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Best Musician Websites Of 2024 | 18 Cool Examples

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Musicians are known for expressing their feelings and emotions through their songs, and as such it’s not surprising to see most of them channeling this energy through their musician website. A professional website for your music career is important to house your work, updating fans on upcoming events, sell merchandise, and so much more whether you’re a band, music producer, or DJ.

While all these benefits present you with a great opportunity to put your best foot forward in the industry, not all online domains are suited to your specific needs as a music maker.

Moreover, with the plethora of benefits that a musician website can bring, you first need to identify the main purpose of having an online presence. If you’re looking to expand your music fanbase by getting people to attend your gigs, a simple design setup should suffice. Or perhaps you wish to sell more of your music and merchandise; then you’re probably better off exploring an eCommerce-oriented website builder. After doing our job of sampling and sorting, we managed to come up with a curated list of cool musician websites to help guide your decision. Keep reading for the inside scoop on each one:

The Official Bob Dylan Site

During his career, Bob Dylan wrote, recorded, and sold a countless number of songs and albums while he performed worldwide. Thanks to his unrivaled lyric writing skills, he was touted as the Shakespeare of his generation. The objective of The Official Bob Dylan Website is to list every song the artist has ever written, recorded, or sung. This way, visitors can access the actual recordings through direct links. You’ll also find the latest news and hype about this world-renowned artist. Ardent Bob Dylan fans will be pleased to discover seasonal tour dates on this easy-to-use music artist website. There’s also a Setlists page containing the songs he plans on performing at scheduled live concert events.

Next on our musician websites listicle, is the digital space of Lizzy Small; an LA-based multi-talented artiste who found her entertainment calling at a tender age. So far, she has played supporting roles in some popular Hollywood movies and collaborated with movers & shakers in the music industry to produce and release her musical project.

She has also been featured in several music videos, variety shows, and national commercials.

The Lizzy Small music website is where fans can go to explore the inner workings of her mind. You’ll find a Bio section and a Music library where you can read about her story and catch up on news about her latest releases and watch music videos. You can also navigate to the Live page if you’re looking to enjoy her musical performance events in real-time.

musician website examples
musician website

Yolanda Claire Quartey aka Yola Carter is a British songwriter and singer who is popular for her alternative/indie sound. Yola’s music has received international recognition with four Grammy nominations and her new album called Stand For Myself offers her fans an exciting music listening experience. ranks among the best music artist websites that encapsulate the exponentially expansive nature and emotional depth of musical growth. It is where fans of the talented British artist can visit to connect with the musical, lyrical, and spiritual message of her latest work.

best musician website
musician website

Jojo Official Website

Joelle Joanie (or Jojo) is an American solo artist, songwriter, and actress who became well known for her hit single Leave (Get Out) which reached the summit of the US Billboard countdown when she was just 13 years old. JoJo still holds the record for the youngest artist in history to top the popular chart. The official Jojo website is a great place to visit if you’d like to know more about her music. You can expect to find links to browse her old and new releases. Fans can also visit to purchase JoJo merchandise or sign up to receive the latest news about the artist along with scheduled live tour dates.

best musician websites
musician website

The official website of this talented LA-based singer and songwriter was designed to serve as a functional digital environment for streaming her latest music videos and getting info on live tour dates.

Billie Eillish fans could also order limited edition copies of her famous hit track Happier Than Ever.

And if you want in on the talented singer’s fashion sensibilities, you can order the Billie Eillish fragrance via her music artists website.

best musician website design examples
best musician websites

Whitney Day the DJ, music re-mixer, and producer is known for her unique signature sound which is a unique blend of disco, house, and electronic music. Her digital space is one of the best websites for musicians we’ve sampled recently. She uses the website to keep her fans engaged by providing links to her music on Soundcloud. You can also view social media posts and connect with her on Instagram.

best musician website design

DJ Snake is yet another popular music mixer on our curated list of best musician websites. The French rapper and producer has a distinct style that has seen him earn international fame and two Grammy Awards.

His official website is as flamboyant as his music. The eye-catching design also integrates an intelligent use of space as you’ll find links to his latest music videos embedded in every image.

musician websites
musician website

Any avid Kendrick Lamar fan will want to keep tabs on the activity on his official music artist website. It doesn't matter whether you're looking to buy a copy of the Black Panther-inspired album, want scheduled tour dates, or dibs on the latest Kendrick Lamar news, you can find it all in one well-managed, user-friendly digital space.

music artist website
best musician websites

The Official Run-DMC Website

Any hip-hop music fan worth their salt has heard about Run-DMC or enjoyed listening to their tracks. This world-famous group from back in the 80s can boast of a digital domain that is the ideal example of how cool musician websites should look and function. You can visit to find out more about their history, upcoming shows, and how to obtain their merchandise. There’s also a Fan page where you can read tweets about RUN-DMC or leave your comments.

music artists website
music artists website

This next entry on our best websites for musicians listicle needs little introduction on popular social media platforms like Instagram and Spotify. The music needs of his over 3 million followers are well catered to on the official I Am J.I Online website as the design integrates links to his music, videos, documentaries, and tickets to live shows.

best websites for musicians
best websites for musicians

Antwan André Patton (aka Big Boi) is a multi-talented artist who originally rose to fame as a member of the hip-hop group Outkast. The world-famous rapper, songwriter, and actor has a strong online presence thanks to a well-designed music artists website. is where you can go to find his latest music releases and teasers about his upcoming work. You can also navigate to the Antwan André Films web page to check out his big-screen activity.

cool musician websites
cool musician websites

John Mayer is a popular, multifaceted singer, composer, and guitarist with a knack for producing beautiful music.

Fortunately, The Official John Mayer Website was built to do justice to his extensive music catalog as you’ll find media links to various versions of his tracks.

The sites’ user-friendly interface makes it easy for John Mayer fans to connect and listen to his melodious acoustic sounds on popular streaming platforms such as Spotify, iMusic, iTunes, and Amazon Music.

best musician websites 2022
best musician websites 2024

Perhaps you enjoy listening to live, high-energy band music; then you should visit the official Lucky Devils Band website. This customizable, premium band produces high-energy sounds for weddings, festivals, private functions, and corporate events. The band's music website boasts of efficient use of space where visitors can watch their performances and experience a selection of their musical sounds. There’s also a section where you can book a live musical performance for your upcoming events.

best musician websites 2022
best musician websites 2024

The Santa Monica Symphony Orchestra is a significant cultural asset that has served audiences spanning all ages, social classes, and ethnic backgrounds since 1945. And they look to continue doing so through their neatly designed musician website. You’ll find different sections for past concert seasons and upcoming events. There’s also a Musicians web page complete with a Music Director and Musician Portal.

best musician websites templates
best musician websites

The official Florida Georgia Line domain is a great place to visit if you’re into country music blended with hip-hop and a bit of rock. The music website is also where you can grab your concert tickets and catch up on the latest celeb news.

best musician websites builder
best musician websites

Also known as the Godfather of Punk, Iggy Pop was a lyricist and vocalist in The Stooges a popular proto-punk band that had a huge cultural influential back in the '70s.

Iggy Pop continues to dominate the punk genre and his strong online presence is a testament to that fact.

You can visit his official music website to stream his old and new tracks on Deezer, Apple Music, YouTube, or find out how to attend his live shows.

best music artist websites 2022
best musician websites 2024

You can visit her official website if you’d like to find out more about Kat Edmonson. This talented award-winning singer and songwriter has a strong grip on jazz, vintage cosmopolitanism pop, and cabaret music genres.

She uses the Bio section of her website to draw her fans closer to her endearing life story.

There’s also a live music streaming section you can enjoy while you browse for tour dates or check out the online shop.

music artist website example
best musician websites

Becky G’s songs are a fusion of rap, reggaeton, Latin, and pop music influences. She has gone on tours alongside Demi Lovato, Jason Derulo, Katy Perry, Fifth Harmony, and other industry heavyweights. The official I Am Becky G website is an indication of her talented diversity as it plays host to her recorded collabos with Daddy Yankee, Pitbull, Maluma, Bad Bunny, and Anitta among others. Furthermore, there’s a section where avid fans can browse and purchase the latest Becky G merch.

cool artist website design example
best musician websites

The Takeaway

That’s it for our discussion about the best musician websites for 2024.

Feel free to bookmark this page and check back here for more insightful website design tips.


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