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The 30 Best Church Websites 2022

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Church websites have proven to be an invaluable communication tool that has been extremely useful for helping people find the church, share their problems, reach out for help etc.

Churches in the 21st century have truly used the internet to influence their community to a great extent. It has also helped to increase church growth. One of the tools that has also helped the church reach out to this technology-based generation is the church website.

The church website has also proven to be effective in the following ways

  1. Communicating to the Right Audience: these audience consist of the regular attendees of the church and those looking for a new place to worship

  2. Present the Church Effectively: these gives the visitors an idea of what to expect when they visit and it also give brief explanation about the church, it style, culture and standards.

  3. Service Information and Directions: these gives both its members and visitors a clear list of the Church Schedule (time of Service, dates and time). As well as the location of the church or place the event will take place.

Based on this heavy duty nature, a church website should be created, built and designed with intent and care.

If you desire to build your own Church website and you are looking for inspiration. We have drafted a compiled list the top church website examples.

Best Church Website Examples of 2022


The website employed the use of Black and White image can speak volume. And that’s what Hillsong Church has done on their homepage with videos showing the city, outside the church, teenagers and then it gives you a little bit of the worship experience inside the church.

The website is well designed and easy to navigate. Online streaming is very easy to access. Hillsong is a multi-location church with branches spread across the globe, therefore their website makes it easy for visitors to be able to find detailed information for their specific location.


The video in the background gets you engaged and gives you a sneak peak of what to expect in their Sunday services, the home page and some of the content in the website makes you feel like a member of the family and it also gives a feeling of belonging to a community. It is easy to connect to their live service.

Sermons are just a click away as well as other futures, the website is organized and simple, easy to navigate and contains some pretty amazing features.


The Good News church makes it to our top 30 best church website list not just because of the bright and colourful design that makes the site stand out but because the site is well designed not just the home page.

The quotes from members in the ads that pop up on the homepage would make you want to be a member of the family and the personal testimonies are relatable by anyone visiting the church website.

The navigation menu on the home page are well organized and clear.


The elevation church website uses different gif for each item on the navigation menu which makes the church website swift and unique. The different art designs on the website makes it stand out from other sites.

The watch sermon is the first thing you see when you open the church website. This allows visitors to listen to short messages to get a feeling of the church worship experience.

The website is simple, easy to navigate and super-fast.


The legacy church website hosts a lot of information but it is well organized through a logical navigation menu. Their logos are eye catching because the church site uses circles and other shapes to make the user experience more dynamic. Messages are in different formats and easy to access when you click on the “watch link”.


Hill city church made its way to our 30 best church websites with their bold headlines which states “A safe place to explore your faith” which makes any visitor feels welcome without a sense of being judge. Hill city makes you a part of their family and community before you even join them as their motto goes belonging before beliefs.

Each page on the site has a fun theme which makes it easy for people to relate. The site is simple and well organized


The Radiant church website is a simple church website. It has an eye-catching design on the home page. The radiant church is community focused and contains different ministries o it easy for website visitors to get involved in any of the categories found on the site. The main navigation menu has just five items which gives precise detailing of the site. The colours are simple and both the layout and design is unique.

The homepage shows community service, outreaches and testimonies of their members. Service time and location are easy to find.


The design and layout of the church website showcase master piece of professionalism. Service time and location are easy to find. The colours and the worship team give you a wonderful worship experience even before visiting the church. When you open the site the information about the online services and in-person service is are there already.

The dropdown menu under the navigation “connect” makes it easy for members and visitors to find specific information.


Church on the Rock has a pretty amazing website that is well organized and clean, their service time are on the homepage and an easy-going background video will keep you focus.

To make sure your family is in safe hands the “what about my family menu” gives you information about the ministries children section and gives you diver’s ways you could get involved.


The Southside Baptist church website is very unique and modern and that is why we choose to add it to our 30 best church website list. The bold headline in the homepage makes visitors have a home filled experience that anybody is welcomed. We love their choice of photography. Visitors and attendees can also join groups, answer questionnaires and stay informed.

The entire design of the website is both beautiful and unique and easy to access.


The 12stone website headline and sub menus talks about how YOU and how the church can be of help to you first. The site layout and design are simple, clear and well organized. Web visitors can feel at home knowing their problems and themselves are the sole aim of the ministry.

The navigation is simple and provides all the necessary information. Most recent message is available at the homepage


Sojourn Heights Church website is the only site in our 30 best church website which the homepage is just one section and it doesn’t scroll. The entire site is contained in a single menu with bold text… This site has a simple layout and it’s direct.