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18 Best Theatre Website Examples of 2022

Theatre websites are a great way to showcase your work and connect with your audience. But if you're not careful, they can also be a total nightmare for you and your team. Theatre websites come in many shapes and sizes, and choosing the right one for you can be challenging. The best ones do three things: they provide easy access to the shows, they showcase the theatre company's brand, and they make it easy to buy tickets. Here are 18 examples of what an amazing theatre website might look like in 2022.

Best Theatre Website Design Examples of 2022

1. Dukes Lancaster

movie theatre websites

This is a website for a theatre troupe located in Lancaster. The homepage has a simple design, with an image of an open road symbolizing the Broadway musicals. This image has a welcoming aura, as if it is leading you to somewhere interesting. Also on the homepage are site headers with quick links that visitors can click to easily access needed information. This website serves as a blog and a digital signpost to give information about the plays they have lined up.

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2. Marlowe Theatre

websites to watch movies in theatres

This is a website for a theatre organization in Kent. It is designed as a slideshow to display the various performances billed to happen at the theatre. The website has a beautiful combination of color, images and fonts to pass its message to visitors on its platform.

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3. Ekalavya

home theatre website

This is a website for a drama school in India that grooms actors and actresses for movies, theatre and storytelling. The website content is neatly and strategically arranged to influence visitors to enroll for the drama classes.

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4. React Kidz

best theatre websites

This is a beautiful well designed website for a theatre class for kids, which has a good combination of the right photos, color and font style. The website is designed with a heavy theme circled around its target audience which is the kids. Each segment containing well defined contents are embedded in images of these kids in theatre action. This helps convince visitors of the work these drama class does for kids

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5. Bristol Old Vic

theatre websites for students

This is a website for a performing theatre troupe. The website is designed primarily to display the various theatre performances the company has billed up for show and for visitors to book a seat through the web.

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6. Toneelhuis

musical theatre websites

This is the website for a theatre troupe in Belgium. The website design strategy is simple, as it has few contents, serving as a blog and also as a digital signpost for people who seek to be kept up to date with the troupe’s performances.

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7. MJ The Musical

award winning theatre websites

This is a single page website designed for a performance tour. It does not have much information except about the theatre performance, the crew and producers and sponsors. It has a blood-colored background that contrasts its contents for easy view.

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8. West Side Theatre

best theatre websites design

This website design has a good blend of images and contents which are strategically placed in-between each one. The choice of images also is top notch as they reflect what the company does. The website is primarily to help online visitors book their tickets online, get direction to the theatre location and a digital signboard to display their current and future theatre productions.

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9. Round About Theatre

community theatre websites

This website is for a theatre company that holds shows at several locations. The website is designed with beautiful images and graphics. It has a good blend of color for its font and background. Displayed on its pages, the images and contents on the website are finely placed in a way that it doesn’t look congesting but spacious to the eyes. The website also serves as source of traffic to its shows as visitors can look up events or book their tickets online.

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10. Paradise Square Musical