10 Best Resume Website Templates of 2022

Today, you can't demonstrate value unless you have the right combination of ambition, experience, skills, and knowledge. That requires the use of the appropriate resume format. Fortunately, we have resume website templates online that are adaptable to almost any situation.

With the best resume website templates, you can create something extraordinary for yourself. With an advanced, feature-rich resume page, you can simplify or improve things. These tools allow you to choose your path. 89% of Employers Want to Hire Someone with a Professional Resume. With our expert help, you can be one of them!

Are you prepared to create your first resume website using a pre-designed template? Even if you have little or no experience building websites, you can do it. Responsive resume website templates are available to make the process easier.

Below are some top wix portfolio templates on several niches you can use to create a stunning Cv website for your expertise and experience;

Best resume website of 2022

1. Robert Caro

resume website template

This is a UX design and web development website. The mute color choice of the website template interface gives it a smooth and mellow feel. Also, Robert’s portfolio template is user-friendly with great UX on both desktop and mobile. The cv template website is suitable for UX designers and web developers. You don’t need to design anything, just edit and personalize the template to suit your need.

Check it out here

2. Remi Foster

cv website

If you’re looking for a professional academic cv website template to design your academic resume, Remi’s academic resume website template is a good option. It has a mixture of mute and bright color schemes with lots of whitespaces that make it visually appealing and enhance text readability. Also, the site template is easy to navigate with a good UX on mobile and desktop. Lastly, this wix resume has a simplistic and clean interface.

Check it out here

3. Nakia Hart

resume portfolio website

As a freelancer, you can use Nakia Hart’s creative content curriculum vitae website to create a professional resume for yourself. The template design is minimalistic as it utilizes a white color scheme and lots of space to enhance text readability. Hence, we can conclude that although the template design here is simple. The cv template still serves its purpose well with a clean and organized interface.

Check it out here

4. Charlie cash

online resume portfolio

Here is another creative wix e-portfolio, but with a colorful and navigable cv homepage. The site is a four-page resume website with a very interactive and user-friendly interface. It is a good template for freelancers.

Check it out here

5. Kayla Griffith

resume website templates

It is a creative and bold resume portfolio for writers. It stands out from other portfolio templates with this bold dark background. The dark and red color scheme enhances readability and heightens the user experience.

Check it out here

6. Jamie Morgan

resume website templates

Are you a movie director or writer? Jamie’s director portfolio is one of the best website cv templates you can utilize. It also utilizes the dark bold color and uses quality videos to showcase past works which makes it interactive and unique from other resume web templates mentioned so far.

Check it out here

7. Philsteer

resume template website

It is a perfect, modern, and simple Website Resume Template for a business blog. No custom code is required. Many options and features make editing easy. This online portfolio Template will save you a lot of time. The site utilizes a lot of whitespaces to frame its images and highlight the content on the resume. That makes creating your business blog Resume simple and easy.

Check it out here

8. Nicol Rider

resume portfolio template

This is a 3-page resume website template. It has a project page to display your works and a contact page. The nude color scheme gives the site template a sleek and professional appearance.

Check it out here

9. John Roberts

resume web templates

This business resume template site welcomes visitors with, a large background image overlaid on the logo and name professionally. What makes this resume template stand out is the chat icon on the site. This excellent website resume example also includes color schemes for additional visual appeal.

Check it out here

10. Rachel Smith

cv template website

This personal website utilizes animations, muted color schemes, and a lot of whitespaces to break content. Visitors are welcomed with a mellow background banner, with an information section overlaying it. It is highly interactive and easy to navigate.

Check it out here


This article looks at the best Wix resume website templates. Now is the time to act to create your resume and land that job. You can select one of the above resume portfolio websites that best suits your needs. To land your dream job in this day and age, you must have a great resume design. You will need a high-quality template if you are not a professional designer.

In addition, if you require a professionally customized cv template website design with a Wix, you can hire us to assist you in creating a responsive and highly converting resume website template for personal or commercial use.