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30 Best Catholic Websites and Blog Designs of 2022

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Catholic websites are a common sight on the internet, with thousands of them offering information and resources to Catholics around the world. Many Catholics use the internet to find answers to questions about their faith, while others seek out updates on the latest news and events in the Catholic Church.

catholic websites

While many of these websites offer similar information, some are known for their ability to break news and provide timely updates. The criteria for determining the best Catholic websites often include social metrics such as popularity on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

However, the best Catholic websites are not just those that are popular or get the most attention. They should also be informative, well-written, and easy to navigate. They should provide a wide range of resources and information for Catholics of all ages and backgrounds, including teachings, liturgical resources, news, and educational materials.

Additionally, the best Catholic websites should be designed with usability and accessibility in mind, ensuring that they are easy to read and navigate for all users.

Overall, the best Catholic websites are those that provide a comprehensive and reliable source of information and resources for Catholics seeking to deepen their faith and understand their religion.

Best Catholic Websites Examples

After thorough research and analysis, we have compiled a list of the 30 most popular and highly visited Catholic Church websites from around the world. These church websites offer a wealth of information and resources for Catholics seeking to learn more about their faith and stay up to date on the latest news and events within the Church. Whether you are looking for teachings, liturgical resources, news, or educational materials, these websites have something for everyone. We hope that this list will serve as a helpful guide for Catholics looking to connect with their faith online.

1. CNA (Catholic News Agency)

catholic websites

The Catholic News Agency is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, but serves as a resource for Catholic Church news from around the world, including Africa, the Vatican, Europe, Asia, and the Americas. The website offers free updates on the Pope and other events within the Church, with the aim of providing a weekly, comprehensive summary of happenings within the Church.


catholic news sites is a website that aims to help Catholics strengthen their faith by providing answers to questions about Catholicism. This media ministry serves Christ by defending and explaining the Catholic faith in a clear and concise manner. Whether you are seeking information on the teachings of the Church, the history of Catholicism, or ways to deepen your spiritual life, has resources available to support and guide you in your journey of faith.

3. CNS (Catholic News Service)

conservative catholic blogs

Catholicnews is a popular website with a large following on social media, boasting over a million Facebook fans and 150,000 Twitter followers. The website is headquartered in Washington D.C. and carefully curates a selection of top stories to post each day, for a total of nine posts per week. It has a global focus, providing coverage of news and events from around the world. Whether you are seeking the latest updates on the Church, Catholic teachings, or current events, is an excellent resource for staying informed.

4. EWTN News

conservative catholic websites

The EWTN News website was founded in Birmingham, Alabama with the goal of providing accurate and faithful exposition of the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Its purpose is to assist individuals in their journey of discovering the truth about the Catholic Church and Christ, as they deepen their understanding of God's word.

5. National Catholic Register

best catholic websites

The National Catholic Register is a website that covers breaking news and offers in-depth analysis of current events. In addition to reporting on news, the website works with teams to provide perspective and insight on top stories, drawing from the teachings of the magisterium. The National Catholic Register aims to not only provide news updates, but also to offer enlightenment and understanding on the issues being reported on. Whether you are seeking the latest news or deeper understanding of current events, the National Catholic Register is a valuable resource.

6. Catholic Match Institute

best catholic blogs

Catholic match institute is a website that diverges somewhat from the typical focus on Catholic news. Instead, it serves as a forum where eligible, single Catholics can connect and potentially form relationships that could lead to marriage. The website's goal is to promote discipline and commitment within Catholic relationships between singles. If you are a single Catholic looking for a spouse, this may be a helpful resource to consider.

7. National Catholic Reporter

catholic blog

The National Catholic Reporter owns the website, which covers issues related to the Catholic Church and justice issues. The website aims to help Catholic readers stay informed about current events in the Church and reflect on their spiritual lives, as well as engage with pressing justice issues around the world. It provides prompt news and analysis to help Catholics connect with and understand the Church more deeply.

8. Integrated Catholic Life

american catholic blog

This is a blog that focuses on how Catholics can integrate their faith into their work and family lives. The website, which features nine posts per week, offers guidance and inspiration on how to apply Catholic teachings in the home and workplace. The goal of the blog is to help Catholics become better people by living out their faith in all aspects of their lives. Whether you are seeking practical tips on balancing work, family, and faith, or looking for ways to grow in your Catholic faith, Integrated catholic life blog has resources available to support and guide you. As a parish website design, it is an excellent resource for Catholics looking to connect with their faith in a meaningful and practical way.

9. Zenit

traditional catholic websites is a website based in Rome that is staffed by professionals who are committed to the Catholic faith and the teachings of the pope. The website covers the pope's activities, including his apostolic trips and meetings with statesmen, and aims to help individuals discover truth, beauty, and justice through the lens of the Catholic faith.

10. Crux

Crux is a Catholic blog based in Denver, Colorado that focuses on the ethical principles of being a Catholic. Its website,, provides information on living a Catholic life and covers the beliefs and practices of Catholicism. The website publishes between 1 and 56 posts per week. Its goal is to provide guidance on what it means to be a Catholic and to explain the teachings and laws of the Catholic Church.

11. Life Teen

traditionalist catholic blog

Life Teen is a Catholic blog aimed at young people, with a focus on the Eucharist and the Church. Its purpose is to guide teenagers towards a deeper understanding and experience of Jesus Christ, and to help them discover the full potential of their faith as young adults. The blog aims to lead young people towards a fuller and more complete love for Jesus and the Church.

12. American Magazine

roman catholic church websites

If you want to understand the perspective of the average Catholic, you should visit this website. This website carefully curates and presents information from a Catholic viewpoint on issues and events of interest. In addition to serving Catholic readers, it also provides reliable information to a wider audience around the world.

13. Catholic Herald

good catholic websites

The Catholic Herald is a major British Catholic magazine that keeps readers informed about the latest news from Catholic newspapers. Its website provides visitors with the latest information and news about the Catholic Church from around the world.

14. Fr. Z’s Blog

catholic blog

This blog promotes the unaltered gospel of Christ and helps people understand the purpose of human existence. It also offers support to Catholics facing challenges through articles and teachings on the right path. The blog frequently features the life of Fr. John Zulhsdorf and includes commentary on various issues impacting the Catholic Church.

15. Catholic Mom

This website is designed to honor Catholic mothers and their role in building strong, faith-filled families. It seeks to inspire and support mothers in raising responsible, God-fearing children who are able to approach life and events from a Catholic perspective, emphasizing values such as purity, love, and family. The website aims to foster close family relationships and promote healthy relationships with others from a Catholic perspective.

16. CWR (Catholic World Report)

traditionalist catholic blog

CWR is a website that provides Catholic perspectives on news and events happening within the Church and around the world. It also covers secular issues from a Catholic viewpoint. aims to inform and educate Catholics globally.

17. OnePeterFive