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Top 10 Shopify competitors

Welcome to our Shopify competitors guide where we’ll identify equally viable eCommerce platforms along with the pros & cons of each one for every type of business.

In today’s digital world, internet use has rapidly increased people’s online shopping perspective. Where, we once mistrusted it, we now rely on it completely.

In the race among popular eCommerce platforms, products and services can provide the advantage needed to stay ahead in today’s competitive market.

The Shopify retail platform provides online stores and point-of-sale systems. Besides customer engagement tools for easier for online store management, Shopify offers retailers a wide range of online support solutions which include marketing, and shipping.

Still, with over 1 million registered retailers worldwide and a presence in over 170 countries, Shopify may not be for everyone.

Are you looking for the right eCommerce platform for your startup? Or perhaps you’d prefer a flexible or more affordable option; our Shopify competitors 2020 listicle can help you make an informed decision.