35 Best Construction Websites for Contractors

Are you interested in going into construction, one of the most stunning and fast ways to reach people is through a great website. Although a good construction website with poor coordination doesn’t attract much, so you have to put that into perspective.

The following are great websites to consider:

House of Bohn

Acclaim Contractors

The Spaces

Max Home

Contractors Reporting Services

Tellus Design + Build

Bama Contracting

Continental Electrical Construction

Straub Construction

Daw Green

Miler Homes

SPIE Matthew Hall

Jova Construction

Laing O’Rourke

This general contractor websites consists of various components that make up a great website, attractive, clean and it display a particular aesthetic view, easy to navigate, it gives information about the company and the owner as well.

Acclaim Contractors website is risky when compared to others, one of it's strength is that it uses clear pictures that vividly shows their work better, with various button to help people locate information easily.

This is one of the best construction websites out there.

The Spaces’ sites use enough white space between high quality pictures with geometric design. It has links at the top for easy navigation.

Max Home is one of the best construction websites examples.

This website focuses on home improvement with fantastic ways of making services apply.

The homepage contains a photograph of a father and daughter. The implication is that the company has its client at heart and can make a wonderful home for you. You can put calls through the same site, with a huge 60% discount for installation.

This is one of the best contractor websites that considers alot of information in a simple format, there are links at the top that differentiate and separate information. Picture is added to appeal, with plenty white space so you don’t feel bored.

You get a clear idea of what Tellus Desig