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15 Best Marketing Portfolio Examples and How to Create Yours

Marketing portfolios are very important to the digital success of businesses these days. With the rise of technology, the way businesses and consumers interact and behave has changed. From searching for businesses online, to comparing prices online, the digital realm has turned to a very important point of contact either between businesses or business to consumers. So, it is important and wise for a firm or freelancer to engage the services of a marketing portfolio to help design and create a digital presence for them, where people can easily search and go through their best works, products or offerings in order to influence decisions towards them.

Marketing Portfolio Examples

1. Ocean Media Inc

marketing portfolio examples

This is a website for a marketing portfolio that focuses on leveraging data and technology in order to improve marketing and advertising for businesses. The website is designed to show what they company does with a bold caption on the homepage, the next page displays reputable companies that have worked with the company. On the website are information about the work of the company and years of service, including well designed graphics which is a part of their work tools.

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2. Duft Watterson

marketing portfolio

This is a simple designed website using a mix of colors. This marketing portfolio deals with advertising campaigns and brand designs. The website is designed with colors that relate to the brand and services, with image of the team in action. The website is also designed in segments with each segment giving information about the different aspects of the business.

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3. Ifuel Interactive

digital marketing portfolio examples

This is one of the best website designs for marketing portfolios. It has a perfect blend of colors, graphic designs, fonts and brand message to display their services, brand that have worked with them.

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4. Integer

digital marketing portfolio

This is the website for a marketing portfolio that focuses on business growth for its clients. It is an uncomplicated website that focuses on the service they provide. Using unique art designs, it passes out it simple message, and the website has site headers for those seeking more information.

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5. Moxie Sozo

marketing portfolio websites

This is the website for a marketing portfolio that deals on brand identity, packaging and marketing. The website is designed as a catalogue of designs it had done for clients showing the uniqueness of its services.

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6. Optirev

marketing portfolio website

This is a Hospitality Marketing portfolio. This website design where contents are centrally aligned. it has a good combination of color, use of font type. The website design is strategically organized to speak to visitors and guide them down the client acquisition journey. on the website is a free website test that acts as a freebie for prospective clients to check the health of their website and see what needs improvement, this pushes clients the more to want to work with them to fix the issue.

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7. Bold Beyond

content marketing portfolio example

This is a professionally designed website of a portfolio marketing agency. Designed with graphics, images, well selected fonts, and images. It is designed in segments,

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8. Urge Interactive

marketing portfolio samples

This is the website of a marketing portfolio that deals on branding, digital products and growth marketing. This website is designed to speak to visitors on the company's business proposition of creating value together with any client company they work with.

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9. Jordyn Brenner

social media marketing portfolio examples

This is a website for a movie marketing portfolio. The website has a simple design made as in the format of an image collage showing the images of movies that they have helped advertised.

The website has site headers to help visitors navigate the website successfully in search of further information.

Check it out here

10. Adapting Social