18 Best Massage Websites Examples of 2022

With the forced switch of businesses to the online realm due to COVID-19 restrictions, many Massage businesses have also come up with their individual massage sites to build valuable relationships with and cater to the needs of their customers. So if you are looking for the best massage website ideas or free websites for massage therapists, this article will show you awesome examples of massage websites that you can take inspiration from these to build your own.

Without any further ado, here is the list of the 18 best massage websites of 2022

Best Massage Websites Examples


massage website example
Massage websites

The website has a clear strategy on what it wants its visitors to see, induce and act on. Massage is long viewed as a soft work of art. The home page clearly hops on this trend with an image showing the softness of the feminine nature, to depict that it is a website for massage services. Coupled with its contents specifically speaking to the visitor and the Call to Action(CTA) button visible on the homepage, this massage website is a multi-page website that also has headers for easy navigation. From the homepage, there is a gradual procession to what the business is about, which leads to testimonials from past customers and the next page is about the benefits of massage therapy. With a call to action(CTA) button visible for visitors who are convinced to click and book an appointment.

The design for this massage website is minimal, and clearly aligns with the content and message it seeks to send. The pictures and colors are soft and feminine, clearly speaking to its targeted audience.

The page features are optimized and load up easily. It is findable on search engines

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websites for massage services
massage websites

On landing on the homepage, you are greeted with two different contents. One, a bold write-up showing that this is an award winning business and the second, tells of the business being recognized by one of the topmost newspaper companies in the world. The design strategy of this massage website is to show you their credibility before revealing the many kinds of spa services they offer, through the page headers. The credibility opens you up to regard them as an authority in the niche and believe their every word as authentic.

Though it has a complicated design, it is due to the many functions that this massage website does. From a blog, to online reservations, gift certificates and a host of other activities, there are headers a visitor can navigate with, in order to avoid getting lost.

This massage therapist website has strategically aligned contents that includes pictures and headings to carter for its multiple spa services.

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The homepage of this website for massage services features a video explainer that shows the amazing spa treatment they give. From the massage proper to the facilities and equipment, the front page carousel is designed to give a visitor a feel of what they will experience as customers.

From the visible headers to other featured content on different pages, it is easy for a visitor to navigate this multi-page massage website and get necessary information. Immediately after the homepage that states clearly what the business is all about, there is a visible call to action button on the second page to get customers to book a session. The content on this multipage website is serially arranged to take a visitor on a journey. From the written contents to the pictures, used on different pages to show the massage services they offers, and an store page featuring products for sale, the website is optimized to tell the customer what the business offers and get them to patronize.

The aesthetics of this website is warmly, uncomplicated and clean. Each page goes straight to its function of advertising a service with beautiful minimal designs and contents.

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It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words. With a beautiful website design, this massage therapy website passes a message of warmth and relaxation that they offer to their clients.

This multipage website is segmented to advertise the different massage services they offers, with a call to action under each segment. This makes it easy for a visitor to get what he wants. With a visible header and footer, website usability is made easy for a visitor to find whatever he or she is looking for. The use of alluring pictures and minimal written content passes out a clear message to its intended audience

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massage websites examples
massage website

The homepage of this massage website features a homely image. It has a simple design though cluttered with written contents. The revolving visuals immediately tell that this massage business also deals with scents and self-care products. It has a little visible call to action button in the middle of the page.

Its minimalist design makes it easy to scroll down without difficulty. The headers also make it easy to identify information needed but the overall lack of pictures on the website, small fonts, make it hazy and congested. The minimalist design on the website isn’t convincing enough for new undecided visitors.

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massage website
massage website builder

The strategy on this massage website is straight to the point. It clearly points to what they business is about, showing the different services it offers. The image on the homepage shows a massage session in progress, with the bold heading inviting a visitor to a session.

This two-page website makes it easy for visitors to find whatsoever they are looking for. The home page features the services they offer and the next page lists the price for their different services. Minimalist design and straight to the point of telling visitors who they are and what they offer.

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Creative with minimal design. This one-page massage website uses a static background picture with moveable written contents. It displays its intended message through the written content specifically placed on the right hand side.

Using a simple design, it is easy to navigate. Not the best of designs, but it fulfils the company’s purpose of advertising it products and services to its visitors.

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With a image that depicts coziness: a half lighted room, with art works by the wall; it creates the ambience of calm and relaxation to the website visitors.

A multipage massage website with simple designs contents that clearly advertise every segment of the business. It is easy for visitors to scroll through and get whatever information they need. There is also a Call To Action(CTA) button that starts another customer journey from the website visit

The website has a creative style and is well organized. The font, colors, pictures and design align and pass the intended message.

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The strategy of this massage therapist website is on point. With an ideal image of a woman undergoing a massage, there is a central heading and write up that aligns the company with their target audience and what they offer as a business.

The website design is well structured to aid easy navigation and provide information needed to visitors. Listed on the websites are the services offered, Pricelist and opening hours.

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massage website examples
massage website examples

With a heading and image of lighted candles that depicts of serenity, this massage therapist website buys into the mind of their visitors who believe that massage therapy offers relaxation and soothing comfort.

Written boldly on the website is the years of operation. Harping on their years of experience and having the best workforce, they seek to convince visitors that they are the best choice.

On the website are headers that makes it easy for visitors to navigate the website without getting lost. Also there is a visible call to action button that calls on visitors to make an appointment.

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free websites for massage therapists
websites for massage therapists

The homepage has a welcoming outlook. With its image carousel, showing a massage session, the team staff, and an e-gift section, a visitor sees clearly what the business is all about. Using written contents, this is a well-designed massage website that explains all the activities the business does. A multipage website with headers and footers that detail the different aspects of the business, making navigation easy for a site visitor.

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free websites for massage therapists
free websites for massage therapists

With its design outlook, this massage website shows who their target audience clearly is. It has a minimal design with a call to action button visible around the site headers.

A multipage website that is easy to navigate. It has few images that makes website loading easy. It is largely designed with written contents

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massage website ideas
massage website ideas

This is a beautifully designed massage therapist website with a homepage made up of a video content of a massaging session. This speaks clearly of the professionalism a visitor will get on patronizing this massage therapy business.

This is one of the best designed massage therapist websites, with the second page about the company, also showing the many reputable companies that have worked with or featured them in their publication. This is to create in the mind of their visitors, the idea of being an authority in the industry.

Though there is no Call To Action(CTA) button, the site navigation is easy, and their focus on niching, is clearly shown.

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massage websites
massage website inspiration

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massage website inspiration
massage website inspiration

Designed with an image carousel to be able to showcase its services, policy and locations, at first glance on the homepage. Designed to show that it offers premium services. Also on the website are reputable recognitions and awards it has received, followed by the different massage services they offer. As the customer's journey comes to a close at the end of the website, there is a call to sign up for its newsletter in order to keep with information from the business.

The website also uses site headers and footers in order to help visitors navigate needed information easily.

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16. Hawaii-Thai Massage

massage website example
massage website example

A combination of two unique massage tradition. This massage website has a simple design, with one of the best color choice and combination. With this simple design and minimal content, it outlays the unique spa treatment, one would receive on a visit and why you need a spa treatment. The images used also speak volume in the minds of website visitors as they see the amazing treatments one will receive at the spa.

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massage and spa homepage
spa websites

This is a professionally designed website that reveals all about the business at a first glance. On the homepage is the business proposition, followed by a call to action button. The image, font and color choice is a perfect combination.

From the homepage, going down to other pages, there is a strategic outlining of content detailing the unique selling point of the business in order to convince the visitor that they are the best choice. This features are followed by a Call To Action button below it for visitors to book an appointment.

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Massage Website Templates

Building a new website from scratch can take a lot of time, and one ay be bereft of ideas on what is needed at each point, this is where website templates come to mind. they show industry standards and what competitors may be doing. We have curated a list of Massage websites that you can just edit, create an easy to navigate, user friendly website according to taste and launch your website.

Here is the list below.

Massage Website Design Services

A massage website must be designed bearing in mind the customer, the business proposition of the business and the benefits it brings to the customer. This knowledge will determine the designs that will come in place in-order to take your visitors from one phase of the customer journey to another, till they are convinced that you are the best choice for their needs. The choice of font, color, design, images, videos, and a host of other factors may look unimportant but they are things a visitor takes into notice before making a choice. Imagine an untidy website ,difficult to load and not strategic in design, seeking high premium clients? It is a no, no. Getting a well designed massage website in this digital age is

If you are looking for a well designed, strategic website for your massage business, we are here to help you achieve that. At Wixfresh, we have a team of dedicated, innovative and talented designers who can help put your vision to form.

Click here to contact us so we can get you started at once

Best Massage Website Builders

You want your website up and running in no time, and have no need for knowledge of programming to be able to manage and edit when necessary? We have a list of website builders that can help you achieve your goals. You can use them to build responsive, easy to load, great design, user friendly websites.

Here is a list of Massage website builders you can conveniently use

  • Wix

  • Squarespace

  • Weebly

  • WordPress

  • Bluehost

  • Site-123

Massage Website Common Questions

How do I start a Massage Website?

Starting a massage website is not as complicated as your mind must have made it sound.

  1. Get a domain name for your massage business.

  2. Choose a website builder. We recommend Wix, its easy to control and manage as a business owner.

  3. Purchase your hosting plan depending on your website needs...

  4. Prepare your website content. You should have at least home, about and contact pages on your wellness website.

  5. Hire a professional website designer with experience to create a unique website that will truly represent your massage business.

Where can you find the best massage content online ?

When looking for massage content, this list of the best websites will help you however our best choices will be Better Movement, Body in Mind, PainScience, The Massage Therapists Development Centre.

Do you need a massage website?

Honestly, a website is not critical for every massage therapist out there, especially for those who are just starting out. The solution? Build a landing page which is a one-page website which outlines what you do at this moment in time.

So, is it necessary to have a massage therapist website? If you’re already garnering a portfolio, in person reviews, community presence —absolutely. Same goes if you want to otherwise establish yourself as an expert in the massage niche. In fact, if you don't have a website, you definitely need to have your own blog atleast; where you can post your wellness tips to attract potential clients until you can build your complete professional website.

What should be on a massage website?

Your massage website must definitely include

  • A blog (to post wellness tips and more...)

  • Your contact information

  • High quality images

How do I create a massage website?

Having an awesome massage website is one of the pillars of building your personal brand online. The last thing that you want to when building your website is to waste your time and resources not going the right way about it once and for all.

Even though mistakes are a part learning, they will definitely cost you money when you do them. Here are 8 steps to build a massage website that will position you as an authority in the wellness industry.

  1. Choose a Domain. ...

  2. Choose a website builder (that's simple to manage)

  3. Create Your website Content. ...

  4. Design your website/Hire a professional. ...

  5. Link Your Social Media. ...

  6. Start a blog on your new website. ...

  7. Capture leads. ...

  8. Add Your Personal Media Platform.

Is WIX good for massage websites?

Wix is a excellent platform to build your massage website. It provides up to 72 free templates specifically created just for massage or spa niche. Wix uses drag-and-drop editing tools to let you edit and customize your website – that makes you easily able to have full creative control over your site.

What is a massage website?

A massage website generally serves as a space to provide information about your massage therapy business, showcase your massage services as well as provide valuable information for your customers. Whether you create a simple website that tells a little about your brand or a more complex massage and spa site, the most important thing you must do is say what your you do – on the homepage and in plain terms. Don't make customers root around to discover if your company can do what they need.

Why should you have a massage website?

You should have a professional massage website as it can be the key to building your wellness business, getting more clients, and making way more money. Many people are looking for wellness coaches and professionals, but struggle to find the right one. ... One reason is that they don't know what to look for in a wellness website

What is the best massage website?

The top 10 massage websites of 2022 are

  • Healthline

  • Women's Health

  • Avocadu

  • Yoga's Journal

  • MyFitnessPal

  • Self

  • Men's Health

  • Tiny Buddha

  • Greatist

  • Men's Fitness

What makes a good massage website?

A good wellness website should first be able to attract a potential client, it should have a

  • a blog to attract

  • a way to contact easily (contact forms, CTAs, phone no., etc)

  • about us page (to introduce your brand/business)

How much does a massage website cost?

A professional health and wellness website can easily cost up to $10,000. However, it's not necessary to spend that kind of budget when you're just starting. I recommend new coaches create or get a simple website that reflects their brand.

What should I post on a massage website?

Here are the must-have essentials I recommend to have on a massage website:

  • Your Bio/About Page.

  • Your Blog.

  • Clear Calls-to-Action On All Pages.

  • Your Services/Plans/Coaching Bundle.

  • A Scheduler/Calendar Booking System.

What should a massage website blog about?

There are so many topics to blog about on your massage website. Here are some of the most popular topics

  • Fitness

  • Weight loss

  • Plastic Consumption (BPA)

  • Wellness

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • PMS

  • Fasting

  • Health Myths

How do I get a massage website?

  • Decide on your domain name

  • Choose a Website Builder

  • Purchase your hosting plan

  • Get a professional Website designer

How do I create a massage website on WIX?

To create a massage website with WIX is one of the easiest, fastest yet professional ways to go about it.

  • Create a free WIX account

  • Purchase a domain name (e.g: www.yourbusiness.com)

  • Buy a Wix Plan to make your domain website

  • Design your website or Hire a professional wix designer (better for running businesses)

  • Link to social media

  • Optimize for Mobile, SEO, Speed etc

What does a professional massage website need?

A professional massage website should have

  • A Bio/About Page.

  • A Blog.

  • A Contact Page

  • Services Page.

  • A Scheduler/Calendar Booking System.

How can I improve my massage website?

  • Use better looking Images

  • Optimize your website for mobile

  • Place CTA's in visible locations

How do create content for your massage website?

  1. Create Content of High Quality. ...

  2. Learn and understand your audience. ...

  3. Create a brand (voice, feeling, emotions). ...

  4. Share Value. ...

  5. Post Regularly . ...

  6. Choose the right length. ...

  7. Keep the goal of your post in mind. ...

  8. Don't be too salesy

How do you name your massage website?

You can choose to use the name of your massage business to name your website. If you search for a domain and your business name is already taken or not available. You can opt for .co extensions, you can add co to your business name, you can spell out your full business name. (e.g with LLC, etc)

What is the best company for massage website design?

Top Massage Website Design Companies:

  1. DesignRush