos that capture your brand’s core values

  • Be consistent with your website design

  • Tex alignment is key

  • Choose cool colors that don’t overwhelm your users

  • Ensure your site speed is optimized

  • Ensure your site is optimized for all devices

  • Ensure it has a user-friendly interface

  • Use timeless designs

All these and more are guaranteed to help you create or identify a Horizontal scrolling Website. Hence, having a basic online store might boost your online visibility but having a Horizontal scrolling Website will provide you with quality customers and skyrocket your company's ROI.

Did you find this article helpful? Kindly share this with your friends and family who might need this. You can also share your tips for creating a Horizontal scrolling Websites in the comment section.


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