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10 Best Museum Website Templates of 2024

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Too many times, museum website design is still stuck in the old school - rigid templates and mundane text. The time of museums only wishing to be considered as "non-profit" is over. they now have to be as good as commercial websites. Based on a survey conducted in 2017, 98% of visitors go online before visiting a museum. That means museums will need to step up their web game or face closure.

So whether you're a museum professional or want to get inspired by some of the world's most creative and innovative sites, we've got you covered. Our list of the ten best museum website templates is guaranteed to give you some new ideas for your next project. You will find one to fit your needs in this collection. We have done the hard work by selecting only the best, so you don't have to do any research.

Best Museum Website Template

1. Museum Drupal template

museum website design

If you're looking for a free museum website template, the Drupal museum template is a free sample that has the most recent web design trends and tendencies. With it, you can build a functional website from scratch. It ensures a striking look and advanced functionality with features such as a large hero banner, animated background, lazy load, etc. This museum website template is visually appealing and captures the attention of viewers. Also, the chat feature on the template aid customer support. However, the museum template does not support commercial use. The template is intended solely for educational purposes.

Check it out here

2. Wandua Template

best museum websites

The Wandua Museum website template is a great way to showcase your collection. The template has a clean, modern design that makes it easy for visitors to navigate and explore your museum's collection. This template is fully responsive so it will look great on any device. It comes with a lot of animated elements such as SVG Morph Based Page Transition, GSAP Locomotive, and Canvas Circle Preloader. It also has a payment functionality for customers to easily get their tickets to visit the museum. Overall the template design is visually appealing, user-friendly, and highly converting.

Check it out here

3. Artey Template

museum websites design

Art is a simple WordPress template that can be used to create a website for a museum, art gallery, merchandise shop, manage exhibitions and events, and more. This template is ideal for creating unlimited page layouts, mega menus, and web headers and footers in your style. It has a customized plugin that allows you to freely and limitlessly create web elements. It also has no-coding recruitment and has standard features such as Google Maps, countdown, team, chart, etc. which makes it highly responsive for serum purposes.

Check it out here

4. Nina Museum and Artist Template

museum websites

This museum website design has a responsive slideshow that perfectly displays images with a drop-down menu that makes navigation easy for site visitors. It is suitable for all devices and does require you to do much in terms of design or adding more functionalities as everything has been provided.

Check it out here

5. Victoria & Payton

web design museum

This wix template is great to build your museum site. It has a sleek and responsive design and a static menu bar that aids easy navigation. The image transition at the hero area heightens UX. The overall template interface is visually appealing and user-friendly. You are sure to retain your audiences and possibly deliver conversion with this museum template.

Check it out here

6. Remo Art Gallery

museum website template

This is an art gallery that has a responsive image section that is suitable for an art exhibition. It also features a user-friendly menu bar that makes navigation easy and a contact form.

Check it out here

7. Shot Artwork

museum sites

Here is another wix museum template with a very artistic background image on the homepage. The interface is responsive, navigable, and user-friendly.

Check it out here

8. Arista Art Gallery

museums and web

Arista Art Gallery is a colorful and elegant Opencart theme for art, culture, crafts, gifts, and other eCommerce businesses. Due to the dark color scheme and beautifully designed product blocks, your products will be showcased internationally due to them being optimized for any search engine. It is completely customizable and mobile-friendly. Also, the changing of angle in the product section when you hover over your cursor boosts the museum website design UX. Lastly, to keep your clients interested, the template includes fantastic features such as galleries, timers, newsletters, and blog sections.

Check it out here

9. XIO gallery

museum website design

This web design museum is an art gallery website template with a very clean, fresh, and sleek interface. It has a responsive slideshow used to display images in the hero area. Also when you hover your cursor on the image in the upcoming event section it shows detailed info about the image. Overall, the template design is appealing, user-friendly, and responsive.

Check it out here

10. Exhibition Moto CMS Website Template

best museum websites

The artistic and colorful design of this exhibition website template makes it easy to create an attention-grabbing and informative presentation of the gallery or separate exhibition. Pre-designed pages allow you to tell your customers your story, introduce your team, show artworks with prices, showcase reviews, and publish news. Also, it has a call functionality that prospects or customers can use to call the museum agent directly.

Check it out here


And there we have it, the best 10 museum website template you can use to create a professional, responsive, attractive, traffic-driven, and sale-traffic template for your art gallery or museum. All you need to do is to edit to suit your needs. If you still need help designing your museum website you can hire one of our professional website designers. Lastly, if you find this article helpful, like and share it with others.


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