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35 Best Construction Websites for Contractors

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Are you interested in going into construction, one of the most stunning and fast ways to reach people is through a great website. Although a good construction website with poor coordination doesn’t attract much, so you have to put that into perspective.

The following are great websites to consider:

House of Bohn

Acclaim Contractors

The Spaces

Max Home

Contractors Reporting Services

Tellus Design + Build

Bama Contracting

Continental Electrical Construction

Straub Construction

Daw Green

Miler Homes

SPIE Matthew Hall

Jova Construction

Laing O’Rourke

This general contractor websites consists of various components that make up a great website, attractive, clean and it display a particular aesthetic view, easy to navigate, it gives information about the company and the owner as well.

Acclaim Contractors website is risky when compared to others, one of it's strength is that it uses clear pictures that vividly shows their work better, with various button to help people locate information easily.

This is one of the best construction websites out there.

The Spaces’ sites use enough white space between high quality pictures with geometric design. It has links at the top for easy navigation.

Max Home is one of the best construction websites examples.

This website focuses on home improvement with fantastic ways of making services apply.

The homepage contains a photograph of a father and daughter. The implication is that the company has its client at heart and can make a wonderful home for you. You can put calls through the same site, with a huge 60% discount for installation.

This is one of the best contractor websites that considers alot of information in a simple format, there are links at the top that differentiate and separate information. Picture is added to appeal, with plenty white space so you don’t feel bored.

You get a clear idea of what Tellus Design + Build by the example of their work in the background. At the top of the site you find links that can provide every information you need.

This is one of the best construction websites examples.

Bama contracting general contractor websites uses colours that elevates the site to stand out, with several businesses to add to it's credibility. It is informative, with a strong call up action. Sustainability helps you understand their services.

This is one of the best construction websites that contains information to help visitors’ browse through information that has excellent job demonstrating through images. Red colour is also well utilised.

Straub Construction is one of the best construction websites examples.

The page gets information out through a complete portfolio on the site, you can peruse several projects in detail. It labels different areas describing the company values.

Daw Green best contractor websites is unique with layouts that catches the eye, easy to navigate. It makes use of professional pictures that show the company’s past work and culture.

Miler Homes general contractor websites focuses on residentials homes for families, it includes pictures of young couples to appeal to their audience. Stock pictures sometimes are inexpensive and effective sometimes. The website include areas that make up different features from top to bottom.

Spie Matthew Hall has a high colour picture, constructive site, when you scroll down, it has different colours of block information. it has a very responsive menu on the left of the screen.

Jova Construction Website stands out from the crowd, it used interesting fonts to resemble computer coding. They use alot of pictures to showcase what they do with perfect information virtual.

Laying O'Rourke is one of the best contractor website.

Its design is extremely creative, it helps validate the contractor as a force to recon with. They use a unique domain and name to make them easy to search in the search engine.

This site embraces its unique wooden background with tan colours like tan and brown all together. They have pictures that explain the services they offer into resemble details, however there is information of social medial links at the top.

This website has concepts that is simpler with neutral colour. The colours match together creating a better feel layout, this however is a better showcase of talent. With its social media links on the left side, while on the right is a form that goes with company’s value.

The site is very simple, with black background to allow the company examples shine on the homepage. There is more example under the main picture, allowing the visitor get matches for what they are looking for.

This side allows you to display your skills, Siena Construction is familiar with its outlook of creative design to showcase past projects with pictures that label the project. The pictures are on top of another with design that made the interface smooth.

This website makes a complicated topic easy to relate with. Select what you need the stone for and your project will be initiated with the evolution of the company.

It’s a website with bright colours and vibrant pictures of homes they’ve worked for to grab viewers’ attention. there is a dialog box that receives messages and answers allot of questions from representatives.

The site uses images to relate the idea of what the business does, it is also easy to navigate. You can find various links on the page, from the top you’ll see testimonials, projects, contract, projects and about.

They make the use of colours that attracts you on the page, they make use of black and yellow. The top of the page includes links, while the bottom contains testimonials.

This site has a great collection of pictures of their brand work, there is distinguish between residential and commercial projects.

This site is busy and if also offers a lot, they use colours to match the machines, making the site easy to coordinate and navigate.

Adair Homes from the start make plain their services, with custom homes that looks like an average home their customer can afford. However, they demonstrate the strength of their credibility by stating how long they’ve being in business (1969).

It states it clearly to whoever visit on how to communicate on the site, there are several links that will allow the visitor get more information. They included their number at the top of the page.

Red colour usually pops out on the site, they included their experiences and also feature their established date. They featured high definition pictures that can easily show you their vast experiences.

The site made use of white, black and red colour that separate information using boxes to enable stand out on the site. With information scattered around though not chaotic.

This site clearly states what they do, renovate bathrooms and kitchen. Also explaining in details how they carry it through with the procedure. There pictures in high definition that explains what they did in the past.

They display their inexperience on projects they are not authorities on. There are different links at the top with the company logo altogether.

This site has a high resolute display picture which display a house with glass and wooden interior, while the outside is surrounded by vegetable, walkway and a dog. There is a link that links you to some of their work, at the bottom you get the information you want for their services.

This site put so many information within a small space, they need to make it attractive to visitor meanwhile more has to be done.

They understand the importance of a great website, they used 3D which will invite you in wanting to know more. It is clearly stated they’ve being in business for 40 years which builds trust.

  • Adoned Homes

You’ll notice the use of white, grey, and silver colour as you log on with a high-quality picture that corresponds. They use boxes to organise information with a call to action on the main page.

This site imitates the comfort of home with relaxing colours with great pictures of the company work done in the past. They use pictures in the website throughout to display their skills.

What makes a good construction website?

Great construction website has the following

  • Have a clean design

  • Easy to navigate

  • Has social proofs

How do I make a construction website?

1. Design

2. Navigation

3. Local search optimization

4. availability of a staff web professional

Or you can just hire us to design a stunning construction website!

WixFresh offers website design services for various professionals and we have a lot of happy clients around the world!


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