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Best Musician Websites Of 2023 | 18 Cool Examples

Updated: 5 days ago

Musicians are known for expressing their feelings and emotions through their songs, and as such it’s not surprising to see most of them channeling this energy through their musician website. A professional website for your music career is important to house your work, updating fans on upcoming events, sell merchandise, and so much more whether you’re a band, music producer, or DJ.

While all these benefits present you with a great opportunity to put your best foot forward in the industry, not all online domains are suited to your specific needs as a music maker.

Moreover, with the plethora of benefits that a musician website can bring, you first need to identify the main purpose of having an online presence. If you’re looking to expand your music fanbase by getting people to attend your gigs, a simple design setup should suffice. Or perhaps you wish to sell more of your music and merchandise; then you’re probably better off exploring an eCommerce-oriented website builder. After doing our job of sampling and sorting, we managed to come up with a curated list of cool musician websites to help guide your decision. Keep reading for the inside scoop on each one:

The Official Bob Dylan Site

During his career, Bob Dylan wrote, recorded, and sold a countless number of songs and albums while he performed worldwide. Thanks to his unrivaled lyric writing skills, he was touted as the Shakespeare of his generation. The objective of The Official Bob Dylan Website is to list every song the artist has ever written, recorded, or sung. This way, visitors can access the actual recordings through direct links. You’ll also find the latest news and hype about this world-renowned artist. Ardent Bob Dylan fans will be pleased to discover seasonal tour dates on this easy-to-use music artist website. There’s also a Setlists page containing the songs he plans on performing at scheduled live concert events.

Check it out here:

Lizzy Small Domain

Next on our musician websites listicle, is the digital space of Lizzy Small; an LA-based multi-talented artiste who found her entertainment calling at a tender age. So far, she has played supporting roles in some popular Hollywood movies and collaborated with movers & shakers in the music industry to produce and release her musical project.

She has also been featured in several music videos, variety shows, and national commercials.