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How to Use Wix in 2024: (Beginner's Tutorial)

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

With over 45,000 daily sign-ups and 110 million existing users from across different countries, Wix undoubtedly ranks among the internet’s most popular website-building platforms.

Individuals, entrepreneurs, and business owners already use Wix’s user-friendly editor to create their personal online portfolios or eCommerce stores. So if you’re looking to join them, you’re in the right place.

Even the most intuitive software tools can sometimes seem a bit challenging in certain aspects. But not to worry, that’s why we’ve created this simple Wix editor tutorial to describe the most common tasks anyone can perform with the Wix site editor plus several other slightly complicated web-building operations.

How to Use Wix 2024: A Beginners Guide

Since its 2006 launch, the Wix builder has simplified web designing tasks. That’s because the Wix website creator is fun and easy for anyone to use. As such, the flexible Wix website editor has saved individuals and businesses thousands of dollars in web designer costs.

Are you wondering how to get started with the Wix website maker? Our detailed Wix tutorial will point you in the right direction.

wix website

How to Create Your Wix Account

You’ll first have to sign up for the Wix editor service before using it to test your creativity. Luckily, the users’ account creation process only takes a couple of minutes. You can start by hitting the Sign-Up button on the Wix homepage and then entering your email address and password info. Or, you could choose to sign in via your existing Google or Facebook account.

The next step involves answering a series of questions regarding your purpose for building a Wix website. Furthermore, you must decide on whether you wish to use the Wix free account setup or pay for additional features before you can get started with building your site.

After your initial Wix sign-in, you'll get redirected to the Wix Artificial Intelligence Designer (ADI).

How to Choose a Wix Template

Choosing an ideal Wix website template feels a lot like regular window shopping. You’ll find multiple premade website layout options presented on your Wix dashboard. The Wix site editor also makes it easy for you to search and discover the kind of website template that’s best suited to your online brand goals or business purposes.

Wix users can select from 5 different template categories including Store, Business & Services, Creative, Blog, or Community.

  1. Using Wix Store templates will help you build an eCommerce site where customers can quickly browse and purchase from a collection of products.

  2. Wix’s Business & Services template designs are designed to highlight your company’s service offerings or products.

  3. Artists and illustrators will enjoy using Wix’s Creative templates to showcase their work in eye-catching visual formats.

  4. With the Wix Blog templates, you can create an engaging digital space for publishing relevant articles and topics.

  5. Wix's community templates enable meaningful online interaction among members by encouraging them to join discussions and share relevant content on social topics.

Feel free to peruse and preview the entire theme collection until anyone that appeals to your niche catches your attention.

We’ve identified some important questions to consider when choosing your Wix template:

· Do the font, color scheme, and web page layout meet your needs?

· Does the template style reflect your online project’s image?

· How many sections do you want to integrate with the site’s main navigation bar?

· How many videos or pictures are you looking to upload?

· Does the menu bar disappear when you scroll down the page?

While you can modify the font and colors at any time, you can’t change your website template after making your selection. Hence, you'll want to ensure that you are satisfied with your choice. Fortunately, however, you can always fine-tune your design at any time with the flexible Wixsite editor features.

How to Customize Your Wix Site

Once you've answered the initial questions, the Wix edit site tool will prompt you to choose between allowing the ADI to automatically generate a sample website for you, or if you'd prefer to build everything manually.

Using Wix ADI offers a much more flexible web building approach, especially since it allows you to edit and customize every site element afterward.

If your website background isn’t appealing enough, you can easily personalize your Wix template. You’ll find a sidebar featuring a ‘Background’ button on the left-hand of your Wix dashboard which allows you to make changes effortlessly. You could even generate more interest by adding a short video to your website background.

If you are not particular about a theme, you could have your entire website customized after about 2 to 3 minutes.

How to Edit the Mobile Version

Nowadays, mobile smart devices have become the primary internet access tool for most people instead of the traditional desktops and laptops. As such, website owners should look to ensure mobile device compatibility. If you fail at tuning up your site to appear well made on mobile platforms, the average internet user will likely avoid visiting thus resulting in reduced online presence.

Moreover, the mobile user impact is considerably larger for local online businesses as search engine-based “Near me" services account for a huge chunk of website-generated traffic. If you want to earn their business, you must make it easier for local internet users to quickly find accurate information about your product or service.

Thankfully, the Wix website creator is available to help you build a mobile-optimized web portal. To start, simply allow your mouse pointer to hover over the editor’s desktop screen. Next, you can click on the mobile site icon to preview its appearance on a phone display.

The Wixsite editor will automatically tweak your site’s mobile view to generate the best format. However, you can still make a few adjustments whenever you like – all without affecting your site’s desktop version.

How to Use Wix ADI

Thanks to Wix’s Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI), website design has never been easier. This straightforward tool is ideal for when you are in a hurry to build your website or for users who aren't tech-savvy. With Wix ADI, you can create a fully-functional website after following these simple steps:

  1. Click on the “Start with Wix ADI” icon

  2. Next, add your preferred features by ticking the relevant checkboxes

  3. Fill out the Contact Details form

  4. You can now select a template and design your website

  5. Ensure that your site is mobile and SEO-friendly

  6. Select a domain name and publish your website

You must remember that providing accurate information will enable the Wix ADI to generate detailed contact pages navigation menus, page headers, and footers.

How to use Wix Editor?

Wix is a highly rated website builder and for good reason too. Its drag-and-drop editing approach is fun, flexible, and offers you effortless control. Follow these simple steps to create a beautiful result.

· Sign up for any of Wix’s affordable premium pricing plans.

· Choose a template for your new site via the Wix dashboard drop-down menu.

· Next, you get to update image and text elements by using simple but brilliant drag-&-drop editing plus text box features.

· Customize your website background if the small default images aren’t good enough.

· Apart from an attractive homepage, you should consider adding more web pages while fine-tuning site navigation.

· You can integrate apps from the Wix app market to serve different purposes.

· Set up an engaging blog to keep your audience informed.

· You’ll discover an add-on list for your website after clicking on the “+” button on the left-sided Wix edit site menu.

· Enable mobile device and Search Engine Optimization.

· Pick a suitable domain name.

· Publish your website.

How to Create Pages?

The Wix website maker lets you create, delete, or move web pages around your website based on your specific business needs.

With Wix, adding website pages is as easy as clicking on the “Pages” button found at the upper right-sided toolbar. Afterward, a “+ Add Page” menu button will appear. Clicking it will reveal a blank New Page form.

Adding Text and Images

The Wix editor lets you add and adjust your website font, style, and size after a few clicks. You can start by highlighting the text you wish to edit. After right-clicking the selected area, a drop-down menu with several buttons underneath will appear around the text. You can then use these buttons to design or edit text.

You can also upload high-quality images to your Wix website or discover royalty-free images. However, you must be careful to use only royalty-free images for your site. Furthermore, you must resize the images you’re looking to add as larger photos will likely slow down your website.

Wix lets you add single images, slideshows, plus your entire image gallery.

You’ll find the “Add” button on the top right corner of your Wix website. Click to open the Add menu and then you can select the Single image, Slideshow, or Gallery option.

First, you should consider updating your company portfolio, logo, or information. Simply highlight the text you wish to modify and then rephrase. Font size and color aside, Wix also enables other font-based modifications including bold and italics features.

Add a Blog to Your Website

Wix website owners can keep visitors engaged with fully integrated, professional-looking blog pages. You can start blogging by clicking on the pen-shaped ‘Wix Blog’ button located at the builder menu’s section.

You could also select from a blog apps collection after clicking on the ‘Add Apps’ icon found on the same menu. The Wix Blog comes highly recommended thanks to its sleek appearance and ease of use.

Most Wix website themes already have a blog added automatically, so you only have to access it when you’re ready to begin creating new posts. You could even include some handy blogging features used for sharing content online such as an RSS, Instagram, or live events feed.

Add a Store to Your Website

Perhaps your goal is to operate an online store; then you’ll be pleased with Wix’s small business website features. After clicking the “+” button found on the left-sided Wix dashboard menu, you’ll discover an add-ons list for your website. Click on the “Store” option on this list and you’ll be presented with multiple eCommerce store setup options including multiple payment methods, product galleries, and inventory management.

With the Wix ecommerce functions enabled, you can market and sell online with ease.

Adding Apps

You must have customized your website’s template with images and added a few pages at this point. But there’s no need to worry if your online portal still lacks some extra functions – the Wix App Market makes it easy for you to add site-enhancing applications. The available apps cater to everything from interactive quizzes to restaurants. Aside from looking great, they come with the modern interface you’ll need to maintain a competitive online presence.

Plus, you can have a fully functional custom storefront for selling physical & digital products, tracking orders, and managing shipping rates.

You can use Wix to create an online store by clicking on the Page icon found at the top page menu. Next, click on the + Add Page button. Select “Online Store” from the drop-down list and then you can pick an appropriate store layout for your unique purposes.

Publishing Your Website

At this final stage of the site creation process, you are now ready to make your online domain public. To publish your website, you must return to the Wix ADI editor and then select the Edit Site option located at the lower-left Wix dashboard corner. This is where you’ll find the Publish button.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve finished reading our Wix tutorial, you now have answers to the titular question “How does Wix work.”

By simplifying a mentally daunting task, the Wix ADI tool is transforming the website creation industry. Practice is the best way to learn how to use the drag and drop editor so feel free to explore the dashboard and create your dream website.


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