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Top 20 Architecture Websites Examples For Inspiration 2024

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Some architectural firms don’t pay much attention to the quality of their websites as the expression they pose as the character of their business standard. Architecture website helps an architect bring his work to the customer on the webpage, it’s a visual representation with technical emphasis. As most companies transition to online sales, architecture present themselves digitally as well.

The following is a list of 20 Top Architecture Design Websites Examples for inspiration.

  • Olson Kundig

  • Gluck+

  • SOM

  • Architizer

  • ArchDaily

  • Sergey Makhno

  • Architecture Record

  • Dezeen

  • The Architect’s Newspaper

  • Life of an Architect

  • Metropolis

  • Architect Magazine

  • Curbed

  • Study Architecture

  • American Institute of Architecture Students

  • Houzz

  • Wallpaper

  • Designboom

  • Apartment Therapy

  • Decoist

Olson Kundig architectural website is a collaborative design practice that firms engage the whole spectrum of residential as well as commercial property designs.

The video in their homepage does a fantastic job in making visitors feel cosy, the site uses block structure to exhibit examples of their work description and design.

Gluck+ architectural design website has an horizontal grid design by default and the header bar offers a variety of viewing methods. Which include a vertical list that visitors can explore fully. They structure videos to break down their designs process and professional credibility.

SOM architect website is a collection of designs for architects, engineers, the skidmore, owings and merirll. This firm designs some of the most technical advanced building structures in the world. With a homepage’s full-screen video loops that cleverly display some of the recreational projects they undertook. Every project is fashioned with a lot of information available for everyone on the website...added with relevant data and designs techniques as well.

Architizer architecture design websites focus on aiding and promoting various architectural work and it has one of the largest platforms in digital architecture. The homepage contains a slogan with description in a clear language, while the background contains images that portray angular rooftops over a clear sky which explain style and colour. However, there is a call to action in the footer bar with partitions with examples of business partners.

ArchDaily best architectural websites has a blog that publishes and promotes news about architecture projects simultaneously with projects being promoted online. It has plenty white spaces in the margins, the landing page shows several entries and descriptions of each project.

This architectural website has a very impressive hamburger menu at the opening of the homepage.

You are being greeted with animation that is not intense but interesting. Each section contains organise information, around the centre is a blank page, with a playfully tone that describe their company character.

The Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) architectural website believes that cutting edge architecture should be able to relate with the happenings around the world. The website home page defers, as it changes based on the trend.

Architectural Record Over 125 years, architecture has produced several documentaries that provided award winning commentary on education, technology, and several industry news. With in-depth coverage of all architecture, the magazine’s work covers articles about emerging trends to the latest (most) updates on architecture exhibits.

This is a London based architectural website that covers reports of architecture in and around the world. The magazine was created by Dezeem to celebrate Awards of various accomplishments of architects and designers.

The Architect’s Newspaper produces timely information to serve the community of architects, designers, and other professionals though the articles are broken down by regions to meet up with information they can relate with appropriately. The article features are important and relevant.

This architectural design website blog provides insight on licensure, day to day experience and creativity. With humorous posts about conference calls that accompany sketching tutorials and other helpful tips. Making it friendlier and more approachable for architects.

This architectural design website is best known for highlighting events and upcoming talent for the perfect balance. It also includes history lessons on Yugoslavian architectural designs and features modern update/architectural education.

Architect Magazine spotlights practice, technology, education topics, commentary is added for education sustainability and professional ethic. Readers can learn more about architectural designs.

It informs readers on innovations, designs within their landscape, providing articles in diversity. For example, #metoo movement, this publication sheds more light on important topics and how they can best be integrated into the architecture world.

Studying Architecture is a great starting point for all students looking to learn more about the steps toward licensure and architecture. This website features a quiz that can match students with such a programme, it is also user-friendly that enables the path to becoming an architect.

American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) is a student-led organization with chapters across United States, the blog provides more inside to look at studios from different universities, while their #AskAnArchitect show interviews with architects that have diverse experiences in the architectural world.

Houzz is an online architectural website community discussing ideas that surrounds architecture, ranging from design, home decorating and home improvement. Houzz is used by many to solve a lot of problems.

Wallpaper is London based architecture and design magazine that is hugely popular online. It uses its website to publish various exclusive online features with interviews being incorporated by the editors.

Designboom architectural website is a daily blog that covers industrial design architecture, the publication is the first web magazine to focus in these fields.

Apartment Therapy Is a website that focuses on sharing interior design lessons. Which fulfils the expectation of the client by giving them a happy home.

Decoist architectural website has an interior design and architecture blog that dish out juicy and fresh inspiration for your architecture projects and interior design.

Likely Questions

How can I make an architecture website?

The following are procedures to make a great architecture website:

  1. Signing up for your hosting account

  2. Choose or transfer your domain

  3. Select your bluehost package and input personal info

  4. Login to bluehost and install WordPress

  5. Wait for the installation and login to your new WordPress site

What are the 10 elements of a good architecture website?

Here are the best 10 elements of a good architecture website

  1. Navigation

  2. Visual design

  3. Content

  4. Web friendly

  5. Interaction

  6. Information accessibility

  7. Intuitiveness

  8. Branding

  9. Turnaround time

  10. Conversion

What is the best website host for architecture portfolio?

Wix has the wildest selection of templates for architecture portfolio.

Do I need a portfolio for architecture?

Portfolio is important for architects for the following reasons.

  1. Sets you apart from the competition

  2. Targets your application package

  3. Provides the correct amount of information

  4. Sells your greatest attributes

  5. Avoid confusion

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