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Top 25 Best Health and Wellness Websites of 2022

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Health and Wellness websites have become increasingly popular since the COVID pandemic and lockdown. Keeping a healthy body and well mind has us more interested in finding the right information to improve our overall wellbeing.

best health and wellness websites of 2023

You might be a fitness coach or just someone into health and wellness, looking for the best website to get the most accurate information, but the vast amount of information may not let you easily determine the best wellness website that you can get inspiration from.

In this article, we’ve listed the best health and wellness websites of 2022 so you can easily pick the best source for information regarding health, fitness and overall well being. These websites have excelled in many aspects of online business and marketing, including SEO, design, speed, conversions and many more.

Best Health and Wellness Websites Examples

1. Yoga Journal

It is imperative to note that this site is attractive with colours that radiate with good graphics that is eye catching. It is pacts full with information that are engaging and interesting to read. You can find really helpful health and wellness articles on Yoga Journal.

health and wellness websites

2. Verywell Health

Verywell Health is an easy pick in any legit list of best health sites you mention. An independent sub company of Dotdash Publishing house. VerywellHealth boasts to be written by over 120 health and wellness professionals. The site has overtime presented relevant subjects that create a conducive atmosphere to learn various health issues without problem. One thing I noticed for sure was the website search engine it's pretty smart, also notice the consistent use of vector animations.

wellness websites
wellness websites

3. Avocadu

The Avocadu wellness website site has introduced overtime an exercise called 21 days weight loss challenge. Throughout the page you’ll find information that can spur you to begin the challenge, which encourages readers to become inquisitive in learning.

wellness websites

4. Well+Good

Well+Good wellness website is well written to present its contents in a way the reader will be engaged and eager to read. Very convenient to navigate in an excellent way with good colours and well selected fonts to corroborate other elements.

best health websites
health and wellness websites

5. Greatist

Greatist wellness website emerged with accessibility on the main page. Articles are written with relevant graphics to be eye catching with relevant colors.

6. Fit Bottomed Girls

Fit Bottomed Girls wellness website raise revenue through advertising with other sponsors affiliated to them. The site is well coordinated with good graphics and colour with a dropdown menu at the top.

wellness sites
health and wellness websites

7. Breaking Muscle

Breaking Muscle wellness website has various articles most especially in fitness embedded with easy readability for all readers to understand. This site is strategically made easy to surf. At the top, you will see features such as fitness, workouts, and healthy eating.

This made it easy for the reader to interact with the site.

healthy websites
health and wellness websites

8. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal Health and Wellness Website is presently available for all to subscribe for information that clearly posit the importance and efficient information that do away with doubts. It is easy to understand for all users to navigate without supervision by anyone.

best health and wellness websites
health and wellness websites

9. Healthline

Healthline is a very popular health and wellness information site. You'd have probably stumbled on their website each time you tried to google a symptom. Healthline focuses on the value they provide which is their blog. They have a minimal monochrome design that reduces distraction and clutter.

health and wellness website
health and wellness website

10. Women’s Health

Women’s Health publishes contents which most at times are new, with a design that is not conventional like an offshoot magazine. We have seen Women's health and Men healths appear on best health and wellness websites for 2018,2019,2021 and now 2022. Since they already exist as a magazine, they are not new to the world of design, branding and marketing. They clearly show it with their blog design and layout.

health wellness website
health and wellness website

11. Men’s Health

Men’s Health like its gender counterpart is also one of the top health sites on the internet today, it's library contains original items that are put together alongside other topical issues for their reader. It has a well organized menu relating to health-related issues down to current affairs as well as issues that are trending.

best health and wellness website 2021
health and wellness websites

12. The Art of Healthy Living

The art of healthy living website is designed to fit in contents that are attractive and easy to navigate. The dropdown menu is organized optimally for utmost clarity and easy navigation.

best health and wellness website 2022
wellness lifestyle websites

13. Prevention

Prevention wellness website combines both the original content and publishes it in a manner that attracts readers attention online. it combines both contents (original) online at the same time being the face of prevention magazine. It has a menu that is logically organised, with advertisements that are not intrusive.

top health and wellness websites

14. wellness website is an online magazine... has a great content that is timely with health-related news. Topics are presented at the main page with subtopics on the menu. It helps with easy navigation.

health websites
health and wellness website

15. Shape

Shape 's website is a mix of special contents with articles printed in hard copy. It has a page feature which is the main menu that functions as a pop-up panel. If you are looking a website to get healthy living products, Shape is one good stop for sure.