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8 Best Public Speaker Websites of 2024

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Branding is not limited to physical products or services alone but extends to individuals. The public speaking profession has continuously grown over the past decade. That is because many people today suffer from physical and mental issues. They find comfort in listening to people who motivate them to live a better life or who have overcome similar challenges. The public speaking profession is usually a one-person show that requires personal branding. Your branding is what determines your level of success in the industry.

Today, we live in a digitally progressive world where you can form your opinion about people from their social media handles. While, in the case of companies, their social media handles and their website.

Hence, as a motivational/keynote speaker, it is only logical that you own your public speaking website. That will help you increase your fan base and get more bookings to speak more often.

Best professional speakers' websites

With the above in mind, you need to get a professional speaker website that represents your core values and feels welcoming to your target audience in 0.05 seconds.

Do you know how to achieve that?

No worries. We have done that for you by meticulously handpicking the best public speaking websites you can get inspired. They include;

1. Daniela Rebholz

speaker websites

Go big or go home. Daniela’s speaker website is bold and exudes confidence thanks to the bright color choices, nice use of whitespace and bold text. She comes across as this fun and confident person that is easy to talk to from her displayed photos on the website.

Check out here

2. Gabriella Dolan

public speaker websites

This website is a breath of fresh air and simplicity. Gabriella uses bright and cool color schemes to compliment her website background and book cover colors. There are less thing going on this website. The slide scrolling also aids User-Experience (UX)

Check out here

3. Chris Field

speaker pages

This is a well-structured speaker website that captures the speaker's personality so effortlessly. The hero banner is captivating and the use of the video is brilliant. The live video gives visitors/viewers an insight into what value Chris offers. The CTA button is bold and the strategic use of testimonials gives the speaker's website credibility.

Check out here

4. Ryanvet

speakers page

A speaker website must be responsive across all devices. Ryanvet public speaker website design is very responsive. It uses a cool and touches of bright color with a lot of white spacing to enhance images and text visibility. The social media handles and social proof provide further engagement and easy conversion. Lastly, recommendations of books written by the motivational speaker provided at the bottom of the section website foster credibility. That helps to reinforce your brand credibility.

Check out here

5. Premium speakers

speaker page

This motivational website is for a public speaking agency. There is nothing fancy about this website. Yet, it manages to make it to our list because it utilizes a lot of whitespaces, touches of bright colors in a few strategic sections, and the website provides a detailed content on what the agency offers. Lastly, the keynote speakers' photos used as hero banner allows site visitors to familiarize themselves with the speakers.

Check out here

6. Mel Robbins

public speaking website

The use of sliding and moving pictures on this website is so genius. The CTA button is boldly placed on the hero banner. It allows site visitors to have a glimpse of what Mel's session feels like. The website perfectly blends bright and cool color schemes to heighten the quality of the website. Testimonials and YouTube videos of Mel in her elements are provided to establish credibility.

Check out here

7. Christian Andrada

professional speaker websites

How you present yourself in the public speaking industry matters. Christian's website designer understood this because he uses a professional photo of Christian as the website banner. The black color choice and horizontal scrolling of the site's text for this motivational website background enhances the User's Experience and adds to the quality of the overall website interface.

Check out here

8. Gabby

public speaking websites

This speaker's page makes you feel welcomed with the use of bright colors and attractive photos of her as the hero banner. The overall website layout is clean with well-structured menu section for easy navigation. In addition, the display of the speaker's best-selling books establishes credibility, and the newsletter section fosters engagement with the speaker and interested parties.

Check out here

Summary and conclusion

As a public speaker or motivational speaker, a professional website will help increase your client base and get you more public speaking bookings. It helps you come off as a professional who knows who he or she is doing and provides you with an audience around the world. From the above public speaking website, we were able to identify some key patterns that make a public speaking website traffic-driven and sale-driven. They include;

  • Simplicity is key

  • Personal branding is key.

  • Quality videos and images especially as a hero banner

  • Speaker’s first and last name as the domain name

  • The blending of cool and bright color schemes

  • Quality content that exudes confidence and expertise

  • Testimonials or social proofs for credibility

  • A high-resolution photo of keynote speakers

With the above, you can easily build a converting public speaking website, and if you don't have background knowledge on website building. We can help you get your website up and running in no time with the help of our professional website developers. If you find this helpful, kindly share it with friends and family who might need this. You can also share your tips for creating a top-notch speaker website in the comment section.


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