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Best Hotel Websites of 2024 | 21 Inspiring Examples

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

As a hotelier or host, a hotel website is no more a nice to have. As a result of its several important functions, it has become a very useful tool that all hotels must have.

One of the best use cases of hotel websites is with travelers and tourists. People who are visiting your country or state for holidays or a business trip need to book hotels in advance. There's no better way for them than to Google, "best hotels in (insert your city)". From their search, they start to check out each result to find the one that suits their tastes and needs.

To stand a chance of getting access to these potential customers, it becomes necessary for you to have a hotel website where customers can find information about your hotel, read reviews, book rooms in advance, and so on.

In this article, we have taken our time to research and find 21 of the best hotel websites to inspire you. We will talk about things we loved about these websites so be on the lookout so you can get ideas for your own blog.

Best Hotel Websites Examples of 2024

1. La Mamounia

hotel websites

The La Mamounia is a luxury palace hotel in Marrakesh, Morocco. The luxury hotel's website helps it to project its brand and sell the hotel to tourists.

Everything about this hotel website design is positioned to send one message: luxury. From the selection and usage of colors to the fonts and of course, pictures. Although it is a photo-heavy website, it still spurts a very good use of text and typography.

The website has several functional features. Visitors can check out all the suites and restaurants at the hotel in advance, see what they look like and what they serve. They can also check availability of their favorite suites and then go ahead to book them, all on the website.

Another awesome thing about the website is that it has four language choices so as to cater to visitors from different parts of the world- a very important thing for any hotel website.

Check it out here.

2. Glenmarie Hotel and Golf Resort

website for resort

The Glenmarie Hotel and Golf Resort is a leisure destination in Shah Alam, Malaysia. The hotel's website is quite simple and void of any extravagance.

As expected of a hotel website, the website design makes good use of pictures in the right places to draw in visitors. This website design also uses a lot of whitespaces to make the website neater and clearer. In terms of functionality, the website does quite well: it tells users about the hotel, enables them to book rooms in advance, answer questions they might have and so much more.

Check it out here.

3. Colours of Oblu Maldives

best hotel website

The hotel's website is as colorful as it can get. The website uses a great mix of colors and pictures to entice intending customers. In fact, unlike most websites, this hotel's website design is built essentially on colors.

Asides from the colorfulness and pictures, the other elements of the website's design - text, interactions, hover, layout, etc - are done with elegance and the entire website gives off a "summer feel" - the exact vibe you want a hotel website to give.

The website also serves the normal functions of a hotel website - check availability, bookings, information on COVID-19 protocols, in-depth info about the hotel and its offerings, etc.

Check it out here.

4. The Hotel Beacon NYC

best hospitality website

The Hotel Beacon is a hotel with a lot of history based in the heart of Manhattan, New York.

The website opens with an offer to join the hotel's exclusive membership to get a 25% discount. This is a great way to attract frequent travels who might need to check into New York frequently. The hotel does well to feature reviews from Trip Advisor on the website. This along with other elements on the website will help to convince intending customers that it is the best for them.

Check it out here.

5. Smyth Tribeca

best hotel websites design

From the layout and design of this hotel website, it is obvious that elegance was a priority. From the top bar to the hover effects to each widget, the design is neat and elegant.

The website has one widget offering slides of its exclusive offers, followed by a brief overwiew of the hotel's suites and rooms, and then we see an overview of the amenities available at the hotel. By the end of the website, you have a useful amount of information about the hotel and its offerings.

Unlike other websites that want visitors to only book rooms immediately, Smyth Tribeca's website also nudges you to subscribe to the hotel's newsletter to get updates on the hotell. This is a very good way to convert visitors into prospects.

Check it out here.

6. Astra Suites Santorini

hotel website design

Astra Suites is an hotel based in the popular travel destination, Santorini, Greece. The website's design has a luxurious feel, with the colors and pictures used. It also uses more text than most other websites on this list.

The hotel makes sure to play for social proof by including the awards and recognitions won by the hotel, including being listed on TripAdvisor's Top 25 Hotels of the World. These recognitions will definitely go a long way to convince intending clients to patronize the hotel. The website is also available in three languages to accomodate users from different parts of the world.

Check it out here.

7. The Corner Hotel

hospitality websites

The Corner is a boutique hotel that prides itself as one of the best in Barcelona.

The website starts off with short videos of the hotel in background of an imposing "Book Now" widget. This tool and its positioning, while appearing a bit salesy, will help to get more people to book from the website because its right in their face. In other parts of the website, the hotel also presents their special offers like Free Cancellation and so on.

The website also features a Trip Advisor tab that users can tap to see reviews of the hotel. One of the things that qualify this website to be on this list of best hotel websites is that it offers website visitors a virtual tour alongside the normal photos and videos. This gives intending customers an immersive feel they will cherish.

Check it out here.

8. The Provincial Hotel Ballarat

best hotels websites design

Rather than aim at luxury like other hotel websites, this website design does well to portray homeliness and hospitality. Rather than shiny skyscrapers, the pictures used on the site look more like an home.

To achieve this effect, the hotel website design also makes use of the right colors, typography and of course, copy. The website's homepage spots a table comparing the hotel with offerings on other sites like and Expedia. This is a great touch to convince people exploring options to choose them.

Check it out here.

9. The Gage Hotel

best resort websites

The website opens with three action words: Stay, Explore and Dine. When one hovers over each, the background image changes and when you tap, it takes you to a page dedicated to each of them.

The website has a very interesting Menu button that opens to cover the whole page when tapped. The menu makes it super easy to navigate the website.

The hotel also includes recognitions and press features they've gotten on the website. This is a collaboration with the reviews section that comes right after it makes a good play for social proof.

Check it out here.

10. The Hollywood Hotel

best hotel websites 2022

As the name implies, The Hollywood Hotel is a classic hotel based inn Hollywood, Carlifornia. In fact, the opening of the website is the popular Hollywood Hill.

The hotel website has a 24-hour live chat option. This singular feature will go a long way to make prospects more relaxed as they can get answer to any question they have in real time and this might increase their likelihood of making a booking.

Generally, the hotel website's design is simple and straight to the point with very excellent features.

Check it out here.

11. Hotel Midtown

best hotel website design

The Hotel Midtown prides itself as one of the top hotels in Atlanta, Georgia.

This is no doubt one of the best hotel website designs we have come across. The website also communicates luxury but in a laidback way that sets the stage for such a very elegant design.

From the pictures to the typography, the colors, the hover effects to the small buttons, the design is elegant and neat. Most people who visit this website will definitely be convinced that it is a preview of how calm and beautiful the hotel is.

Check it out here.

12. Lotte New York Palace

best hotel websites

This website's design is as luxurious as it gets, just as one would expect of a palace. The hotel is clearly a deep luxury brand and the website doesn't fail to play its part in selling that.

In terms of function, this hotel website isn't found wanting. It has a booking option, offers gift cards, gives info on the hotel's COVID protocols, as well as an option to explore the neighbourhood of the hotel. This website has the most language options so far, about twelve. This ensures the website can be patronized by people all over the world.

Check it out here.|

13. Hotel Figueroa DTLA

the best hotel website

Unlike the last website portraying luxury, this hotel positions itself more as artsy. This is shown in the choice of its header fonts, the website copy and the design of some of the widgets. For people given to the arts, this design will definitely sell to them.

The website has a fixed and imposing Check Availability tab that follows you all through the website. This tab definitely helps to make sure intending visitors give the hotel a shot.

Check it out here.

14. E-Central

best accommodation websites

E-Central is a boutique hotel located at the heart of Los Angeles. Its website, asides from other functions, helps to push its brand as a cool and contemporary hotel.

Featuring contempoary fonts, neon lights, playful hover effects, and cheeky website copy, E-Central's website sticks to its "Convenience Made Cool" tagline. The website also makes sure to include the usual functions of an hotel website from bookings to maps, COVID-19 information, photo gallery, etc.

Check it out here.

15. The Hotel June

luxury hotels websites

Based in one of the most popular beach cities in the US, the Hotel June is the prime summer hotel. This reflects on the website design. The website is colorful, the font is playful and the pictures are welcoming.

The website actually serves two hotels of the same name, one in Malibu and the other in West LA. It actually does this seamlessly and even links to other sister properties.

The website features a blog/article section to provide visitors with updates about the hotel and to serve SEO purposes. The website also features an Instagram widget that makes the site even more colorful.

Check it out here.

16. Hotel Washington

hotel websites

As its name implies, the Hotel Washington is a well known hotel seated in the US capital, Washington D.C. It is an hotel with a lot of history, participating in the city scene since 1917.

The hotel's website has a similar design to Hotel Midtown mentioned earlier in this article. However, this one has its own peculiarities. For one, it uses less smooth fonts and its gallery is much larger. The website ends with an email newsletter sign-up form to keep in touch with the hotel. This is a great way to generate leads for the hotel.

Check it out here.

17. Riggs Washington DC

website for resort

Riggs is another historic hotel based in Washington DC.

The hotel's website has a really neat and nice design. Its choice of fonts speaks to the hotel's legacy while still contributing to the website's elegant feel. One of the impressive things about this website is the hover button on its action button.

The website has a really beautiful bottom bar. It has a really nice background and starts off with the hotel's Instagram recent posts. We then see the hotel's social media handles and email sign-up form to the hotel's contact details. The last part is the hotel's ratings and recognitions. It is the best way to end the website.

Check it out here.

18. Stewart Hotel New York City

best hospitality website

Stewart Hotel is a hotel offering a complete New York experience to visitors.

After spending a few seconds on the homepage, one is met by a popup advertising the hotel's best offers. This is a good way to convert users as they are offered discounts and free cancellations. As is expected of a hotel trying to attract users from all over the world, this website also has several language options and makes it quite easy to switch.

Check it out here.

19. Salish Lodge and Spa

best hotel websites design

Salish Lodge & Spa is a hotel in the Pacific Northwest with the Snoqualmie Falls as its backdrop.

The website opens with breathtaking pictures and videos of the hotel and the beautiful waterfalls in its environment. This is in the background of a large "check availability" widget.

The website has a restaurant and it updates the websites with the latest menu, especially based on special events like Christmas. The website also offers information about different events one might want to host at the hotel.

Check it out here.

20. Hotel Arvon

hotel website design

Hotel Arvon is a historic hotel in Great Falls, Montana that has been standing since 1890. It is a hotel with a lot of history and legacy. The website makes plays with that legacy by taking the website visitors through the hotel's history.

The website's homepage has four sections covering their different services. Each section is well designed in a way that makes one interested. On a small sidebar, the hotel's social media handles are displayed. This definitely nudges the customers to follow them.

Check it out here.

21. Sanctuary Hotel New York

hospitality websites

Sanctuary Hotel is seated in the heart of famous Times Square in New York.

The hotel's website opens with a slide show of colorful photos of the hotels to draw in potential customers. The hotel also shows off awards it has won as well as information about the STAR program. The website offers users a tour around the hotel, so they can know what they can do in the neighborhood of the hotel.

Check it out here.

Best Hotel Website Templates

Now that you're considering creating your own website, it is important you learn about hotel website templates. As you will soon find out, creating a website from scratch takes a while and a lot of expertise. However, with a hotel website template, you can create the website you want in a short time.

We have also taken our time to find some of the best hotel website templates so as to help you.

Best Hotel Website Builders

Just like with most things, the process of creating a website is just as important as the result. With the right hotel website builder, you can make the process of creating your website much simpler and the result even much better. So, in choosing a hotel website builder, make sure to look out for important details and factors before choosing the best one for your website.

Some of the best website builders you should consider include:

  • Wix

  • Squarespace

  • Weblium

  • WordPress

  • Jimdo

Best Hotel Website Design Firms

Think of your hotel website as the first facade that any intending customer or traveler will see before deciding to come in. So, no matter how beautiful your hotel looks in reality if your hotel doesn't present it well, it will be a waste of money. To make sure your website has everything you need it to have, it is important you hire a brilliant hotel website design firm.

Well, you don't have to look any further. At WixFresh, we are experts in developing all types of websites. We have built a reputation over the years creating beautiful and functional websites for businesses like yours and we want to work with you.

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