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16 Best Luxury Websites of 2022

When building a high-end website, brand identity is essential. It helps you evoke the right emotion from your target audience and connect them with your brand. Luxury shoppers are known for their exquisite taste, so your brand’s website has to reflect such a lifestyle.

As a web designer or luxury brand owner, you might be thinking, "What makes a website have a luxury appeal?"

Designing a luxury website isn’t hard, but there are some rules to follow when designing. The simpler your luxury website design is, the more glamorous it will be.

Below, are the 16 best luxury websites of 2022 that you can model your luxury website after.

1. Super Yachts Monaco

Elegant website designs

The super yachts monaco's website, makes it to the top of our list because of its elegant website design. It uses cool colors schemes to evoke a welcoming and luxurious vibe in its visitors. The deep blue sea, white yacht, and models on the homepage draw you in, making you imagine you were on a luxurious boat somewhere in the Caribbeans. Also, the color choices aid the visibility and readability of the website texts.

Check it out here

2. Moomenti

Luxury websites

Moving pictures have proven to be a groundbreaking element for designing classy websites. Moomenti luxury destination portrays this well on its site. It uses high quality images (moving and single) to fascinate and showcase the luxurious lifestyle it offers its target audience.

Check it out here

3. Nordis Hotels

Elegant website design

Everything about this website screams elegance and exclusivity. Nordishotels heightens its site visitors' experience by incorporating video to the site background, adding high-resolution images of their hotel (interior and exterior view), and using white space to enhance text readability. In addition, the color choice used in the website added to the sleekness of the website interface.

Check it out here

4. Hello Visionist

Luxury website design

This high-end website design looks effortless and clean. It isn't too heavy on color choice, and the images are top-notch, featuring real people wearing the glasses. This luxury lens store also offers its shoppers a user-friendly experience, with the help of a navigable homepage which makes it easy for shoppers to find their preferred lens

Check it out here

5. Angelina Swann

Website design luxury

Elegant website designs have a way of using good color schemes to attract their audiences. Angelina Swann gele's website, does this well by matching its models' melanin skin color with its website layout, giving the website an elegant website design appeal.

Check it out here

6. Caterina Zulian

Classy websites

Ever heard the saying, Less is more. Well, this is so true when it comes to luxury website designs. Caterinazulian is a single-page website that employs only black and white colors with a few photos to achieve a classy website design. The website's minimalist design also helps its speed, something luxury shoppers relish.

Check it out here

7. Astral Properties

Classy website design

Although this website has a deep blue color interface, it is still simple. It gives a cozy vibe to its visitors and provides a chat icon at the side of the screen. This way prospects can contact customer support if they have any issue navigating the website, or have any questions concerning their properties.

Check it out here

8. Adams and Butler

Elegant web designs

If you're looking for a bespoke vacation agency and you stumbled upon the Adams and butler traveling agency website, you'll immediately be mesmerized. This is because you can't help, but picture yourself in the lovely locations displayed on the website. This powerful emotion is what brings brands and their ideal customers together. This website possesses a luxury website design thanks to the incorporation of the video element as its website banner and exotic photographs of various destinations.

Check it out here

9. Aisli