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Best Real Estate Websites of 2024 | 23 Inspiring Examples

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Shelter is a basic need of man. At every point, a human being must have a roof over his head. As a result, there are millions of people looking for an apartment or homes for themselves and their families every day. Setting up your real estate website will go a long way to ensure you can get a part of this increasingly large number of people using the internet to find their next apartment or their developers for their dream home. Asides from showing your portfolio, a website allows a real estate company to do many things. Some of them include providing more details about their building process, telling the company story, and so on.

In this article, we have taken the trouble to list and briefly analyze the top 23 real estate website examples. We hope that as you go through them, you'll be inspired to set up your own website.

Best Real Estate Website Examples

1. Kamali Organization

best realtor websites

This is well designed single-page website for real estate company, Kamali Organization. One striking thing about the website's design is its very neat typography that helps to pass the business's message clearly. The colors and photos are also great. It's a simple website that covers all its owners' needs in just a single page.

Check it out here.

2. Scott Salisbury Homes

top real estate sites

The website has a very interesting above-the-fold menu that makes it super easy for first-time visitors to navigate the website. The website also has a nice and rare sidebar that includes a menu bar and the company's socials.

The website features very in-depth details of the company's services, a very cool before and after view of the company's renovation works, an Instagram plugin, and more. All of these features are concerted to convince prospects that the company is the best option for them.

Check it out here.

3. Kategora

top property websites

This website's design is more than impressive. It needs no telling that a lot of work and intentionality was put into it. It makes use of a great combination of fonts and colors. It also employs really nice animation, scrolls, and hover effects.

The website's design and the content will go a long way to convince anyone that Kategora is the best firm to design and build their homes or offices.

Check it out here.

4. Autonomy Real Estate

best real estate websites 2022

The website has a really eye-catching design that is built on the back of a supercool scroll effect. The scroll takes website visitors through the entire story of the business from the business approach to past projects. This makes the website not only pleasing to the eye but also easy to navigate.

Check it out here.

5. West Shore Properties

real estate agent websites

Unlike the other websites we've seen so far on this list, West Shore Properties is a boutique agency for luxury homes.

The website sports pictures and prices of several luxury homes and a button for more info on the property. Users evaluate each option before making their choice and contacting the company via the website.

Check it out here.

6. Sunny Development Group

best properties website

The standout thing about this website is its hierarchy and flow. As an investment real estate firm, the firm hopes to use its website to convert investors who will be looking to invest in development in Bali, Indonesia.

The website's flow helps it to accomplish this by carefully outlining and unfolding details about the venture and answering questions intending clients might have.

Check it out here.

7. Click and Rent

best properties website

This startup allows house owners to rent out their apartments right on the website. The website makes sure to communicate this clearly using great typography and copy. This website does well to include a lot of information about how the service works and why and how a homeowner can join them.

Check it out here.


real estate agent website examples

The website has a great structure and layout to showcase the company's experience and past projects. The website also has a nice sidebar that houses a really cool menu bar. Overall, the website has a good design that combines well with the website content to serve as a great landing page for the real estate company.

Check it out here.

9. Primorsky Park

real estate developer website examples

The website's design is photo-heavy which allows it to show the website visitors rather than tell. The website takes viewers through the park's 11 complexes providing detail and several photos of each complex to help prospective clients make the best choice for them. The website also offers a call-back service where prospects can request a call from the firm.

Check it out here.

10. Revolve Growth Partners

real estate company website examples

This top real estate website has a pretty simple flow and design that is embodied by a two-color choice and a popular font choice. Nonetheless, the website still uses its simple flow to great functional uses: telling the business' story, successful past projects, and of course contact details. It is just enough to convince anyone of how good the realtors are.

Check it out here.

11. Proto Homes

real estate agency website examples

This website should be a case study on how to use animation and scroll effects on websites. There isn't just a lot of animation, they are all well made too. It is a joy to just scroll through and watch. This not only helped Proto show, rather than tell, more stuff about their work but also goes a long way to show that they can take on complex projects.

Check it out here.

12. Choice Properties

top real estate websites

From great font choice to a great color palette, a natural flow, and really good photos, this website has all the trappings of a well-designed website.

It is not lacking in terms of functionality. It has a search bar to let people search for spaces on their properties, proper flow explaining the company's story and values, in-depth details of the firm's past projects, and of course, contact information.

Check it out here.

13. Adams and Butler

top real estate websites

As a company that combines luxury travel with real estate, Adams and Butler's website reeks of luxury. They achieve this luxurious feel through the fonts, photos, and of course, choice of colors. All this is employed to communicate everything about the website from the company's story, their travel options, and even client testimonies.

Check it out here.

14. EBM RentCover

top real estate websites

Unlike most websites we've featured so far, EBM RentCover is an insurance provider for landlords and property investors. The website provides an option to choose if you are a landlord or property investor in order to serve you personalized content. The website provides a lot of information about its services as well as its success numbers.

Check it out here.

15. Boynton Yards

realtor websites

To say this real estate project website is well designed is a gross understatement. This is owed to the usual elements - great colors, fonts, layout, a lot of whitespace, and really nice scroll effects. The website does well to give in-depth information about the building, everything a potential tenant might want to know. The website design also helps to portray the building as a supercool project everyone wants a part of.

Check it out here.

16. Casa Living

best realtor sites

This is another real estate project website. Unlike the last, the website design employed here is targeted at giving off a homely feel. It gives proper information on the amenities and services available in the building.

The website also allows users to choose the kind of apartments they want and check for availability.

Check it out here.

17. Paramount Timber

real estate pages

Paramount Timber is a manufacturer of timber frame and engineered timber products based in the UK. Paramount's website design is pretty much the standard stuff, but with some really nice bold fonts and cool colors. The website offers in-depth details on the company's various offerings.

Check it out here.

18. Paragon Oak

best real estate websites

As the last feature, this is another development company making buildings with wood, more specifically, in this case, oak. The website properly documents the company's story, services, process, and past projects. This is done with aid of very beautiful photos and really homely design.

Check it out here.

19. Beeline

best real estate websites

Beeline is a real estate loan provider based in the United States. With their website, they make plays for social proof to convince customers it is the best choice for their building loans. It starts off with a summary of the business' Google and BBB reviews, followed by a roll of the business' media features. It then includes full reviews later with an option to check out more reviews.

The website also makes good use of animated photos.

Check it out here.

20. Verso Parkside Living

best real estate websites 2022

The website has a really nice feature that shows what residences or apartments are available as a notification to website viewers. The website makes good use of photos to tell its story. The overall design is quite pretty and functional too.

Check it out here.

21. Savile Row Projects

best real estate websites 2022

This website has an interesting vertical grid layout that gives the website a very neat layout. This reflects on the site's typography and its design in general. The website also makes good use of whitespace and photos of the same color scheme that gives the website a great, clear feel.

Check it out here.

22. Red Company

top real estate websites 2022

The first thing on this real estate website is its commitment to sustainability which is a great thing for a developer in the world today. One really nice feature on the site is a drag feature that opens up a part of the website dedicated to giving updates on the company's developments. It's a really great way to save up space on the website while still providing useful information.

Check it out here.

23. Simbavati Lodge Collection

best real estate websites 2022

As a real estate provider that relies on travel, Simbavati's website makes sure to include pictures and videos that inspire wanderlust in viewers, selling both travel and lodging at once. Asides from the great visuals, the website also has a nice flow and typography.

The website also has a live chat option to attend to customer needs and inquiries 24/7.

Check it out here.

Real Estate Website Templates

If you are a real estate professional looking to build a website to expand your business, it can be a real hassle for you. It might be very difficult to be building houses and complexes out there and still try to build a website on your computer. However, this doesn't mean you won't be able to set up your website. What you need are good templates. To further help you set up your real estate website, we have listed the best real estate website template below to help you.

Real Estate Website Design Services

A website, when you have one, is a Germain part of your business. It will be the first thing a lot of prospective customers will see when trying to patronize your business. It should have everything to make sure that they convert into customers. To do this it is best you assign your website developer to a Real Estate Website Design Services company like WixFresh. At WixFresh, our main focus is to work with businesses and professionals like you to set up the best website possible for them and we can't wait to work with you too.

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Best Website builders for Real Estate

Like in building homes and structures, the process of building a website is very important and just as you won't leave your house construction to an incompetent builder, it is also important that you choose the best builder for your real estate website. We have listed the best website builders for real estate below. Make sure to look through each of them to choose the best for your website.


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