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Best Author Website Examples of 2023

Updated: 5 days ago

Before you create your professional author website, there are somekey marketing and design aspects of a website you must pay keen attention to. Your author website should Any professsional author should have a professional website that atleast showcases their work, provide a way to reach/contact.

Many times we have been entertained, educated and informed about issues, our societies, even ourselves by different mediums of communication. The most prominent of these has been the literary works by authors. These set of people have written stories for novels, television scripts, dramas, movies, journals, poems for the benefit and growth of man.

With the advent of the digital realm, many writers have also embraced this realm of life to be able to be able to impact their world much more better.

We have compiled a list of authors who have setup websites in order to be able to communicate much better with their audience.

1. Aris Janigian

author website
author website

This is a simple design website with a bold caption of the writer's name and his most popular work set on an image of