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10 Best Website Builders of 2024

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Over the years, our team has researched and tested the best website builder tools available for users and we can confidently say that maintaining a successful online business is impossible without a responsive, fully functional, and SEO-supported platform.

Luckily, however, some of the best website builders available for personal brands or small businesses are particularly affordable.

There are multiple free website building and designing options that offer similar qualities as their paid alternatives, with many of them requiring minimal coding knowledge.

Read on to find out more about our best website builder reviews for people who are on a budget.

1. Weebly

website builder

Weebly is a particularly flexible open-source Software as a Service (SaaS) that offers web design, web hosting, eCommerce functions, and domain registration.

Weebly’s generous free plan and low-cost paid features make it a suitable startup and business platform.

Thanks to its hand-coded HTML files, integrated CMS solution, and drag-and-drop functionality, Weebly has become one of the most recognized website building platforms on today’s software market.

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2. Wix

best website builder

Wix is a popular website builder software that anyone can use without prior coding skills. It is a standalone platform that features a straightforward drag-and-drop editing tool.

In addition, Wix is one of the best website platforms you’ll find out there that comes with an extensive professional template collection suitable for online stores, personal portfolios, restaurants, or other small businesses. Wix users can choose from over 800 different template designs.

Wix also offers users a free plan but with limited features. The most basic Wix premium plan costs 14USD monthly.

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3. GoDaddy

easiest website builder

GoDaddy comes with loads of business-oriented features such as an online store, appointment booking, pop-ups, marketing tools, and a live chat widget which makes it best suited to freelancers and small businesses looking to quickly create an online presence.

However, GoDaddy doesn’t offer you the same flexibility you’d get with other contemporary website builders like Wix or Squarespace.

Its affordable plans and pared-back editor make GoDaddy a budget-friendly option for newbies looking for an effortless way to build a modern website.

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4. Squarespace

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Squarespace is a creative website builder that was designed to attract a target audience. It’s great for people who enjoy posting blog articles and images.

The Squarespace platform also serves as the ideal tool for freelancers looking to sell their services or products via the digital store.

However, Squarespace users usually end up having to invest a bit more time and effort to get the desired outcome.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy website building approach, then you should probably consider better alternatives than Squarespace.

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website builder software

The WordPress software was initially created for building blogs. Today, it supports up to 43 percent of all the websites found on the Internet.

WordPress is an extremely flexible and customizable website builder that allows you to create and manage any kind of digital platform from real estate to e-commerce sites or even an online newspaper.

WordPress also makes it very easy for you to get started with creating your website as there are no complex installation processes or maintenance tasks.

Plus, the customer support is quite responsive.

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6. Site 123

best website builders

With Site123, you have an excellent web-building tool for businesses, small portfolios, and other online projects.

It's the perfect solution for people who don't need a complex website.

In addition, the live chat support and multilingual features are a great plus.

With its design-assisted approach, the website builder is quite user-friendly.

However, the Site123 pricing plans seem a bit expensive for what it offers.

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7. Jimdo

10 best website builders

Jimdo lives up to its reputation as the fastest business website builder. However, it lacks many features, especially when compared to other contemporary site builders like Squarespace and Wix.

Jimdo makes it very easy for anyone to create a basic online store, although this feature comes with limited options.

Also, you won’t find any blogging tools or web page password protection.

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8. Strikingly

fast website builder

Strikingly maintains a one-page layout focus which can be especially useful for people looking to create an event registration landing page.

Strikingly also features responsive template designs that are compatible with mobile devices.

Plus, Strikingly allows you to create multilingual websites.

But on the downside, Strikingly single-page websites might not rank too well online as they are not highly rated on Google.

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9. Duda

website builder reviews

Although Duda isn’t a popular website builder, it's still an excellent choice for agencies for freelancers looking to create an online presence.

Duda comes with over a hundred template designs, a top-tier editor, capable web store tools, robust web traffic analysis, and other handy tools for building websites that also look great on mobile devices.

Although Duda offers less flexibility compared to other contemporary website builders like Wix or WordPress, it is still quite user-friendly and better suited to beginners.

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10. Webflow

best website builder software

Webflow offers its users full control of every aspect of their website’s design, interactions, styling, and responsiveness.

It also guarantees an impressive 99.99% website uptime along with solid SEO options.

In addition, the Webflow builder comes with improved accessibility features including visual impairment simulations, smooth-scrolling, and an integrated audit panel.

However, we wouldn't recommend using Webflow if you’re a beginner especially since the web building process requires more hands-on experience. Check here


Here ends our discussion about the best website builders for 2024 and beyond.

Feel free to bookmark this page for more interesting site-building tips you can use.


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