30 Best Catholic Websites and Blog Designs

Updated: 4 days ago

Catholic websites are numerous all over the internet, if not thousands of them. Catholics surf the net to search for useful information and questions that surround their faith. while others check for latest updates about things going on in Catholic Church, Worldwide. However, all the sites are supposed to contain the same information, some always want to be first on first hand news, the criteria for the best Catholic blogs are however based on the social metrics which are basically on popularity especially Facebook and twitter.

The following is a compilation of 30 most popular Catholic Church websites.

  1. CNA (Catholic News Agency)

This website www.catholicnewsagency.com head office is located in Denver, Colorado. However, the website is a hub for people surfing for information about Catholic Church worldwide, meanwhile this agency reports news from everywhere ranging from the Africa, Vatican, Europe, Asia and even the Americas. This website, provides you with news free most especially that of the Pope. Its goals is to make just a post every week that includes all the happenings going on around the church in a highly comprehensive manner.

  1. Catholic.com

catholic.com is a site built in other to help Catholics defend their faith by providing answers to every question asked about Catholicism. This site answers these questions in a media ministry that serves Christ, by defending and explaining the Catholic faith.

  1. CNS (Catholic News Service)

catholicnews.com is a website that have more than a million Facebook fans with another 150,000 on twitter as well. The head office is located in Washington DC, the only select the top stories to post each day, with a total of 9 posts per week and they have a worldwide coverage.

  1. EWTN News

The ewtnnews.com was founded in Alabama Birmingham. The blog dedicated itself to the exposition and truth as is prescribed by the Roman Catholic Church. The purpose of this agency is to help individuals as they discover truth about Catholic Church and Christ as they grow in understanding of God’s word.

  1. National Catholic Register

The National Catholic Register is implemented to deals with breaking news and other analysis of its blog and posts made on this site. The website doesn’t just post news, rather work with teams to provide perspective to information according to the judgment of the magisterium. It offers more than stories but gives enlightenment and insight on these top stories.

  1. Catholic Exchange

Catholic Exchange is a blog from America that strives to inform everyone and also strengthen their faith in the gospel spread by Catholic Church around the world. It also offers individuals who seek to establish a strong relationship with Christ with the necessary tools, information, and articles to help them grow spiritually.

  1. CatholicMatch Institute

The website tilts a little bit from the usual catholic news, which create the forum where Catholics who are single and ready and legible for marriage can meet and hook up on the website. The website is catholicmatch.com/institute. Its sole goals is to promote disciplined in catholic relationships between single. These relationships usually lead to marriage.

  1. National Catholic Reporter

The website National Catholic Reporter owns the website, ncronline.org. The website’s reports on issues pertaining Catholic Church and other justice issues. National Catholic Reporter helps Catholic faithful to connect and relate well with the church with prompt news as well as analysis while helping them to reflect on their spiritual lives as well. The site also helps to tackle some pressing justice issues in Catholic Church worldwide independently not simultaneously.

  1. Integrated Catholic Life

This blog focuses on how Catholics can combine their faith, work and family. The side makes up 9 post weekly on the website integratedcatholiclife.org. This site aims at helping Catholics become better people by applying the Catholic teachings in their family and workplace always.

  1. Zenith

This site was built in Rome Zenit.org, the employed staff are professionals who believe in the Catholic faith and in the wisdom of the pope in totality. Their work and coverage is mostly focused virtually on the activities of the pope just like his apostolic trips, meetings with statesmen and many more. Zenit.org helps individuals discover or find truth, beauty, and justice in the world through the Catholic faith.

  1. Crux

Crux head office is situated in Denver CO, this is another top Catholic blog which focuses on ethics of leading a life of a Catholic member. Cruxnow.com is the website to find such information. With post that ranges from 1 to 56 every week. Its goals on this site is correctly spelled out, things needed to be a Catholic, and the governing laws of Catholicism.

  1. Life Teen

Life Teen is a catholic blog that was created for teenagers with focus on Eucharist and the church. The goals of the blog is geared at leading the young church which are the teenagers to the complete and total love and light of Jesus Christ that will literally help them to complete and unveil the sacramental potency in young adults.