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Best Colorful Websites of 2022 |14 Inspiring Examples

Ever wondered why the best colorful websites seem to get all the attention? It’s because color is an important design aspect.

While bold color themes are often avoided in web design, certain websites have embraced a more aggressive color use.

Bright palettes, vibrant hues, and quite a few mismatching tones are currently regarded among trending website color elements.

Our colourful best website listicle showcases some of the most eye-catching and attractive bold color examples for creating stand out designs.

Top Colorful Website Examples of 2022

If you’ve ever wondered what a website would look like if it was a real person, then you’ll love this colorful websites. This website has a colorful, friendly design that’ll appeal to everyone, young and old. It’s packed with useful information, and the personal note at the bottom of each page makes it feel more like a friend who’s showing you around their home rather than an online shopping site.

1. Burn.ManyChat.Team


On the Burn ManyChat.Team gaming platform, players have a single minute to play the game and burn as many accumulated tickets as possible. This is done by swapping tickets and lining them up to burn.

The Burn ManyChat colorful website design inspires players to discover their greatness.

Check it out here

2. Vedran Badun

colorful best

Vedran Badun effectively uses color block website design to showcase his passion for preserving wildlife, protecting nature, and traveling the world.

Furthermore, the renowned world traveler, adventurer, ranger, writer, artist, blogger, and painter regularly updates his website photography and video collection.

Check it out here

3. Anni Wang

best colored websites

Anni Wang is a successful prototype design technologist and UX engineer that employs an inspirational color block web design to highlight her expansive design & development expertise.

Check it out here

4. Village Montreal

color block web design

Village Montreal is an online retail business website that boasts of a distinct colorful page design used for selling certain daily life consumer items. It is one of the best colored websites we’ve sampled recently that looks to portray business capacity on a global scale.

Check it out here

5. The Empathy Experiment

color block website design

The Empathy Experiment online platform is a colorful website design example that attempts to visualize empathetic behavior effect on relatable conversations and relationships. It’s one of the most vibrant websites on this list that was designed to serve as an emotional tool.

Check it out here

6. Distillerie Trois Lacs

colourful best website

Looking for colorful website designs that inspire? You can’t go wrong with the vibrant template scheme available on Distillerie Trois Lacs. The digital shop theme accurately reflects the distillery’s mission to create authentic and daring spirits.

Check it out here

7. Fable and Mane

colorful website designs

We strongly recommend the colorful page design available on for anyone looking to create a vibrant digital space. The entire template palette is applicable for this potent plant-based brand.

Check it out here

8. Alts Digital

colorful website design is yet another example of digital creativity at its colorful best. This fully remote Portugal-based company is active worldwide and is known for empowering progressive businesses by offering them high intent user connections.

Check it out here

9. Christou 1910 Days

vibrant websites

Let’s now introduce you to the Christou 1910 shop; one of the best colored websites out there that uses its bold template design to market anatomical arch support insoles for energized and healthier-looking feet.

Check it out here

10. Langmobile

best colored websites