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Best Animation Websites of 2024 |16 Inspiring Examples

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Maintaining a strong online presence is a certified brand marketing approach and animation is a powerful design tool you can use on your website.

Whether you’re looking to generate more leads or increase credibility, you can make a big difference by applying seamless animations in web design to your digital domain.

However, using an effective animated website scheme to enhance user experience and encourage successful marketing requires practical and modern illustrations. As such you’ll need to prioritize your website’s functionality and user-friendliness.

In this post we’ve handpicked the best animated websites that use animations and illustrations to help unleash creativity in you.

Read on to discover more about successful online brands that implement subtle and smooth web animation design to add that extra oomph!

16 Inspiring Website Animation Examples

1. Neon Door Lit

animation websites

With Neon Door Lit, you have one of the most immersive animation website designs used for literary exhibits. The homepage animation creates an impression of how art's power can manifest worlds, open doors, and generate and unreal website visitor experience.

The founder derived the animated website name theme from a favorite childhood manga series. It is essentially a creative digital studio focused on visual effects and animation design.

Check it out here

2. SteelWave LLC

best animated website

SteelWave LLC is a blueprint-oriented commercial real estate developer that uses its animation website to generate innovative living space solutions for customers across the Western U.S region.

The SteelWave website uses modern illustrations to lead its clients & partners into the new commercial real estate era.

Check it out here

3. Studio9P

animated websites

Studio9P is the next entry on our best animated website listicle for your inspiration. It is a digital studio that designs and showcases websites, web-based campaigns, adventures, online installations and experiences.

This highly specialized creative studio uses 2D animation and motion graphics to bring innovative agency ideas to life. In general, Studio9P does great online branding for talented individuals.

Check it out here

animated website is a Stockholm-based design studio that focuses on brand and product design connections. Here, you’ll discover one of the best website animations that seek to reinvent, improve, and grow online businesses.

Check it out here

5. Rumble Studios

web animation

Rumble Studios, is a Sydney-based full service music & sound design studio that creates TV, film, radio and content advertising compositions. If you’re looking for cool animation websites to inspire you, Rumble Studios can serve as one of the best thanks to its creative foundations.

Check it out here

6. Amuse Bouche

animation sites

Let’s now introduce you to Amuse Bouche; a food event communication agency that uses animations in web design to create and promote Portuguese food & cooking focused events.

The Amuse Bouche Bistro adopts an illustrated approach to presenting website visitors with a tempting selection of sumptuous meals, fresh bakery, and delicious treats.

Check it out here

7. De Bijenkorf

best website animations

De Bijenkorf is essentially branded eCommerce shop that uses its web animation to offer visitors a unique digital shopping experience. Here, a bee takes you on a magical virtual forest adventure where you can browse De Bijenkorf's product collection and collect your preferred items.

Check it out here

8. The Message to Ukraine: Obys Agency

animation website

If you’re looking for cool animation websites, you can’t go wrong with the Obys Agency creative design. The entire domain is essentially a small story with attractive animations created by Obys. It focuses on 3D animation for online interaction, branding design and creative UI/UX.

Check it out here

9. Thinkingbox

website animation examples

With the Thinkingbox, you have an LA based agency that employs craft and curiosity to shape branding future. The site’s innovation, creativity, and responsive web design features are enough to inspire you.

Check it out here

10. Tote Design

cool animation for website

Tote Design is the next cool animation for website example on our listicle and it is essentially a Tokyo-based interactive design studio. This is where you can visit to shop Custom Tote bags for online events or parties, or design custom Vistaprint Tote bags for your team.

Check it out here

11. Benjamin Righetti

homepage animation is one of the coolest animation websites we’ve sampled recently. This one page domain features multi-directional animations and brilliant photography that are focused on Benjamin Righetti the renowned Swiss musician.

This is where avid fans can go to connect with a global community of like minds even as you browse through his collection of musical composition.

Check it out here

12. Burn ManyChat

animations in web design

On the ManyChat platform, you have just one minute to play the game and burn as many accumulated tickets as possible. This is one of the animation sites out there that inspires you to discover your greatness.

Check it out here

13. Bienville Capital

cool animation websites

Bienville Capital is an asset management and advisory services firm focused on ideas co-creation, resource sharing and leveraging knowledge for the benefit of everyone.

Bienville relies on web animation for managing worldwide opportunistic strategies for family office clients and top performing institutions.

Check it out here

14. Swwim

animated website

You can visit the Swwim homepage if you’re looking for practical website animation examples. This independent agency specializes in content creation & copywriting, influencer marketing, and social media branding.

Swwim offers you an experience that spans across various niches including health, lifestyle, and home, and beauty.

Check it out here

15. Bottle On The Table

animation websites

The Bottle On The Table website offers visitors a daily inspirational curation of food & drink by employing an animated web design theme. The website also gives you great suggestions for buying expensive wine.

Check it out here

16. One Up Studio

website animation examples

The One Up Studio homepage is loaded with animation slideshows, filters & effects, and other useful features for design agencies, businesses & corporate organizations.

One Up Studio’s artist team uses their website to effectively showcase their extensive experience and expertise with sculpting, texturing, 3D modeling, and image rendering.

Check it out here

Animation Website Templates

We are happy to present you with a collection of the best animation website templates that you can currently get your hands on. If you’re thinking about an animation website, it’s best to create a website that is just as striking as your actual animation would be. We have collected this list of animated website templates to help you build an awesome animation invitation website. Having this collection, you can create a simple website with Wix, WordPress, Weblium, Webflow or Squarespace.

With these templates, you can create a stunning, easy-to-navigate and user-friendly animation website.

Here’s our review of the best animation website templates:

Neon Door Lit

SteelWave LLC


Rumble Studios

Amuse Bouche

De Bijenkorf

Obys Agency


Tote Design

Benjamin Righetti

Burn Manychat

Bienville Capital


Bottle On The Table

One Up Studio

Animation Website Design Services

Your animation website design should showcase how gorgeous and perfect you picture your business. It should reveal the tone, colors and mood of the animation. Design aesthetics, the color palette, font selection, and images are all part of the equation that must be used when creating your animation website. It must also load quickly, be mobile-friendly, and be easy for your guests to navigate and submit their RSVP.

Is your website launch coming up soon and you're looking to create a befitting animation website? We are here to help you with that. At WixFresh, we are experienced Wix website designers who can help you bring your dream animation website to life.

Click here to contact us to get awesome website themes, like some of the best animation websites examples we have shown above at the best rates.

Best Website builders for Animations

When looking for the right website builder for There are dozens of website builders out there, but not all of them can give you what you need to put the spotlight on your online operations.

Some builders can be time-consuming and complicated to use, while others are intuitive and user-friendly. Some let you upload unlimited audio and video clips, while others charge you a premium for storage space.

And if you pick the wrong builder, it can end up costing you a lot of time and money.

Here's a list of the top website builders that have what it takes to build a stunning animation website.




The Knot



The Wire



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