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12 Best Illustrator Portfolio Website of 2024

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

As an artist or graphic designer, having an illustration website is essential for growing your career. Illustration portfolio websites help you stand out and impress prospects enough to hire you.

However, it is not enough to create any portfolio website. You must understand that there are some vital elements your illustrator portfolio website must possess. To create a professional illustrator website you can use an illustration portfolio book website or adobe illustration portfolio for your project display. For the design inspirations, we have helped you gather the best illustrator portfolio examples on the world wide web.

Hence, whether it is a freelance illustrator portfolio, cartoonist portfolio, or digital illustrator portfolio, you can get illustrator website ideas from the below illustrator website.

When building an illustration portfolio, do not overload your website with all your works. Instead, let your portfolio be a collection of your best works. In addition, your illustration website must be creative, well-structured, navigable, and visually appealing.

Below are top portfolio websites you can model yours after:

Best Illustrator Portfolio Website of 2024

1. Microbians

illustration portfolio

This digital illustration portfolio website utilizes a carousel (slideshow) to showcase its NFT artworks in a way that engages the viewers. The stylistic causal makes navigation easy and lastly, the bright colors of the arts make the overall website appealing

Check out here

2. Notioly

illustrator portfolio

Notify is a cartoonist portfolio website with over 100 collections of Notion-style illustrations. This website is the epitome of simplicity. The use of black and white color for the website is genius and compliment Mary's cartoons, giving the illustration portfolio layout an effortless appeal.

Check out here

3. Purvaja Patel

illustrator portfolio examples

As earlier mentioned creativity is key when designing an illustration portfolio. The use of modern design for the site background, and cool color scheme compliment Patel’s illustration samples. The stylistic cursor and infinite scroll heighten prospects' experience.

Check out here

4. Giulia Tonon

illustrator website

Here is another creative illustration portfolio website that does minimal design but manages to grab the attention of potential clients with the brilliant display of Giulia's artworks using infinity scrolling.

Check out here

5. Nikila Sivarama

illustrator portfolio website

Personal branding is essential in an illustration website, and Nikila’s portfolio website leverages this. Her portfolio website gives us an insight into who she is and what she does with a creative intro. The website captivates you with its vibrant layout, and linking her social media handles to check out her past works prevents the website from being overloaded.

Check out here

6. Jantana Hennard

illustrator website portfolio

This illustration website welcomes you with an intro text on what Jantana does on an interactive banner and uses video to convey its brand story.

Check out here


adobe illustrator projects for portfolio

Here is a crazy 3D animation illustration portfolio website. NMBRS uses an unusual approach for its portfolio website. It uses top-notch video and graphics to convey the brand story, plus the site is navigable. The highlight of this illustration website is the mad quality illustration videos on the homepage.

Check out here

8. Canvas Agency

digital illustration portfolio

Canvas Agency is more like a freelance illustrator portfolio website for hiring artists. The overall interface of the website is appealing, and the infinite scroll makes it easy to scan through the artists’ works on the website and the content written on the site.

Check out here

9. Digital Curator

illustration portfolio tips

Digital Curator is a portfolio website for central European fine art. The portfolio website is sleek and well-structured, making it easy for visitors to explore different paintings on the portfolio site.

Check out here

10. Stutpak Illustration & Animation

illustration portfolio tips

Stutpak takes us on a journey with her illustration portfolio. A portfolio website may be about sharing your work, but you can set up the atmosphere for your potential client to be more fascinated with you as an artist before seeing your work. That way, you're looking professional. Stutpak uses this approach to engage us, telling us who she is, what she does, and what makes her stand out before seeing her works. The overall portfolio site has a fun appeal.

Check out here

11. Emiozaki Web

build illustration

Emiozaki is a Japanese illustration portfolio site that utilizes Japanese and modern design. The tap screening technique for exploring and navigation is a creative approach that heightens UX and the yellow comic background is captivating.

Check out here

12. Jesse Zhou

illustration portfolio layout

An illustration portfolio website is more than just sharing your best work. It is also about user experience. How does your prospects feel when they come to your portfolio website? You want them to have a great experience. Jesse’s illustration website is absolutely genius. The 3D portfolio site is an unusual one that gives site visitors a unique experience. It is impossible for potential clients not to be impressed. In summary, this illustration portfolio gives a wow effect.

Check out here

Tips on How to Create An Illustrator Portfolio

We have seen the top samples of illustration portfolios above and discussed what makes them outstanding;

  • Visually appeal

  • Creativity

  • Not overloading the site with too many works

  • Navigable interface

  • Organized layout

In addition to a compelling illustration portfolio, you need to find a good website builder and template that suits your illustration portfolio .e.g. Adobe Illustration Portfolio or

pen-to-paper illustrator. If you need the service of a professional web designer, we can help you with that.

Lastly, an illustration portfolio website is instrumental to any illustrator who seeks to boost online presence, look professional and familiarize prospects with their work to ultimately make more sales.


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