15 Best Hair Salon Websites of 2022

Everyone wants to look beautiful and stunning, with their looks, hairs and dressing. It is a common human desire which nothing can substitute. Apart from home care, this is mostly gotten from professional hair salons.

Due to the pandemic that has caused a shift in business protocols, many businesses have embraced the online space in order to be able to relate with their clients, improve their relationship and be accessible 24/7. This has seen an increase of websites for salon businesses.

A good number of these websites are built using CMS platforms like Wix, Square or WordPress. The benefits of websites for salons are numerous. It allows for clients to book their appointments, purchase retail products, get their subscriptions and even gift cards

When people go searching online for hair salons to patronize, they expect to see a smooth navigable, information loaded websites they can get necessary information about. So, if you are looking for best salon websites to patronize or inspirations and ideas to look beautiful and stunning. This guide will help you find the websites of professional hair salons that will inspire you.


Altitude Salon has a simple but stunning website. With its combination of cool colors and images, the website is able to pass on ideas it wants to its customers. Prospective customers are also welcomed with gift cards and other treats. Also on the website, reviews from other customers and the identity of the team involved is displayed, giving customers full information about what to expect when they visit


On landing on the website, you get the clear message that this business is about hair and its treatments. The stories and pictures on the website clearly drive home that point

On the website, visitors are also presented with a call to action to book their services.


This beauty salon website has a cool welcoming sight. With the classic and beautiful looking ladies on display, and a broad headline theme signifying their target audience, their message is clearly passed to prospective customers on what they do and who are their target clients.

Next beside the headline text is a CTA button for prospective beauty clients to click and book an appointment



This luxurious hairdressing salon website it offers premium quality service at the heart of the business district. With quality pictures with a CTA clearly shown at the top of the page, it shows to its viewer the different services they offer, from men's hair, women's hairs, coloring, to treatments. Their classy looking pictures gives a good idea of their identity and what you can expect from them.



hair salon website

This beauty salon website shows clearly what it does when you log on to their page. Their front page tells you about their Red Carpet services, with a clear CTA button.

Other pages show the menu, their products, a blog, brands they work with. It's a detailed beauty salon website that can answer your questions without recourse to a physical representative



This hairdressing website goes straight to business in showing you their business space, their opening hours and business days

Also displayed on their website is colorists and hair professionals.

It has a minimalist design and the CTA button is an email appointment



hair salon website example

This hairdressing salon website straightly points visitors to what the company is all about.

First visitors, are welcomed with an image of two women rocking two different hairstyles. From the menu bar, one can navigate the other pages of this hair stylist website with each page catering to the different services they render.

On the home page are two CTA buttons for shopping their products and booking appointments.



This hairdressing salon website uses one stone to kill two birds. Using their homepage, they showcase their different branches of the business for prospective clients to choose where they can get a hairdressing.

Their menu buttons and page headers help you go through the contents of their website hassle free



hair salon website

This beauty salon website uses a simple and minimalist design to showcase their products and services. Using the power of pictures, they showcase their different services.

At the header, is a call button for prospective clients to book their appointments



With its simple and elegant design, this hairdresser salon website welcomes its visitors with stunning pictures of beautiful women while also displaying gifts and bonuses on its front page. Also clearly displayed are the CTA’s and other necessary information to get leads, sales and also cater for appointment bookings by prospective customers.

11. SALON29

With its simple and minimalist design, this beauty website introduces its brand with a clear logo on the header, and a clear photo of the salon, giving visitors the full idea of what they offer.

On this hairdresser website, although there are no clear CTA buttons on the website, you are encouraged to call or book an appointment and the business days are listed.


This website for beauty salon uses a simple but catchy design that is well crafted with a good combination of colors and pictures. The contents are impressive and relay the message you want to hear.

It also has a good framework which lets you navigate seamlessly through pages that show its services, team, reviews, gifts, Aveda products, booking and a host of other features.



On opening this hair stylist website, you are greeted with contents that show you this is the state of the art hair beauty salon. From the awards received to their motto of striving to be an industry leader and giving the best of service to their customers, you become impressed and unconsciously convinced to book an appointment.

On this hairstylist website, the CTA is clearly shown on its header to quickly capture visitors and its different branches are shown on its primary page to help customers decide where they want to go.

It has a clear and clever design aimed at quickly helping prospective customers make up their minds and book an appointment.



This beauty salon website showcases the grandeur of the business. Harping on their high craft, luxury and prime location.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. This hair stylist website uses pictures and contents to clearly communicate their message to their customers.

On the webpage is a clear CTA button in order to capture leads immediately.



This beauty salon website welcomes you with a look into their classic looking interior, with a central text signaling what the business is all about.

There is no call to action button after but the next page introduces to the different top talents working with them.

Next is a page with the address and working hours of the business, with a map detailing their location.

Also included on their website is the testimonials from different past customers about the business