Best Parish Websites of 2022 | 13 Inspiring Examples

Parish websites are no longer a stand-alone presence on the web. Parishioners, like many other people in today’s digital age, go online to search for churches and faith communities that suit their needs. These websites must be engaging and conversion-focused if they want to bring in new parishioners and donors. In this article, we’ll explore 13 of the best parish websites on the internet. We’ll also offer some actionable tips you can use to make your website better--from improving your Google rankings to making it more user-friendly and converting visitors into lifelong members of your faith.

Best Parish Website Examples

1. Archdiocese of San Francisco

parish website example

The first parish website example of this list the website of the Catholic Archdiocese of San Francisco. The website does well to set the pace for forthcoming websites on this list in terms of simplicity of design and features.

The website opens with a bible verse, followed by three important action buttons. The website then presents a bar that makes it easier for web visitors to navigate the website. The website includes articles from the diocese's magazine, latest letters and statements from the Archbishop as well as a section on events in the archdiocese.

The website also includes a widget that helps web users find exactly what they are looking for, be it a parish, an opportunity to give or info on how to stream Masses. It also includes a form to subscribe to the diocese's magazine and newsletter as well as a short course on the church's beliefs.

Overall, it is a well designed website with very simple and functional features that make it one of the best parish church websites we have come across.

2. Star of the Sea Catholic Church in San Francisco

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The parish website opens with large pictures of popular catholic church symbols - painted ceilings, stained glass windows, St. Mary and the baby, etc. This helps to give the user a catholic feel without even being in the church.

The parish website does a great job on giving web visitors complete info on the church's schedule. It includes the specific time and days for each mass, prayer sessions, cofessions and eucharistic adoration on the homepage. It also includes a calendar of upcoming important events in the church.

We included this website on this list of best parish church websites because it is very functional, up to date and very easy to navigate.

3. St. Timothy Parish Los Angeles

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St Timothy Parish is a Catholic Parish set right in the heart of Los Angeles. The church uses the website to reach a larger audience and to share information with members.

Like the previous website, this website also includes specific details on parish event schedules. However, this website uses a pinned tab that expands when tapped and also incudes directions to the parish. This helps to save space and make the website neater.

The catholic website's design although still simple and minimalist, takes a very rare approach that makes it even better.

4. St. Brendan Church

parish church website examples

The St. Brendan Church uses its website to offer a livestreaming platform, accept donations, inform members on the church's schedule of events and of course, make it easy for the parish to be contacted.

One impressive thing about this parish church website design is its layout. Every feature/widget on the website is properly laid out and arranged in a neat fashion that makes the website really elegant.

The parish website also makes a good use of pictures and color combination.

5. St. Eugene Catholic Church

parish website examples

This website opens with a large picture of the church in background of a "Welcome" text and the church address. This gives us an insight into the main intent behind the site - to help people find the parish.

Like most websites on this list, this roman parish church website includes parish Mass schedule, livestream widgets for each of their services and of course, donation portals.

On the overall, the website has a simple and functional design, that makes it easy to navigate and useful.

6. Saint Cecilia Catholic Community

catholic parish websites

The website opens with an large horizontal bar showing the church's logo and name. We then a carousel of pictures of church's event in background of a Bible verse.

This catholic community parish website has a clearly different design and layout from most other website on this page. It is a bit text-heavy and has an interesting side bar. The side bar includes the church's social media pages, a donation form and an upcoming events tab.

7. Church of St. Ignatius Loyola

There are a lot of things that make this website one of the best parish church websites we have come across. For one, there's an excellent choice and use of colors. The design blends the colors beautifully, giving the website an air of elegance.

Another thing is the design on its widgets, from its livestream section to its footbar, each one is elegantly designed.

This parish makes a good use of its website. They have a streaming platform, a long schedule of events, a showcase of the church's YouTube channel and podcast, a blog and so much more.

This parish website example combines elegance and functionality in a way we love to see.

8. Loyola School

Catholic school website examples

Unlike other websites on this list that are Catholic parish websites, this website is for a Catholic high school.

The website makes a good use of the students' photos in portraying the school. The website includes everything you'd expect on a school website (application and contact forms, admission information, student life showcase, etc) plus some elements of catholic parish websites like schedule of Mass, Bible verses and pictures from Mass.)

9. Sacred Heart Parish East Boston

Parish church website Boston

This website is another with impressive layout. Every bit of the website is well arranged and laid out. The website also makes a good use of icons to make the website even neater.

Instead of a list like most other websites, this website makes use of a real calendar in outlining the church's schedule of events. When one clicks on a particular event or date, it opens and gives more details of the event. Really impressive feature.

10. The Ark Church

Parish church website example

This parish website design takes a very different route. It uses round-edge blocks to present the website. First, we have the Christmas greeting block, followed by two church schedule blocks, a block to watch past messages, a block each for different parts of the church and so on. Its a very innovative design and we love it.

Another dinstinctive feature on the website is a live chat bot that helps website visitors contact the church in real time.

11. Cathedral of St, Mary of the Assumption in San Francisco

Catholic parish website

Compared to other websites on this list, this website is very short but that doesn't take anything from its functionality.

The website opens with a nice carousel, with each slide showing great pictures of the church and important action buttons. This is followed by a short message from the parish Reverend. In normal parish church fashion, the website then lists the parish's schedule of events, upcoming programs and its bulletins.

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Best Paris Website Templates

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Best Parish Website Builders

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